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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
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Healing - Chapter 24: A Match Made by Mistake 
25th-Aug-2006 04:56 am
team spirit
Title: Healing
Verse: X-Men movieverse
Timeline: post X-Men: The Last Stand
Author: angelofsnow
Pairing: Rogue/Magneto
Rating: M – mild cursing, revenge violence, and homosexuality. Oh, yeah it’s gonna be good.
Disclaimer: I am not making any money from this and I do not own the X-Men. I do own Ian McKellen. He’s my love slave and you can’t have him. Well, maybe I’ll let Chip and Kuma borrow him.
Summary: The Cure is only temporary. While healing Rogue and Magneto find each other and realize they have more in common than they originally thought. 
Soundtrack: I recommend the song “Secret” by Madonna. It’s a really appropriate song for Rogue and Magneto, but there are a lot of secrets revealed in this chapter. (And many more to come in future chapters).
Dedication: To Niliathiel for calling this story “among the greatest I’ve ever read on this site!” I’m a sucker for compliments like that. Thank you for making me smile with glee and run around all day in a fog of author happiness.
Notes: If you’ve read this far you’ve noticed there are some spelling and grammar errors and several textual inconsistencies scattered throughout my story. I promise to go back and fix all of them soon. But first I want to give you all another chapter chock full of Rogue and Magneto deliciousness. 

Chapter Twenty-Four: A Match Made by Mistake
           As the procession strolled down the halls of the mansion, Rogue could feel the eyes of the mutant students on them. Rogue saw several of the children, peaking through the doorways at such an unprecedented sight. It was not everyday the Brotherhood of Mutants came to visit the X-Men. Speculation was rampant about why they were here. A rumor circulated among the older students that Magneto was going to take over the institute now that there was a war between mutants and humans. Others remembered how Magneto had been caught kissing Rogue and wondered what was going on between them. Storm had not told them anything; she had canceled classes and instructed them that the X-Men had an urgent business matter to attend to.
           Magneto, Storm, and Beast walked at the front of the group, eagerly striding towards the Professor’s study, none of them wanting to prolong this experience anymore than was necessary. Catalyst, Professor Kojak, and Mystique followed them. Juggarnaut walked behind them, his footsteps shaking the mansion and causing the windows to rattle. Logan and Rogue trailed behind at the end. Logan turned to Rogue, speaking lowly in confidence.
           “I had a strange conversation with Magneto a few weeks ago. He called up the mansion and I asked about you. I asked if you were good and he replied ‘You have no idea.’ He sounded real funny when he said it too. What was that all about?” Logan’s question sounded suspicious but he said it so innocently Rogue was sure he had no idea what that referred to. Rogue battled valiantly but could not stop herself from blushing when unbidden the memory of her passionate welcome home fellatio with Erik came to mind. She hadn’t realized he was on the phone with Logan at the time and it made her feel guilty she had acted so wantonly. Her mind scrambled for scenarios that might make that answer plausible without suggesting the awful truth.
           “Oh, he was very angry with me. I had fouled up one of his schemes on purpose. I stopped him from kidnapping the Chairman of the Department of Defense by sapping Mystique of her powers.” Rogue heard herself say the words, but scarce believed they had come from her mouth. Where had she learned to lie on the fly so well? Perhaps it was one of the personalities in her brain. Mystique had always been good at deceiving people.
           “That’s my Marie! I knew you weren’t going to join him no matter what help he could give you.” He patted her on the back and beamed proudly down at her. She felt like shrinking into a little ball of metal and flying to Magneto’s hand. She hated the way it felt to lie to Logan whom she cared about deeply.
           “He didn’t mistreat you at all Rogue? You can tell me. You know I’ll protect you.” Rogue’s heart sank as she saw how much Logan cared about her and how worried she must have made him. And how did she repay him? By lying to him.
           “No. Pyro was there and he was a good friend and Magneto, he’s… he’s not so bad when you get to know him.” Rogue was dying to tell him the truth, to just come out and say how wonderful Erik had been to her, but she couldn’t imagine Logan ever understanding.
           “Do you hear what you’re saying Marie? This is Magneto we’re talking about.” Logan put his hand on Rogue’s shoulder, turning her towards him, his mutton chop beard moving as he whispered to her. “He tried to kill you once and then what happened in that hanger… he forced himself on you, didn’t he?” Logan sounded as though he was begging for that to be the reason she had kissed Magneto.
           “No!” It came out loudly and Rogue lowered her tone quickly so as not to alert the others they were walking with to their private conversation. She stuttered a bit and her accent grew thicker as she spoke so softly he could barely hear. “No, I wanted him to…” She trailed off. They were walking into the Professor’s study.
           Logan watched her inquiringly as everyone gathered in a semi-circle around the Professor’s desk. He was unsure what to make of her assertion, but he would have to finish the conversation later. Something in his gut told him things were not quite what they seemed with Rogue. He wanted to be happy for her, that she had found some measure of help with her mutation from Magneto; but the nagging feeling would not dissipate.
           “How has the school been fairing the current hostility between mutants and humans?” Magneto questioned Storm as they moved around the Professor’s desk to turn on his desktop computer. Magneto sat down in the Professor’s chair, much to Storm’s chagrin. Charles’ computer was a Dell Optiplex that appeared to be several years old and took a while to boot up. Magneto was very surprised the school was still functioning and the government had not shut it down already. It would be more believable if Charles with his prevailing powers of persuasion was still alive; but with only Storm as headmaster he found it incredible.
           “We’re doing well enough.” Storm’s voice betrayed that she had not warmed to him. “They’ve tried to shut us down two times already, but they didn’t bring enough troops.” At that Ororo smiled over at Logan. Everyone turned to view the Wolverine, who took the credit.
           “Beast helped. They won’t come back without a full battalion next time.” Logan said. Magneto looked up from the slowly loading “Dell” screen.
           “A battalion is 300 troops. How many did you face before?”
           “We think about 150, but a lot of them got scared and ran away after we plowed through 60 pretty quick.” Logan told him.
           “It was unfortunate that the U.S. Government felt the need to make such an attempt. I tried to dissuade the administration, but alas my efforts were futile and we were forced to use less dignified methods.” Beast apologized for the violent scrimmage that had taken place on the school’s grounds.
           “It was fun kicking ass.” Logan summed up his thoughts with brevity.
           “Well done. You made impressive work of them.” Magneto congratulated the two men. Dr. McCoy and Logan shared a glance that said they both felt uncomfortable receiving praise from the likes of Magneto. In fact, everyone in the room felt uncomfortable with the Brotherhood and X-Men meeting in any way that was not a pitched battle. The tension in the room was palpable.
           The familiar blue Windows screen came on with a neat little overlay Charles must have added so that it read ‘X-Windows’. Erik couldn’t help but grin at his old friend’s eccentricity. He typed in the password as Storm watched holding her breath. They waited a second; but the popup window returned asking again for the password. Storm eyed the suave, debonair older man sitting beside her warily.
           “Were you lying Mr. Lensherr?” He typed another try that the computer rejected.
           “Patience, my dear. Good things come to those who wait.” Rogue snickered across the room. She couldn’t help but remember when he had once said that to her in a completely different context in his bedroom. Several people including Mystique, Catalyst, and Professor Kojak looked at Rogue. But the rest didn’t notice her laughter; they were watching to see if the computer would accept Magneto’s third attempt to enter the correct password.
           After he finished typing, he slowly moved his large fingers over to press enter. Seconds passed and everyone in the room waited to see what would happen. The familiar chimes of the Windows logon sounded and the Professor’s wallpaper (a picture of the door to Cerebro) appeared.
           “So, what was his password?” Storm asked Magneto. Rogue watched Erik’s large hand engulf the mouse as he navigated the computer’s start menu.
           “Does it matter? I’ll change it now so that it’s something we all know.” He opened the Control Panel and began the process. Storm grew irritated with him and the sky darkened somewhat outside.
           “Tell me what his password was.” Magneto reset the password using the User Accounts page.
           “Oh, it was something silly. I think Charles would prefer if no one knew it. Here, I’m resetting it so it’s ‘xmen’.” His fingers flew over the keyboard, pounding the keys relentlessly.
           “Tell me.” The sky was very dark now and the wind could be heard howling outside the long double pane windows of the mansion. The group looked on, unsettled by Storm’s inability to control the effects of her anger. Beast’s blue fur stood on end from the static electricity growing in the air with the sudden barometric pressure drop. He was used to this happening, as Storm often seemed to take out her emotions via the elements. Magneto did not seem phased at all though. It took quite a bit more than some rain clouds to scare a class 4 mutant.
           “If you must know…” his voice lowered till it was too quiet to hear.
           “What?” Storm said. Magneto let out a sigh.
           “His password was ‘erikNcharles4ever’. There are you happy now?” He said, his head bowing back down to scan through the Professor’s folders to find the one pertaining to Rogue.
           “Are you kidding?” Storm said, and leaned over him to see the computer screen.
           “If you do not believe me try it for yourself.” Magneto backed away in his chair and Storm typed in the code. It worked. Her jaw hung open in shock. The rest of the room, however, was incapable of any action. A full minute went by till Logan let out a snort.
           “Wheels sure had a lot more to him than he let on.” Logan said, cocking his head to the side, trying to imagine the Professor and Magneto as anything other than enemies. Although most of the Brotherhood was aware that their leader had had a romantic relationship with Professor Charles Xavier, this came as startling news to the X-Men. Storm seemed dazed and walked with unsure steps till she stood in front of an arm chair. She fell into it with a thump and starred straight ahead; then she turned her head to look at her second-in-command Dr. McCoy.
“I had no idea.” Beast seemed somewhat offended by the proceedings. He was too proper to enjoy seeing a private matter between Charles and Magneto aired in such a manner. He had nothing against the Professor’s homosexuality; in fact if he thought back it made quite a bit of sense and cleared up several mysteries. However, the idea that his past lover was Magneto… Hank could have done without knowing that. When the following thought occurred to him he spoke without thinking.
“Good heavens! I think the Professor may have made a pass at me. He made a few suggestive remarks regarding our relationship." His blue furry hand went to his chin as he thought back. “No, I’m sure of it now. I was completely unaware at the time.” Dr. McCoy’s face took on a worried look. He wondered if he was not as astute as he believed himself to be.
“I just can’t believe it. The Professor was against everything you stand for Magneto.” Storm’s white hair surrounded her milk chocolate skin as she looked at the dashing older villain who sat behind Professor Xavier’s desk. He looked at her with a taunting smile.
“Come now, Ororo. This cannot be much of a shock for you. I lived at the mansion with Charles for years while you studied here.” He took a strange glee watching Storm squirm at the idea of the Professor whom she revered, screwing Magneto, whom she hated. Erik smiled his most wicked grin at her.
“Yes, but I thought you were just old friends-” Magneto cut off Storm.
           “We slept in the same bedroom. Surely you must have realized…” He trailed off watching her.
           “I thought you two were having a sleep over.” She said, sounding like a scared child.
           “Every night?” He asked and she nodded yes. “But as you got older you must have put two and two together.” He looked at her but she shook her head no. Storm looked so distraught over learning this secret, Erik almost felt sorry for her.
           “You knew about this, didn’t ya?” Logan asked Rogue, looking down at her. Her breath caught in her throat for a second. It was strange to hear her friend’s voice after so long and see his familiar face. Even if the circumstances that brought them together were less than ideal, she was happy to see Logan again.
           “Well, I do have all his memories. I know everything about their relationship. I know everything about all your past relationships too.” She told him with a pert smile on her face. Catalyst looked over a little curious as to what some of the Wolverine’s past relationships were like. Logan turned a smidge red when he thought about some of the memories Marie must have of him.
Everyone looked up when they heard those familiar words “You’ve got mail” blare from the computer’s stereo speakers.
“Might as well open it.” Magneto said as he clicked and opened Charles’ Outlook program. With noticeable hesitation, Storm returned to her position looking over Magneto’s shoulder at the computer monitor.
“It must be over a year old. We should honor the Professor’s privacy and-” Dr. McCoy began, but was interrupted.
“This is… um, well… It’s from you Hank.” Storm said to Hank, her dark skin taking on a sudden white pallor that matched her hair. Outside hail broke out for a few seconds before she heard the noise the hail made, waved her hand and stopped it.
Beast lumbered over and squeezed in behind the computer, his large form engulfing the small space; still he kept his distance from the lithe Storm. Beast glanced at the screen and confirmed what he knew it would contain. His blue cheeks turned a pleasant pink in embarrassment. Storm read through the email and looked at her blue companion, her tiny mouth hanging open in shock.
“What does it say?” Logan asked, noticing the distressed visages on both Storm and Dr. McCoy.
“Why don’t we take a short break? Let Storm and Beast have some time alone.” Erik was courteous and moved away from the desk to usher the others out of the room. The members of his Brotherhood obeyed his suggestion unquestioningly. Logan stood for a few moments watching Storm and Beast stare into each other’s eyes and then he looked at Magneto. Reluctantly, he swaggered from the room to leave the couple alone. Marie hung back waiting for Erik to leave. He came around and put his hand on the small of her back and walked her out of the room.
“What was in the email?” She whispered to him.
“The Beast was asking Charles for permission to court Storm.”
           The group minus Storm and Beast wandered into the hallway. There was an awkward silence as everyone imagined what must be passing between the two that remained in the Professor’s study. They stood for a few moments leaning against the wood-paneling. Mystique began to tap her unadorned blue foot against the dark green runner carpet. The action caught Logan’s attention.
           “You guys want some lunch? The kitchen’s got food.” No consensus was needed and he walked down the hall, leading the group behind him. When they entered the spacious kitchen with walnut wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances, they found a crowd of mutant students gathered eating the noon meal. Everyone looked up when the Brotherhood entered the room unexpectedly. Some were finishing preparing their lunch, while others ate around the counter and some sat at the long dinner tables in the adjacent dining room. The students’ ages ranged from a few in elementary school to several high school graduates. It was the older students that Rogue noticed first. 
Kitty, Bobby, and Jubilee were there which made Rogue feel immediately self-conscious. She knew that she would inevitably run into them while visiting the mansion. However, she was still at a loss as to how to address them. Her last action before she left had been to insult Bobby and Kitty in front of the entire school. Her outburst had not been without provocation, but at the same time she felt as though it had been uncalled for. She felt like she had come across as a crazed, jealous ex-girlfriend and her shoulders slumped as she tried to hide her face behind the mane of her white and brown hair.
Erik noticed the change in Marie as he walked beside her and he took her tiny hand in his own and gave it a firm squeeze. She looked up at him when she felt the comforting gesture. He smiled down at her with a wry half smirk, and she couldn’t help but smile back; she thought the mischievous gleam in his eyes was so cute. She felt better then about facing her ex-friends. When Erik was with her, Rogue was unable to doubt that she was safe and that everything would work out somehow.
Logan was not the ideal host and entertaining was not his forte. On the contrary, Logan didn’t know jack about what to do with the visiting Brotherhood gang, so he walked to fridge and decided this was exactly the sort of day that called for a big sandwich, a cold LaBatt Blue beer (despite it being noon), and a cigar or two. As he was layering roast beef onto two slices of rye bread he noticed Mystique and Juggarnaut standing there eyeing his sandwich hungrily.
“Just help yourselves. There’s some cold cuts in the fridge and Rogue knows where the plates and stuff are.” With that Logan moved to the counter, where he took a long swig of his beer. Rogue felt for him because she knew that this was no easier for him than it was for them. She moved about the kitchen then, helping her fellow Brotherhood members to procure something for lunch. Pyro, for his part, could not take his eyes off of Bobby and his old X-Men buddies. He gazed at Iceman, his posture stiff and antagonistic.
It was a comical sight to see Rogue asking each member what they wanted. Juggarnaut was implicit that he hated mayonnaise, which caused Rogue to dab a little on his sandwich when he wasn’t looking. She was in the middle of taking Professor Kojak’s order when she saw Bobby burst up from his seat. When he reached the kitchen his frigid blue eyes starred daggers into Rogue and Pyro.
“Traitors.” He called them as he rushed out of the kitchen in a huff. He had seemed extremely pissed off and Rogue bowed her head feeling both guilty and relieved to see him walk out.
While Rogue and the others were busy obtaining lunch, Magneto slipped out of the room. He stepped back into the hallway and strode quickly to catch up to Iceman’s retreating form. When he was a few feet behind the younger man he called out to him.
“Oh, Mr. Drake? May I have a word with you?” Erik was all gentleman as he stood behind Bobby in his impeccable Hugo Boss charcoal grey suit. Bobby stopped dead in his tracks at the unwelcome sound of that man’s voice. To Bobby, Magneto was more than a villain; he was a malicious, evil manipulator who might just be a better kisser than him. Needless to say Bobby despised Magneto with more than your usual arch enemy hatred. He turned slowly around to face him.
“Yes.” Bobby’s cold eyes were aflame with barely contained anger. He squared his shoulders letting his rage make him unafraid. Magneto would have none of that. His voice held all the warmth of lead.
“I believe you once dated Rogue. Am I correct?” Magneto’s commanding baritone voice betrayed none of the effort he was taking to keep the anger out of his tone. His large hands were balled into fists and his jaw locked as he stood up straight; he was four inches taller than Bobby.
Bobby looked at Magneto with apprehension. He had no idea what this conversation was about, all he knew was the very presence of Magneto in Professor Xavier’s school made his blood boil and as the Iceman, it took a lot to make his blood boil. He nodded affirmatively to Magneto’s question, as his eyes roved over the older man trying to find some hint of why he had approached him.
“Hmmm,” he said as his eyes became a steel grey blue and focused beyond Bobby. Erik had been expecting that answer and he felt his rage grow merciless inside him. He reached out with his power, searching for the nearest metal he could call to do his bidding. Palm out he moved a metal chair towards them, ripping and reforming the metal legs as he moved it. The legs became restraints that snapped around Bobby’s limbs. With a flick of his wrist, Erik flung Bobby against the wall, smiling to himself as he heard the reverberating thump when Bobby hit into the wood.
Bobby’s mouth hung open; he was caught unsuspecting but he tried to move his hand to blow ice onto Erik. Erik was ready with the remains of the chair shielding him well from the icy blast. Bobby hung helplessly against the wall trying to ice himself out of his predicament, when Erik launched one of the metal banisters from the stairs towards him. The banister hit Bobby between the legs and he howled in horrific pain; his ice attempts stopped as his eyes filled with tears and he released hissing, painful breaths.
“That was for your conduct with Rogue.” With a small movement of his outstretched hand Erik sent the banister to clunk Bobby on the head. “And that was for your treatment of Pyro.” With his magnetic fields, Erik changed the banister into a metal paddle and whacked Bobby twice more with it across his knees.
“I don’t take it lightly when someone hurts my Brothers.” The paddle came down especially hard across his chest and Erik continued. “However, I am going to show mercy this time only because your actions brought them to me.”
“In the future,” Erik opened Bobby’s metal restraints and he dropped to the floor and curled up in the fetal position. “You may not be so lucky. It would pay to stay on my good side.” With that, Erik strode away, a content smile on his face.
           After a less than stellar lunch, everyone returned to the Professor’s study to find Storm and Beast smiling like children at Christmastime. They seemed so happy Logan felt that just looking at them was giving him diabetes. The Wolverine had never been one for mush and now he feared he would be facing this on a daily basis. He was happy for Storm and Dr. McCoy, but he was reminded how nauseating it was to watch Jean and One Eye go all googily over each other.
           Magneto was all business, pulling Professor Kojak to his side and together they began the pain-staking task of mulling over Charles’ Xavier’s excessive collection of files.
           “Here’s Rogue’s.  It will tell us how to reign in unwanted memories.” Jeri Kojak pointed out, her hand holding Erik’s arm familiarly. “However, we need to expunge some of the memories. There’s still too many.”
           “We don’t want to repeat what Charles’ did otherwise Marie will lose control of her powers again.” Erik had tried to remember to call Marie ‘Rogue’ exclusively while at the mansion, but he had slipped and it went unnoticed by him as he and Professor Kojak studied the Professor’s files. The slip was not unnoticed by Logan however. Sitting on the couch next to Rogue he turned to her.
           “He called ya Marie. I thought I was the only one that called ya Marie.” Logan’s face was a mixture of confusion and suspicion. Rogue didn’t know what to say to him and gulped audibly. Logan didn’t know what to make of his Rogue and he suddenly wanted a cigar and some fresh air to think. His muscular frame stood up with ease as he moved to leave the room.
           “Logan. Wait!” Rogue was about to leave to follow him when Erik’s voice called out to her.
           “Rogue. We need you here. Please stay.” His voice was stern and disciplinary and Rogue gave up any thought of leaving instantly. She turned around to meet his chilling, harsh blue eyes and she felt the thrill that ran down her spine whenever he chastised her. She sat back down on the couch and watched him work with Jeri. Erik looked atrociously elegant in his white dress shirt, his suit jacket slung casually over the back of the seat.
           “Here are the Professor’s lessons on thought manipulation. Oh and here’s memory implantation. Perhaps that has a section on how to erase memories.” Professor Kojak said as she worked to help Rogue keep her foreign memories from taking over.
           “Why did the Professor keep so much written down?” Storm asked. She was sitting over on the loveseat her hand held between two of Beast’s furry blue ones.
           “To teach Jean most likely.” Erik replied, never lifting his eyes from scanning Charles’ extensive document collection. He and Jeri spent several more hours working to come up with a strategy to help Rogue. Kojak worked tirelessly with Rogue, but their progress was slow. By the time Jeri announced that she had succeeded with erasing some of the foreign memories in Rogue’s mind it was well after dark. It looked as though the Brotherhood would have to stay the night at the mansion.
Storm offered everyone a place to sleep. The mansion was rather empty, quite a number of the mutant children had gone home to their parents when the mutant human conflict started.
“Are you sure we can’t get a hotel?” Pyro asked, knowing the answer even before he spoke.
Certain this could only end badly; Magneto agreed that for the duration of Rogue’s treatment, the Brotherhood would lodge with the X-Men.
Notes: Okay, I know that you can break into a PC even if you don’t know the password in about 2 seconds. Or at least I personally can. However, lets’ assume our X-Men are ethical and not as tech-savvy as us and they couldn’t. Charles never wrote his password down, as he never expected to die suddenly.
Imagine how embarrassing it is to be dead and have another person go through your private files on your computer? Think of all the odd things they might find. Like an erotic story featuring Magneto and Rogue from the X-Men. I wonder what they’ll think about you then.
I just checked it out and this story is longer than the book The Great Gatsby. By over 30,000 words. That’s mind-boggling.
I don’t think I ever wrote Magneto telling Rogue to be patient during sex. But I like the idea that he once said that to her in the bedroom.  
Lily: You are so right about the Auschwitz thing. Let me apologize. I am not an authority on the Holocaust (obviously). And I wrote that part without doing the proper research. I’m gonna go back and change it. Do you know if the comics ever mention which concentration camp Magneto survived?
Agent Silver: I had no idea about the cannibalism. I just sort of made it up. Figuring in those horrible conditions it was possible. I was looking for something that would really hook the reader and grab their attention. I was looking for something so horrible it would be instantly repulsive but plausible. And luckily, I didn’t slander history too much.
Preview: The Brotherhood has a sleep over with the X-Men. Logan and Marie spend a lot more ‘quality’ time together if you get my drift. Magneto becomes jealous. 

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