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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
Fan Fiction, Fandom, Reviews, and a Healthy Dose of Squee
Healing - Chapter 26: A Timex Wasted 
25th-Aug-2006 05:28 pm
cruelly handsome
Title: Healing
Verse: X-Men movieverse
Timeline: post X-Men: The Last Stand
Author: angelofsnow
Pairing: Rogue/Magneto
Rating: M – sex situations, cursing, general mindfuckery, mild violence.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the X-Men. I am not making any money off of this. I think I am losing money actually. They say time is money, well then I have lost a lot of money. It doesn’t help how poor I was to begin with.
Summary: The Cure is only temporary. While healing Rogue and Magneto find each other and realize they have more in common than they originally thought. 
Soundtrack: I recommend the song “Beautiful Child” by Fleetwood Mac is a really haunting song for Rogue and Logan. It focuses on how Rogue is no longer a child to Logan or to herself.
Dedication: To Chica Fayme who is joining the army. Good luck and stay safe.
Notes: Let me apologize. This chapter was hellish to write. What you previously read as Chapter 25 was sections I deleted from Chapter 26. I, then, promised you Chapter 26 would be finished quickly and failed to deliver. I especially apologize to you XChocolateChipX, you deserve better than to be left hanging. I then tried to finish the elusive Chapter 26 only to watch 6,000 words explode to 11,000. To give some idea, 11,000 words is longer than most ff net stories. Worse yet, those 11,000 were utter crap, unfit to line a bird cage. My darling KumaDaPuma called me out on it. And what you see before you is a revamped and improved first half of the second edition of chapter 26. Yes, so it’s like a third edition. Oh my, what a gauntlet I have gone through to write this. Seriously, it hurt physically. I only pray my energy and time did not go to waste and you manage to enjoy this. 

Chapter Twenty-Six: A Timex Wasted
The thought taunted Erik and kept him from sleeping. He mulled it over in his mind, tossing and turning in the itchy unfamiliar sheets. He was sequestered several doors away from Marie to keep up appearances. He had grown used to her nightly presence in his bed. The bed in the mansion felt foreign and large as he slept on the left side.
It was more a feeling than a thought, but it plagued him all the same. If he allowed himself to he could feel it in his bones, in the stiffness of his muscles, in the flowing iron of his blood. It screamed to him, more apparent and real than his own hand in front of his face. Yet no matter how entirely Erik could feel it, he did not allow himself to draw the obvious conclusions.
           He has never been one to worry unnecessarily. He did not believe in intuition; he believed in logic, research, and careful analysis. He was a master strategist, always one step ahead of his opponent, outsmarting trouble before it could catch him. However, this time he felt, rather than knew, trouble was coming. It was bad enough he was sleeping with the enemy so to speak; it was the second night the Brotherhood slept at the X-men’s mansion. Then, there was the matter of Rogue’s illness and how it had manifested itself only the day before. The Wolverine had seen her nude and uninhibited under the disillusion she was Mystique. He could feel his anxiety was centered on Marie. But it wasn’t just her illness that worried him. It was something else, something he refused to acknowledge, and something that was beneath him.
As he had drifted off to sleep he could hear the sound of Rogue and Logan’s laughter filter through door from the hallway.
Rogue and Logan:
She had found Logan after she finished working with Professor Kojak for the night. Kojak had labored diligently to clear Rogue’s mind and prevent her foreign memories from taking control of her consciousness. Rogue was eager to see the memories released and to know that she would not lose her mind. However, this was only a temporary solution and if she absorbed too many people again, she would be back in the same predicament.
 Rogue had specifically asked Jeri not to erase any of Erik’s memories. Having her mind painstakingly freed from the plethora of personalities, left her exhausted and with a headache aspirin could not quell. She came upon Logan smoking a cigar and finishing a beer outside on the mansion’s terrace. Logan liked to drink beer more than he should, but with his phenomenal healing rate, the beer was unable to ever make him drunk for long.
Rogue didn’t know what to say to him. She felt distant from him because of all the time they had spent apart. He’d also been avoiding her since the first night she’d spent at the mansion and that bothered Rogue. She couldn’t say for sure when the next time she would get to see her good friend was, and she didn’t want to let their time together go to waste.
“Really something about Storm and Dr. McCoy, huh?” She asked, him casually sitting down next to him on the stone steps. Logan just took a swig of beer and grunted an affirmative.
“They have been working together a lot.” He suggested. He didn’t want to turn and look at Marie. The last thing Logan wanted to do was see her hauntingly beautiful form sitting beside him. Whenever he saw Marie he couldn’t get the image of her naked, ready, and willing body responding to his from his mind. It was hard to even be in the same room as her. His body automatically thought of her as a potential mate and reacted to the smell of her.
“You know after Jean died, Ah thought there was something between you and Storm. You two seemed to understand one another real well.” That caught Logan’s attention and he looked over at Rogue in disbelief. He looked scruffy in his jeans and white ribbed wife beater. It was late and he was sweaty from the heat.
“Nah, Storm and I. Not likely. She’s not my type and I’m not hers. Storm isn’t into bad guys…” the way Jean was. Logan remembered his conversation with Jean at Alkali Lake. Girls flirt with the dangerous guy but they don’t go home with him… He wondered if Jean and he would ever have worked out. Not too likely either. Logan took another swig of beer, immersing himself in his inner thoughts for a few moments. Marie on the other hand, she understood him. She had his memories though. Perhaps when she didn’t have them anymore, she wouldn’t want him around either.
“I think you could be into bad guys.” Logan said. He meant it as a joke, but he knew that Rogue had once had a heavy crush on him. Yes, she would be into his type. The beer continued talking: she would be into dangerous guys like him. He could tell. Something about the way she moved her hips now that she was back at the mansion. Like she was just asking for him to notice and do something about it.
“Oh, yeah I like bad guys. Powerful, dangerous ones too. Especially ones who can bend metal with their bare hands.” She continued his joke, saying it sarcastically, but she was reminded of the man she was currently sleeping with. He was bad, dangerous, and very powerful. She wondered if Logan would get why she had agreed. She had been hinting at her relationship with Magneto.
“You better watch out. Dangerous guys are likely to get you in trouble.” He said a wide smirk on his face as he looked at her. He was remembering Marie’s shy confession of her crush and then her lusty, furious kisses.
 Rogue had no memory of the incident in her bedroom. To her, Logan was still joking with her; he hadn’t gotten that she had been referring to Magneto. He was oblivious, like all X-men. No, she rephrased that, he was oblivious like all men.
“Just what kind of trouble suga?” Rogue whispered low and conspiratorially.
“Well I’ve had a hankerin’ to do something all day.” He stood up and took her hand to help her up. “Come on.”
Wolverine swaggered down the hallway with Rogue at his side. His smile stretched from sideburn to sideburn. The cigar and beer had helped his mood tremendously and it felt right to have Marie by his side again. Despite the unfortunate circumstances that had brought her back to the mansion, it was very good to see her happy and know that she was making some progress to control her mutation. He held her hand as they walked, just because he could.
“Somethin’ about this guy bugs me.” Logan said stopping in front of Juggarnaut’s guest room at the mansion. Everyone else had gone to bed, and it was likely the large oafish man was asleep as well. “Wanna get into some trouble Rogue?”
“By all means.” How could she possibly resist Logan when he was smiling? How could she resist Logan when his butt looked so tight and cute in his blue jeans? How could she resist Logan ever?
With Logan’s help, she had crept into Juggarnaut’s room then. The enormous man was sound asleep. She worried they might wake him, but his snores resembled a fog horn and if he could sleep through that, he could likely sleep through anything. They found his steel helmet resting reverently on the night stand next to his bed.
Rogue giggled infectiously as took the helmet down the hall and out to the garden surrounding the mansion. Logan and her were in a rowdy adrenalin high mood as she held the helmet up before him.
“Where we gonna hide it?”
“Right in plain sight. I got a good idea.” His smile was devilish as he unleashed his claws. It was dark but the light from the mansion and the moon illuminated the grounds well. Logan kneeled in front one of Ororo’s pink petunia plants. He clawed the ground furiously in a circle around the plant, then retracted his claws and pulled the plant and surrounding earth up. “Bring the helmet.”
They stuck the helmet in the ground then, replanting the fuscia pink petunia inside it. Marie had missed Logan’s playful side. There wasn’t much time for playing around at the Brotherhood. Their work for the cause was too serious. But the school had always existed in a more insulated atmosphere from the realities of the mutant human situation. It wasn’t such a good thing in reality but it had its advantages.
“It’s good to have you back Marie.” Logan said and brushed his dirty hand across the top of her head, messing up her hair.
“It’s good to be back.” She said against the side of his cheek as she hugged him.
He had hoped that by some miraculous divine intervention his loyal Brothers might be able to coexist with the X-Men for the sake of Rogue’s treatment. To that effect he had even given them a stern lecture to remain on their best behavior when they arrived at the mansion. Even Juggarnaut had tried to listen, though he was close to deaf in his steel helmet. Or at least, Erik hoped he was just unable to hear. At times Juggarnaut appeared so dense, he wondered if there was a brain inside the helmet at all.
The following morning he learned there wasn’t. Juggarnaut had awaked to discover his helmet missing and run amuck through the school bullying young mutants to reveal its location. Juggarnaut without his helmet, managed to be dumber than Juggarnaut in his helmet, Magneto noticed quickly. It took the British man an astoundingly long time to guess that his sometime rival Wolverine was behind the helmet’s disappearance. The Wolverine had taunted Juggarnaut to the point where he charged him. Wolverine was able to dodge him easily but Juggarnaut being unable to change direction once he picked up momentum went hurtling through the wall of the mansion. (Another item added to Magneto’s Bill).
Now Magneto was left to apologize to Storm and pay for repairs to not only the mansion but Juggarnaut himself. Without his trusty helmet the buffoon had chipped a tooth crashing through the wall and suffered a concussion. The man was worse than a baby when hurting. He whined and complained so Catalyst and Dr. McCoy had to sedate him while they attempted to find him a dentist. When no dentist would agree to treat the huge mutant, Catalyst and Dr. McCoy had been forced to devise a dental procedure themselves. (Another item added to Magneto’s bill. Custom dentistry is not cheap).
Magneto wondered why he put up with the British behemoth. Juggarnaut was only good in fights against humans; superior mutants always thought up a way to defeat him despite his formidable brawn. During fights Erik would often take guilty pleasure in watching Juggarnaut be cleverly routed. That was as long as his own life wasn’t in danger and the man’s defeat didn’t hurt his cause. Juggarnaut was really just a pawn, certainly expendable and Magneto would gladly send him into the fray first.
Few of his mutants garnered special status in battles. There were those whose abilities were vitally useful to his cause: such as Callisto, Mystique, and Catalyst. Pyro was one of the few in whom Magneto saw great potential. Although Pyro was angry and defensive, a typical young man, he was smart and loyal to what he believed in and he now believed firmly in Magneto’s cause. Magneto imagined that the boy could one day be an immense asset, perhaps even take over for him, should the event of his death ever occur.
And then there was Rogue. Putting aside Magneto’s feelings for Rogue, and it was hard to do that, there was her vast power. She could take down almost any mutant or any human in a few seconds. She could absorb anyone’s powers, learn anyone’s thoughts. If Professor Kojak was successful at teaching Rogue to expunge the excess memories herself, Rogue could potentially steal someone’s powers for good. This made Rogue one of the most deadly mutants on Earth. Although her current powers were not as useful as say his magnetism or Phoenix’s telekinesis, she might one day be able to have any mutant’s powers. This meant nothing was beyond her.
Erik only worried what absorbing another mutant might do to her. He had Kojak researching several things like how Rogue might be able to drain someone without receiving their memories, how she could clear the foreign memories herself and whether a full absorption meant she received the physical characteristics of her target. Rogue already had his white streak of hair, and he was rather partial to her keeping it. Still, Erik was concerned about her. He knew how much using her powers meant to Rogue but he wanted her safe. He would not be able to stand another episode like the one at breakfast four days ago.
           To this end, Rogue worked with Professor Kojak much of the day as the rest of the Brotherhood stalked around the mansion wary of the fact they were hardly welcome. Erik noticed that in her free time Marie sought out the Wolverine. As the days past, they were always seen together, catching up on old times. When Erik wanted to find Marie she was inevitably with the hairy man laughing, listening to country music, out for ride on his motorcycle, or practicing in the danger room.
Erik began to get frustrated that all her spare time was given to the Wolverine. It was bad enough he had to endure staying at Charles’ school and putting up with all the pacifist mutants, his dear Marie wasn’t around to calm him. It was beginning to show too. He had been making a cup of Earl Grey tea in the kitchen when two young female mutants entered whispering. They underestimated his hearing because he could easily distinguish every word.
“Is that him?” The short haired Asian one had asked her friend. Erik believed it was Ms. Pryde, but he wasn’t sure.
“Yup, he and the Professor used to be lovers.” Her friend answered, whispering even lower, but Erik could still hear them.
“That’s unreal. He’s like a million years old.” The Asian one replied trying hard to appear as though she wasn’t starring at him, which she was. Erik stopped making tea and fought hard not to turn around and stare back at the girl.
“And evil too.” Her friend looked her straight in the eye as they sat down by the counter. Her eyes betrayed her hatred and fear of Erik. She remembered what the scene at Alcatraz had been like.
“Who do you think was on top?” The Asian one asked giggling.
“Jubilee, that’s just gross.” Her friend forgot to whisper. Erik slammed the tea cup down and the metal spoon went flying into the marble countertop. Erik’s magnetism had flung it with such force it lodged two inches deep into the marble.
“I was,” he looked directly at them. They froze at the unexpected comeuppance. “It would behoove you to learn some manners.”
           He went back to making his tea; his hands shaking violently from rage. He needed his Marie to keep him calm and he needed this to end soon.
Magneto told himself that he was putting up with the X-Brats so that Rogue would be able to use her powers for his cause. But Erik knew there was another reason. One which he was loathe to admit even to himself. Beyond the usual concern for a member of his Brotherhood, there were the growing feelings he had for Marie. He had tried to fight them, knowing how inconvenient, nay inappropriate they were. But he had lost.
When Charles had died, he had lost his oldest friend. Charles had been the only person Erik had left from his youth. But that loss had been cushioned by the entrance of Rogue into his life. She shared all his memories as though she had been there with him. She understood him as no one but Charles, the world’s most powerful telepath, ever had. (Erik knew it said something about himself that he preferred lovers who were able to read his mind but he didn’t want to ponder what).
However, all that was about to change. Professor Kojak would erase his memories from her mind and Erik couldn’t help but wonder if his relationship with Marie would change as a result. Would she still understand him? Would she still want him as a lover without that bond between them? He wasn’t entirely sure.
Magneto and Rogue and Logan:
           The next day Magneto caught them playing basketball late in the afternoon.
           It was in the 90’s and sweltering out. As Logan dribbled the ball it was so soaked with sweat it slipped out from under his fingers and rolled to the side of the court. Logan was as dripping wet as the ball. He took a quick sip of water from a nearby bottle and then pulled his wet white t-shirt off. Rogue gasped as she saw him standing in only his black basketball shorts. She should have been used to the sight of a half-naked Logan, she had seen it often enough. But his fantastic body never ceased to make her heart beat faster.
           Erik had been standing in his room in the mansion, irritated by the whir of the central air conditioning that had disturbed his nap. Ignoring how much it would increase Ororo’s electricity bill, he had walked over and opened his window. Immediately he was greeted by the sound of basketball dribbling. He had recognized the two figures on the basketball court easily. They were his Marie and the Wolverine. Curious as to what his Marie saw in the wild, uncouth mutant he was unable to turn away and stood their watching them undetected from above. It turned out one thing Marie saw in the Wolverine was his generous muscles. It hurt Erik to see the way Marie could not take her eyes off of Logan.
           “No fair. I can’t play without my shirt.” Marie said, trying not to sound as winded as she was. And it wasn’t just from the heat and exercise. Sometimes she swore Logan undressed in front of her just to torture her.
           “No one said you had to wear it, did they?” He taunted her, greedily gulping down more water in mouthfuls. It was so fun to get Marie’s gander up. Flirting with her was comfortable and came naturally.
           “Ok then.” She said. If he was going to dish it out she would make him take it too. She would not concede this battle. She took off her green Harvard t-shirt to reveal her black Nike sports bra.
Logan choked on his water. He hadn’t expected her to take him up on his dare. He had just been playing with her, not… He hadn’t wanted to see how beautiful she looked sweaty and panting hard. Her ample chest heaving up and down with the movements of her lungs as the sweat ran in rivers down her flawless newly touchable skin. Despite having seen far more of that skin, there was something about seeing it covered by the mere scrap of fabric of her bra that made Logan twice as aroused. He wanted to extend his claws and rip that bra off her. It was a test of his willpower for Logan not to act on the overpowering animal urge to take her right there on the asphalt of the basketball court. He had always been the one to protect Marie. Now she needed protection from him. It was driving him crazy that she made him think such thoughts.
           Erik watched, taken aback, as Rogue threw off her sweaty green T-shirt. The incident with Juggarnaut’s helmet had been inappropriate behavior but now Marie was prancing around in front of the Wolverine in nothing but a bra. It was bad enough that under Mystique’s influence Logan had seen her even less attired. But Erik could excuse that, Marie was sick and needed treatment. This, however, was a willful act. She was wantonly flirting with the Wolverine. Erik felt his blood rise and he could feel the iron flow of it speed up as his anger rose. An architects’ lamp skidded towards him across the desk in the far corner of his room.
           Logan met Marie’s wicked, triumphant grin as he dribbled the ball back to center court. Rogue was quick and nimble on her feet. She danced around him, blocking him and trying to make a swipe for the ball. Logan faked and turned past her, heading for the basket. He shot and the ball hit the backboard squarely. It should have gone in, but it bounced off the metal rim.
           Rogue took the rebound, dribbling around Logan. He had longer arms then her and he blocked her shot effectively, stealing the ball away from her. She was a fighter and scrambled to block him from taking the shot. It was unnecessary. He must have rushed the shot because again it looked good, but failed to go past the metal rim.
           Logan caught the rebound and began dribbling but his adamantium-filled fingers slipped on the ball again and it got away from him. Marie got possession and scored against him. She passed the ball back to Logan who held it in his hands.
“30 for me. 27 for you Logan.” He must be getting old he thought. He was worse than usual. Marie smiled saucily at him and her flushed cheeks and lush red lips looked sinful. He wanted to kiss her then and moved forward.
Erik saw it. He saw Logan lean in for a kiss. What was going on here? Erik snapped his wrists and below him on the basketball court Logan’s claws unsheathed, slicing the basketball to smithereens. Startled by what had happened Logan pulled back from kissing Marie at the last possible second.
Erik peered down and studied Marie’s face to see that she looked momentarily disappointed. He could hardly believe what was happening. The minute Rogue was back at the mansion she was falling into the Wolverine’s open arms! Perhaps once she got her gifts under control she wouldn’t want him anymore. Perhaps that was the only reason she was ever interested in him. They certainly didn’t have much in common. Maybe she had just used him for help with her mutation and good sex, he flattered himself. It wouldn’t be the first time a mutant had done that.
The lamp on desk raced towards him and crashed into the near wall with a bang. Its glass light bulb shattered on impact. Its rotating lever arm lay in pieces. (Another item added to Magneto’s Bill). Outside in the garden a copper sundial shook violently, beginning to rip from its foundations. (Another thing added to Magneto’s Bill). Before he lost his temper entirely, Erik stepped away from the window.
In the relatively dim light of his room, he made a resolve. He would not let the incident bother him. No, he wouldn’t. He was Magneto, the most powerful mutant in the world, after all. What did he have to worry about? And Rogue…She was just a member of his Brotherhood and nothing more he told himself.
Rogue and Logan:
           Logan had unleashed his claws by accident, and sliced the basketball to smithereens. Rogue let out a frustrated sigh. That inevitably happened when she played against Logan.
           “What’s that the 19th basketball you’ve clawed against me?” She said kneeling to pick up the orange tatters.
           “It’s only the 18th. Sorry, Marie.” He looked cute when he apologized.
           “Nah, don’t be. It happens.” They gathered the remains of the basketball and brought it to the side of the court where their shirts and water bottles were. Rogue picked up her water bottle and took a long gulp. Then a second, just in case. Without warning she poured the rest on Logan.
           “You smell worse than the inside of the Danger Room.” He stood there dripping wet and Rogue realized her mistake. He looked more handsome than ever.
           “Oh yeah? Well, kid you don’t smell so good yourself.” He picked up his water bottle.
           “Oh no ya don’t.” She ran away from him and they chased each other erratically around the basketball court for several minutes until Logan managed to drench Marie. Then they collapsed onto the stone steps, exhausted but joyful and sat drying in the sun.
           “Ah don’t know Logan, but ah think you’re out of shape. Ya never used ta let me beat you.” Rogue’s accent returned when she was with him. She enjoyed not having to watch her pronunciation carefully.
           “Hey, you haven’t been here to practice with. What was I supposed to do Marie?” Logan looked down at his damp T-shirt. He didn’t particularly want to put the dirty shirt back on. He looked over at Rogue who had made no move to put her t-shirt back on. The itch of desire grew again in his lower stomach.
           “I’m sorry Logan. Ah woulda left you if it hadn’t been important. Ya know that, right?” He did. “It’s not like you ain’t left me before.” She regretted her statement the minute she finished it. Logan’s brown eyes looked hurt and he moved his head away from her.
           “You know I’m sorry about that Marie. I-” She interrupted him.
           “We’ve been through this. I know you are.” They sat in silence for a moment, the air pregnant with thoughts they did not voice.
           “Can ah tell you somethin’ ah haven’t told anyone else at the school?” She was hesitant to say this. She wanted to tell Logan everything, for there to be no secrets to stand between their friendship. But she couldn’t tell him everything yet. She’d start small.
           “Sure.” He acted nonchalant but she could tell she’d peaked his interests. His ears always perked up like a puppy when she did. They twitched a little now.
           “Not only did ah learn how to stop my skin from hurting people when I touch them…” She paused for dramatic effect. “But ah learned how to drain people from far away. Ah don’t even have to touch them anymore. Ah can control it too. Ah can knock someone unconscious and read their thoughts from thirty yards away.”
“Rogue that’s…” Logan’s voice trailed off. The gears turned in Logan’s head. So that’s why she had absorbed too many memories. Logan pieced the puzzle together and figured her new abilities were likely the cause of her current illness. 
“Great. Ah know right?” She smiled, proud of how much work she had put into learning how to control and use her mutation. Her skin was no longer a curse to her. But it had taken a lot of work on her part to make it that way. She’d never need the Cure again, now that she had control of her own life.
“No, Marie. That’s not great. That’s… horrible.” Marie’s head snapped around to look at her friend. “Marie,” Logan’s eyes pleaded with her. “If you use your skin like that, to “drain” someone your hurting them. Badly. I can’t believe you want to do that Marie. Is Magneto making you use your mutation like this?”
“No Logan. He’s… I thought you’d be happy for me. I’m not a bad fighter anymore. I can take down anyone now. I’m not a liability anymore.” Rogue tasted the salty tears on her lips before she realized she was crying.
“Rogue, unlike everyone else’s powers yours are only good to hurt people. They only work on humans. They don’t cut through metal or wood, pass through walls, or produce fog for cover. Your mutation aims at living things and sucks the life right out of ‘em. You shouldn’t want to use your mutation at all Marie.” Logan didn’t want her using her mutation if it was going to cause incidents like a few days ago. He’d rather she never used it.
“But Logan it doesn’t kill people. It just drops them unconscious for a few hours or days. Depends how good my precision is. You know that things are terrible right now for mutants. Ah gotta have some way to defend myself. Ah ain’t gonna be helpless in a fight no more Logan. Ah wanna be useful. Ah wanna help mutants.”
“Magneto’s gotten to you then. The old Rogue would have seen this was a bad thing.” Rogue physically pulled back his words hurt her so. “Is that why you’re here to look through the Professor’s files? To learn more ways to kill?”
“No. I told you Logan. I have too many memories in my head. Professor Kojak is just helping me to clear them.” Logan didn’t look convinced in the slightest. He knew she was lying and it pained him to hear it.
“And Magneto put those memories there. Tell me Rogue how many helpless people did he have you absorb? That’s why your mind’s overflowin’, ain’t it?”
“No!” She was furious now. How could Logan twist everything out of proportion so? “Did it ever occur to you Ah can make my own decisions? Magneto didn’t put me up to anything. Ah was the one who wanted to learn how to use my powers. Ah wanted to help him and the Brotherhood, Logan, because they are the ones standing up for mutants right now. Have you seen the news at all or are ya living in a bubble? There’s a war on. The government’s locking mutants away if they ain’t registered. I don’t know how they haven’t closed the school yet.” Rogue slowed her tirade, looking at her best friend, willing him to understand. “I don’t want to be hurt again. I don’t want to see anyone I love hurt again. I wanna be able to do somethin’ for once. I wanna have some control over my life, Logan.”
He sat there watching her for a few minutes, not happy about her new powers, but able to grasp why she wanted them. Rogue hadn’t had it easy over the years and he could see the way it had affected the girl. He remembered how meek and scared she’d been when they’d introduced themselves in his old camper van. She’d come a long way from there. She stood up for herself now. She was a woman and not a girl anymore.
“No more flying lessons, I guess.” He pulled her into a hug and she stopped her mutation as her head rested against his wet chest, her long brown hair sopping down her back. She breathed in the smell of cigars, sweat, and beer and felt at peace.
Rogue and Logan:
           Rogue knew the instant her work with Professor Kojak began to pay off. She felt better than she had for many weeks, a fact that became plain to her negatively--she did not feel ill. She stood for a moment under the shower and tried to remember her tenth birthday party and the piñata her parents had set up in the backyard. Her head didn’t hurt. Not one bit.
           Her first thought was to run and tell Erik. She did so after dressing but was disappointed not to find him in his room. Before she could search for him anywhere, she ran into Logan on the stairs and ran down, two stairs at a time, to embrace him.
           “Logan!” She squeezed him as tightly as she could and the Wolverine let out an adorable “Humph.” In a wave of joyous euphoria, she kissed him on the forehead, on the ear, on his cheeks. Then, she pulled back and giggled whimsically in delight.
           “It’s workin’! Clearin’ my memories. It’s workin’!” She told him in a rush. Logan’s eyes lit up.
           “That’s terrific darlin’!” And he pulled Rogue back into a bear hug, lifting her up and carrying her down the stairs. At the base of the stairs, still hugging her, he spun her around in a circle only setting her down when she began to look dizzy.
           When he set her down, she looked up at him, her world spinning from dizziness. Logan looked at her, his Marie, eyes glazed with happiness, face all aglow, standing like she could hardly touch the ground… and he kissed her. He scooped her up in his large, powerful arms; while he leaned down to press his lips against her own.
           Rogue was so shocked her mutation kicked in for a second before she could stop it. He did not deepen the kiss, only letting his tongue dance delicately over her soft lips. He kissed her and twisted his head to lean to the right, shifting his lips. Finally ending the kiss he rubbed his left cheek against hers in an affectionate petting motion.
           Rogue was stunned and her breath caught in her throat. Logan had kissed her! Logan! And from the pull of her mutation she had gained the knowledge of his attraction to her. She could scarce believe this was happening. How many years had she dreamed of how his lips would feel? How many nights had she imagined him taking her in his arms just like this? How many times had she hoped against hope that he would return her feelings? She had dreamed, imagined, and hoped for so long she had given up on Logan. She had conceded that he wanted Jean; she had grown to see him as only a friend. She had found Magneto. But now all those buried feelings rose from deep within her. Every second they gained ground in her mind, forming again all the old hopes, old fantasies, and old dreams. 
           When Marie looked up at Logan he was red from embarrassment, but she did her best to encourage him with a smile.
           Unbeknownst to the couple, at the top of the stairs lay a Timex Chronograph stainless steel wristwatch warped beyond repair.
Notes: So what mutant used Magneto for help with their mutation and good sex? You’ll find out before the end of the story. It’s just a funny joke storyline, nothing big.
Scenes were based on real events: Magneto watching from the window was. I awoke one sunny morning last summer to look out my window and catch my then boyfriend kissing my friend outside.
Okay there have been 250 hits to the last chapter of my story and only 9 people have reviewed. Obviously, more than 9 people read the last chapter, and thus my whole story. Please, if you’re lurking out there, leave a review. If you like this and you’re enjoying it, just leave a quick note. Otherwise if you’re not enjoying it: how am I supposed to improve my writing if you never let me know what I’ve done wrong?
KumaDaPuma: I owe you everything for this chapter. I give you my undying gratitude and all the Magneto sex I can possibly write. If I knew Ian McKellen, I would kidnap him and give him to you as a present.
Preview: Your author takes revenge and it won’t be pretty. Magneto, Rogue, Logan… they are all in for a bumpy ride. 

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