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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
Fan Fiction, Fandom, Reviews, and a Healthy Dose of Squee
Healing - Chapter 27: Of Mice and X-Men 
25th-Aug-2006 11:58 pm
Cruelly 2
Title: Healing
Verse: X-Men movieverse
Timeline: post X-Men: The Last Stand
Author: angelofsnow
Pairing: Rogue/Magneto
Rating: M – be prepared: sex, jealousy, violence, rage, and tasteless humor.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Logan and Rogue and after this chapter I am happy I don’t.
Summary: The Cure is only temporary. While healing Rogue and Magneto find each other and realize they have more in common than they originally thought. 
Soundtrack: I recommend the song “Think Twice” by Eve 6. This song is full of jealous, lustful, angry themes and I find that really sexy. It’s Erik’s theme in this chapter.
Dedication: To LateOrliBloomer for such thoughtful and well constructed reviews. Here’s a chapter that’s a little different from all my others. Hopefully it is more to your liking.
Notes: This chapter takes the story in a new direction. When I started writing it, it just felt so right I couldn’t stop. Enjoy. And just a warning: your author is merciless, ruthless, and relentless. She pulls no punches in this chapter.

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Of Mice and X-Men
 All in all it had been a lousy day for Magneto. It was the fifth day of the Brotherhood’s stay at the mansion and it was becoming increasingly clear that if they didn’t leave soon, there would be no mansion to leave. First, Bobby and Pyro had had an altercation in the communal bathroom in the student wing. Pyro had flamed Bobby, who blasted ice in return. Pyro’s fire had burned the shower curtain and several towels. Bobby’s ice had melted, leaving large puddles of water that leaked out into the hallway, damaging the hardwood floor. None of the students had the good sense to clean up the mess and it soaked through the floorboards to damage the ceiling beneath, which is when Erik had noticed it. (Another thousand dollars worth of stuff to add to Magneto’s bill).
Then, Dr. McCoy had come to him asking Erik if he would talk to Mystique. Apparently earlier that day in the gym, she had antagonized Kitty away from using the stair stepper when Mystique had wanted it. Now the young girl was afraid to be in the same room as the blue mutant. It had taken Erik only one eyebrow raise at Mystique for her to admit her guilt.
Catalyst, on the other hand, refused to admit her guilt when the Beast’s skin turned green rather than his usual blue complexion after eating lunch that day. She categorically denied any responsibility, while being unable to control her giggles. Covering her hand to her mouth she had exclaimed, “Oh my god! Beast looks like ‘the Hulk’ now. This is so perfect.” Magneto had threatened to crush her beloved silver jewelry collection and Catalyst had reluctantly turned Beast blue again.
Juggarnaut’s practical jokes were far more costly and much less clever. He had sought revenge against Wolverine for stealing his helmet. However, being unable to think for long periods of time, all Juggarnaut could come up with was the idea of bashing into Logan when he least expected it. To this end he caught the mutant teaching a self defense class in the Danger Room. The thick steel doors of the Danger Room were locked, but that had never been a problem for Juggarnaut. He burst through the doors and assaulted Logan. A long, destructive fight ensued that left the Danger Room in need of repairs, Wolverine in need of healing for five minutes, and Juggarnaut in need of a lot of band-aids. (More repairs to the mansion added to Magneto’s bill).
Wolverine had clawed Juggarnaut thoroughly, but without hurting him too badly. He wanted to rip into Juggarnaut more, but the temporary truce prevented it. Logan was surprised there hadn’t been more casualties so far. In his mind, there had never been a dumber idea than the Brotherhood bunking with the X-Men. Except of course Juggarnaut himself; He was dumb everyday. 
Juggarnaut’s rampage of stupidity continued when he tried to heat a can of Progresso Chunky New England Clam Chowder in the microwave without taking it out of the can. First the can sparked wildly, till it caught fire (where was Iceman when you actually needed him), and finally it exploded from the pressure.
Magneto who had been in the kitchen at the time jumped in place. He clutched the counter with one hand for support, nearly slumping over. He brought a hand up to grasp the bridge of his nose, and then massaged his temples to dispel the throbbing pain.
“Aggghhh!” he shouted. “Do you have any idea what that feels like? What kind of blundering fool puts metal in the microwave? Dear god! Have you no brain inside that helmet?” And with that Magneto used his magnetism to send a 12in iron skillet hurdling towards Juggarnaut’s helmeted head. Iron on steel resounded with a ‘clang’ and Juggarnaut dropped like a ton of bricks.
Logan, who had been watching the scene unfold while he had lunch, laughed uncontrollably. With his head still throbbing in pain, Magneto stepped over Juggarnaut’s prone form, paying it no heed. He ignored the Wolverine’s peels of laughter and opened all the kitchen cabinets till he found a bottle of aspirin. Taking the whole bottle with him, he exited the room.
“Who’s gonna pay for the microwave?” Logan called after him. Erik didn’t even flinch at this point. (Another item added to Magneto’s bill.)
So far everyone had been responsible for some destruction of X-Men property save Professor Kojak, who was too busy trying to help Rogue. At this rate Magneto’s vast fortune hidden in several Swiss bank accounts would be bankrupted by his followers own negligence.
Magneto and Rogue:
           The days at the mansion were loathsome to Erik. He was growing increasing frustrated with each passing day. He had to remind himself frequently why he was enduring its confines. Rogue’s progress with Professor Kojak was slow but steady. She was learning how to rid her own mind of foreign memories, but she was a long way from being able to resist their absorption. Erik wished the Brotherhood could just take the information they needed and leave, but the X-Men were too wary to allow them unsupervised access to Charles’ computer.
Everything about the mansion bothered him. He hated the sweltering heat that even the central air conditioning could not alleviate. Their island fortress in Maine never got above 75 degrees even on the sunniest day. He hated all the oak furniture and the wall-to-wall carpeting. Erik was compulsively reaching out to feel the steel structure underneath the mansion. The metal helped to sooth his nerves.
Also, he hated the food, shoddily prepared by some of younger mutants so they could learn culinary skills. In a moment of weakness, when 12-year-old Danielle had cooked a pork roast, Magneto, Catalyst, and Jeri Kojak had snuck out to go to the local Red Lobster. The concept of eating un-Kosher pork prepared by someone who had never heard of marinade was too much for Erik.
Most of all Erik was annoyed by the time away from his headquarters and the disruption of his leadership of the Brotherhood. All throughout the country branches of the Brotherhood were in the midst of vital missions and important gorilla strikes against the US government and humans in general. Meanwhile Magneto was stuck at the infernal X-mansion getting updates via email on his palm pilot from Multiple Man. Erik speculated that Jaime would be able to hold down the fort for approximately another two or three days before it became critical he returned to Maine.
And Erik was considering returning to Maine soon, whether or not Rogue’s treatment was complete. The presence of so many Brotherhood members was disruptive to the school and all but Professor Kojak and Rogue were unnecessary. Most importantly his time was wasted here, and Magneto could not afford to be vacationing at such a critical moment in history. Then of course, there was his abhorrence to watching Rogue interact with the Wolverine. But that was a small reason, certainly not the reason he was contemplating departing the mansion as quickly as possible.
           As it was Erik did his best to tolerate the X-Men. It was dinnertime and there was a mounting ruckus in the kitchen. It would appear Pyro had caused a viciously contested food fight to breakout. Not feeling particularly hungry, Erik had gone for a walk about the grounds of the mansion. He stopped unexpectedly at Charles’ grave and paid a silent homage to his late friend.
           It was approaching twilight and the fading sun shone sideways beginning its decent beneath the horizon. Erik watched the warm light fade away with a heavy heart. It cast long shadows from the graves across the lawn. Crickets buzzed in the distance, lightening bugs began their nightly light show, and the flowers at Charles’ headstone swayed slightly in the breeze. The scene was a tranquil peaceful one bringing to mind Charles’ state of rest, at peace with the world.
           But Erik was not at peace. His heart whirled in the grip of a maelstrom. Remembering Charles’ comforting smile, Erik picked up one of the stones someone had left atop the tombstone. Erik wanted to leave one, but looking down did not see any available. Feeling acutely somber, alone and old, Erik reached out with what had been the defining characteristic of his life, his magnetism. He was completely recovered from the Cure and it was a simple matter to locate the small 3- inch long spike, several feet away, holding down one of the concrete benches.
Bending it in his hand with his magnetism he let the memories wash over him like waves crashing against the rocks of his island fortress. He tried to only remember the good times, their youth, when they had lived together at this mansion. But it was impossible to forget their charged, caustic fights and their eventual parting. Then they saw much less of each other and always from across battle lines. Erik detested what had become of their love. He wished for the hundredth time he could go back and change everything between them, make it right.
But he couldn’t any more than he could stop the sun from setting. And now he had lost Marie’s love as well. But between Rogue and he there was nothing worth repairing, he told himself. He did not care for Rogue the way he had for Charles’, no matter how much the pain he was feeling tried to tell him otherwise. Rogue was different; Rogue was – standing right beside him.
He had not heard her approach and he looked startled to see her. She was quiet, respecting his privacy to pay his respects to his late friend. He looked chillingly solemn to Rogue. It was a humid evening, yet Erik wore dress shoes, khaki chinos, and a navy blue button-down oxford shirt, top button undone, sleeves rolled up above the elbow. Rogue felt sticky and sweaty in her camisole and jean skirt, yet Erik had not one bead of sweat on him. He was immaculate as always. Well dressed yet looking surprisingly comfortable in his attire as only an older gentleman can. Rogue hated to disturb him.
“You loved him.” She said, watching Erik bend the small piece of metal back and forth in his hand.
“Yes.” He said, surprised Rogue had remembered even that much from his memories. A heavy silence fell between them, and Rogue felt it pull them down just as the setting sun was pulled below the horizon. She moved closer to Erik and put her hand on his shoulder as a motion of comfort.
Erik flinched away from her touch. Not here, in the presence of Charles, could he let the likes of her touch him. Rogue’s look of empathetic consolation turned to one of suspicious hurt.
“Erik, is everythin’ alright? You’ve hardly said two words to me in the last couple-a-days.”
“Mind your accent, Rogue.”
“Sorry, Ah – I forgot for a second.” She was dismayed he had avoided the question. Before she could probe him further he walked away leaving the tiny metal object he had shaped atop Charles’ grave.
Rogue wished she hadn’t disturbed him. It had been wrong to bother him when he was reminiscing about Charles. She knew just how much his friend and ex-lover had meant to him and she should have known better. Looking down at the top of the tombstone, Rogue saw Erik had shaped the metal into a tiny ‘X’ with names Charles and Erik each embossed on one of the intersecting lines of the ‘X’.
Magneto left the gravesite as quickly as he could before he lowered himself to doing something inappropriate on that hollowed ground. He would not give into his anger concerning Rogue, and he especially wouldn’t on the site of Charles’ resting place.
Rogue and Logan:
           “Ah knew Ah would find you here, suga.” Rogue had snuck out of her room to find Logan in the common room watching TV late on a Saturday night. Magneto had enacted a curfew for the Brotherhood in hopes of curving the random, unintended acts of vandalism that were spreading like wildfire. Storm had, miraculously, agreed with Magneto and seconded his curfew for the X-Men. Ororo Munroe was in a foul mood because the Brotherhood’s presence had disrupted the normal functioning of the school and classes had been sporadic for the whole week. She felt a curfew would be good for the young X-Men.
           So Rogue had had to sneak out of her room on the second floor to try to see Logan that night. She felt the curfew was unfair as she had hardly done anything to deserve it. It was mostly Juggarnaut’s fault, as usual.
           Rogue sat down next to Logan and put her foot up on the coffee table, mimicking him. Slowly, but surely Logan wrapped his arm around her shoulder, pulling her close. They fell into each other with familiarity.
           “You still watch this show?” Rogue asked.
           “Of course, it’s the best thing on Canadian television. Besides it’s the only Canadian TV we get in the states.” Logan turned his attention back to watching the Red Green show, a slapstick comedy about middle aged men who have a hunting lodge in rural Canada. Currently Red Green himself was constructing a fishing boat equipped with a La-Z-Boy using nothing but abandoned parts and copious amounts of duct tape. Rogue remembered the show with fondness.
           “So what are you doing up Marie?”
           “Couldn’t sleep, Ah guess. Ah donno. Ah just don’t feel tired yet.” Logan regarded her for a moment. Then got up from the couch and got them two cold beers from the fridge. He would have made some microwave popcorn, but you know what happened to the microwave.
           “You still hide the beer in the vegetable bin, behind the broccoli Logan?” Rogue asked when he returned. This was a school after all. Even the Wolverine couldn’t just keep alcohol where young children had access. No one, not even Storm, had found it behind the broccoli though.
           “Yup darlin’. Sorry there’s no popcorn. Microwave’s broke.” Logan said returning to the common room. He used his claws to pop the caps off both beers, handing Rogue one. She held it in her hand for a few minutes before taking a sip.
           “Yeah sorry about Juggarnaut, he’s not the brightest terrorist in the group.”
           “No need for you to apologize for him. Its bucket head who’s responsible for the retard.” Logan said swigging the LaBatt Blue beer down in gulps.
           “You really shouldn’t call him that.” Marie said quietly.
           “Who Jaggarnaut? I know ‘retard’ ain’t P.C. anymore, but you know I’m not one to correct myself Marie. That man’s hit his head into one too many walls.”
           “No, Logan Ah meant…” she drifted off. It was useless to censure his negative feelings for Magneto. Rogue recognized a lost cause when she saw it.
           The two watched the end of the Red Green show, laughing together at the jokes as they drank their beers. When the show came to an end Logan flipped through the channels using the remote control (which was not long for this world). He stopped on USA network which was showing Spiderman 2 and set the remote down between them on the couch. Spiderman 2 had just started and both that it was as good to watch as anything. Logan got each of them another beer from the kitchen.
           Rogue drank their beers as they watched Spiderman 2. It had been many months since Rogue had drank anything other than wine with dinner and she was not used to the creeping buzz of alcohol as it sneaks up on you, liberating thoughts that would otherwise not be considered. Alcohol lubricated the tongue to say with slurring words your innermost feelings that you dare not even share with yourself at night. Feeling like a million dollars, warm, and glowing and gorgeous and touchable all at once, Rogue's thoughts racing and her beer cold in her hand, she took a long slug before her eyes turned to Logan’s lounging form, next to her on the couch.
           Damn that man looked good. Every muscle was so defined. His shoulders so broad, waist so narrow and flat, his hips, oh, what wondrous hips snuggly encased by his rugged Levi Wrangler jeans. And what his jeans must hide. She flattered herself she could even make out his package and it looked just as scrumptious. She was made horny by the beer and lustful by a crush that had never fully run its course. She wanted him in that moment. She wanted to feel him up against her, his body hard and firm as adamantium against her soft one.
“Kid’s a goddamn wimp.” Logan said gesturing with the top of his beer bottle toward the screen. Marie looked startled; he had interrupted her internal reverie.
“I like Peter Parker.”
“If he really wanted Mary Jane, he’d beat up that punk astronaut and tell her the truth, in front of all those people. Then he’d kiss, pick her up, and leave the room. Simple as that. She’d be so impressed I can’t imagine her not enjoying that.” Logan said referring to the scene where Peter is forced to take photos of his lady love Mary Jane’s brand new engagement to an astronaut.
“Yeah, well most people who have crushes never have the guts to do that. It sounds so easy, but you try it. Try going up to the person who holds the key to your heart, who is your whole world, and tell them just how you feel. Wouldn’t you be worried about rejection?”
           “No Marie. Some things are worth taking risks.” Rogue gulped. This conversation was hitting too close to home for her. The alcohol buzzed pleasantly in her head, emboldening her.
           “Not if you know your crush thinks of you as just a ‘kid’.” Rogue felt the words slip out of her mouth as if someone else was saying them. She never should have said that. She looked anxiously at Logan for his reaction and remembered why she had sworn not to drink so much anymore.
           “I don’t think of you as a kid.”
           Rogue froze. She understood just what he meant by that comment. The look in Logan’s eyes was powerful and Rogue’s whole body flushed hot under his gaze. She could feel waves of sexual tension pour from Logan to drown her. This was dangerous territory. Oh, god why can’t he think of me as a kid again. It was so much safer then. This is… This is…
           He pulled her to him by her arm. Before she has time to think, she is wrapped in his strong arms, his lips kissing her ferociously. Her beer splashes before the bottle slipped from her hand unnoticed. (It spilled on the carpet another item added to Magneto’s bill.) She wasn’t kissing Logan and she was all at once. Her mind utterly blank in shock, Rogue felt Logan’s lip against hers but can hardly distinguish his ardent yet tender kisses. She did not respond for a while; her mind virtually catatonic. This wasn’t happening.   
           Logan was tender and kind as he worshiped her slowly, his whiskers brushing against her cheek. She found the sensation pleasant. The smell of Logan was pleasant as well. Everything was so pleasant like… Rogue’s mind returned to reality and she squirmed in Logan’s arms trying to break the grasp. In the process her pelvis rubbed against his lap. She put her hands on his chest to push him away but her touch was gentle. Part of her doesn’t want to and Logan misunderstood the motion becoming turned on with her perceived response.
           His nostrils flared and his eyes glazed as the animal within him smells the pheromones Rogue was unleashing in the air. Pulling out of the kiss his eyes caught on her breasts and his need grew urgent.
           “Marie,” it was an animal’s growl as he said it and his pupils darken with need. Only a second ago, she had not seen this change coming. He pulled her against him again, tighter and rolled on top of her on the couch. His knee hit something but he was beyond the point of caring. (The TV remote’s short life came to an end as adamantium crushed it. Another item added to Magneto’s bill). Logan pushed her arms above her head and licked her right ear than her left. He kissed her again but it was no longer tender. This was an animal laying claim to its mate. Rogue is terrified and turned on all at once.
           He moved down to her neck, then her décolletage, fervently trailing kisses lower and lower down the length of her. He had wanted her only recently but he had cared for Marie for much longer. Somewhere in the back of his mind he acknowledged the forbidden attraction he had often experienced for her but had always suppressed himself from consciously feeling. Kissing her in this manner was a relief that Logan had wanted, no needed. It felt right to him, so right that the part of him that wasn’t tame, that was wild and primitive felt the release as well and took over making his need for Marie desperate and overwhelming.
Rogue was horrified at her reactions to him. She wanted him and she wanted him to stop all at once. He moved to her breasts, ripping apart the top of her shirt with a flash of claws so fast she never saw them. He was dangerous; he was powerful. But so was Erik. She remembered him in an unbidden wave of guilt. She squirmed more, this time to make him stop.
           With his hot breath raining down on her she called out against his mouth “Wolverine.” He did not notice and continued his intensely satisfying attentions. “Logan,” she said. He stopped then, raising himself up on his knees on the sofa, the cool air dispelling the animal lust that had consumed him. His face returned to normal and his pupils returned to their puppy dog brown ones. His hair was in disarray and looked as though he had it styled thick on the sides in a trapezoid formation where his usual pointy parts had fallen down. Had her hands grabbed his hair? Perhaps she had. The whole incident was foggy in her mind. She doesn’t feel like the girl Logan kissed was her. It was a surreal feeling.
           “Marie. I…” He moved off her and walked across the room. He could not look at her. He knew not what to say and he moved to look out the long patio windows. It was black out and there was nothing to see. He stared at the blackness, regret flooding his brain. “I uh… I’m sorry.”
           “No Logan. It’s… it’s ma fault.” Rogue stumbled over her words just as he had.
           “No its not. I shouldn’t have presumed…”
           “Ah made ya think I still have a crush on you. That was a long time ago Logan. There’s someone else.” Logan looked at her then trying to guess who it might be. Not Bobby or she would have told him. It must be someone she met at the Brotherhood.  Could it be Pyro?
           “Who? John?” Logan asked, still facing out the window. He hadn’t noticed anything different about the way Pyro and Marie acted when they were together.
           Rogue was happy Logan wasn’t looking at her, because her face turned bright red. She didn’t want to lie to Logan. But she didn’t want tell him the truth either. She remembered Logan’s reaction to catching Erik and her together in the airport office. How would he react to knowing that they were lovers? Rogue cared for Erik because she saw the good in him. But she was afraid Logan would not be able to do the same.
           “No,” she told him.
           “Then who?” Logan turned around. He felt like he had taken too long to finally realize what a great girl he was missing and he wanted to know to whom he had lost her to.
           “Does it matter?”
           “It does when they’re dating my Marie.” He said softly, barely above a whisper, but it was enough to make Rogue’s breath catch in her throat. She had never stopped to think how her relationship with Erik might hurt Logan.
           “Ah never meant to hurt you.” Rogue looked down at her hands; her fingers were unconsciously playing with gloves she no longer wore. She blushed but it was too dark for Logan to see. “Ah used to like you somethin’ awful. But that was when I was younger. You never seemed too interested in me so Ah moved on. He’s a good man Logan.”
He wasn’t satisfied but he didn’t have the heart to pry. He felt like an idiot for believing that Marie might feel the same way he did. Logan’s shoulders slumped and he shuffled from the room with his head hung low.
           Erik had skipped dinner too distraught over the situation with Rogue, his frustrations with staying at the mansion, and his gnawing regrets over having failed Charles’. He had been in a reprehensible mood so he had showered and taken a nap and then conducted a long internet phone conversation with Multiple Man on the status of their operation to free mutants from the Allentown Federal Mutant Detainee Camp. It always helped him to throw himself into his work. It centered him. The Cause was everything. It was his life and as long as there was still work to be done he would go on.
           However, by 11:30PM he was hungry and not quite ready to begin the task of reviewing the progress report on the liberation of Apache helicopters from Fort Bragg. So instead, he had redressed in his navy blue shirt and khaki chinos and journeyed to the kitchen for an evening snack. He had been hoping to find a can or two of fruit salad, or at least a can of pineapples. However, the X-Men’s pantry was full of nothing but health food save for Logan’s hidden supply of beer, which Magneto stumbled upon in search of lettuce.
           He was in the middle of preparing a Caesar salad when he heard voices coming from the common room. No one was supposed to be awake; there was a curfew in effect. Magneto prepared himself for giving a stern lecture to some X-Brat, and walked towards the common room, but stopped dead in his tracks when he heard a low growl of “Marie.” With deft stealth, Erik peeked into the common room to see the Wolverine roll on top of Rogue and begin fondling her body and kissing her in obscene spots.
He didn’t know why he continued to watch them. He was above this sort of behavior. It was undignified and common and Erik abhorred jealous men. He was personally too arrogant to ever question any of his lovers’ loyalties before. Why now did he find himself watching Marie and Logan together with rapt attention? Perhaps it was the Cure and the way it had sapped his strength. The Cure had called his infallibility into question and Erik wondered if his old confidence would ever return in full.
           He had seen it all. The way they kissed. The way the Wolverine’s hands pawed over her. And most of all the way Marie had responded. Waves of magnetism flowed from him. He could not control himself and anything metal in the way warped in its path. Silverware, pots and pans, and aluminum cans in the recycling bin fell victim to his unintended wrath. (Lots more items added to Magneto’s bill.)
           It struck him like a blow. A powerful one. His heart shuddered. His pulse raced. His whole body screamed in agony, a palpable physical pain that raged through him. It was excruciating. He felt his heart fall into his stomach. His anger surged hotter and stronger then perhaps it ever had in his life. He lost all control of himself, swayed on his feet and stumbled out of the kitchen.
Professor Kojak and Magneto:
           Again, Jeri was up to all hours of the night. She rarely got a chance to sleep during her days at the mansion. Late that Saturday night she was scanning through page after page of Charles’ records for something that could help Rogue. She’d been through much of his computer, her professional discretion dictating that she not mention the vast quantities of porn she had found. Or the scanned in pictures of Erik from the years they had lived together. Or the video labeled “Erik’s Birthday Gift to Me 12-3-73”. No she hadn’t even looked at that.
           Jeri was ready to give up for the night and so she packed up her files and walked out into the hallway. Immediately she saw Erik’s tall form striding down the hallway in her direction. As he got closer she discerned the frightful, malicious look on his face. Kojak knew him well and could sense he was deeply troubled.
“Erik, is everything alright?” She asked him when he had come closer to her. Erik looked at her as though he had only just noticed her presence in the hallway. His eyes were full of a hollow rage; his mouth drawn into a vindictive sneer.
Like a hawk eyeing food he swooped upon her, kissing her mercilessly. His lips laid claim to hers, his hands holding her back in possession. His tongue was ruthless, forcing hers into submission with fearsome deft ovals drawn on the roof of her mouth. His kiss was brutal as he deepened it, sparing no part of her opening. His lips assaulted hers in a dance of spiteful, harsh ownership sucking them into his own with haste.
           It was over too quickly but Professor Kojak’s knees swayed all the same. She felt limp; it had been many years since Erik had kissed her.
Erik pulled away dazed, his mouth hanging open taken aback by his own unpremeditated actions. He did not seem well to Jeri.
“Jeri, I…” and he mumbled an apology as he walked away down the hallway, gone just as quickly as he had come. Professor Kojak knew something was wrong with Erik. She wanted to go after him but she did not. Jeri knew Erik was a fiercely private man much like herself and she would respect that. Besides, she could hardly have walked a step if she wanted to. Erik had kissed her. For several minutes, Jeri stood rooted in place and lost herself remembering her brief but passionate affair with Magneto.
           Erik found himself walking outside before he realized it. The night was a dark one but it did not deter him. He was long past rational thinking; his spontaneous tryst with Jeri should prove that.
To Erik, the unthinkable had occurred. Never had he imagined that his worst fears might be founded. Never had he believed for a second that Marie could actually betray him. His thoughts raced for dominance in his mind. He could scarcely focus on one thing or the next. He had no destination and walked further and further into the night with paces so fast he was just short of running.
           His fury fueled him as he walked, his mind turning over the facts. He had felt her slipping away. Every smile, every laugh with the infernal Wolverine drove her further from him. He couldn’t figure out where he had gone wrong. He wondered if it was his age, and he felt deeply regretful that there was nothing he could do on that front. He wondered if it was Wolverine’s physique, to which Erik’s was no equal. The concentration camps had sentenced him to a life of thinness, the malnutrition affecting his growth somewhat.
He did not have the same cultural upbringing as Logan and Rogue shared. Perhaps there was never meant to be anything between Marie and him. Their time together seemed so pointless now.
He wanted, no he needed metal. And the largest, least easily missed metal object was the barbed wire fence surrounding the mansion. After walking to the edge of the estate’s grounds he spotted its twelve foot steel wall stretching out into the night. Magneto’s rage was nearly seething, and in his anger all his limbs were taut and tense.
Looking at the X-Men’s fence reminded him of Charles’ endless attempts to build bridges with the humans. He never would have encircled the property with the garish monstrosity that resembled something out of Erik’s nightmares of Auschwitz. His fury rose from his memories. He was angry about Charles’ death and his utterly foolish idea to try to use the Phoenix for his own means. If only he had been sensible and listened to his friend for once, he might be alive today. And then there was Rogue to think about and her philandering with the Wolverine.
He hurt anew just remembering the sight he had seen only minutes ago: Marie sweet face eclipsed by the back of Wolverine’s head. Marie in throes of passion with a man barely worthy of being called civilized. The Wolverine was little more than dumb brute. It was all so vile for Erik. His entire body ached with jealousy and shame. Erik felt reduced to half the man he once was and this time it was not the Cure that had brought him low.
Reaching out with his magnetism he wrenched a steel stanchion of the fence from the ground as though it weighed less than a toothpick. It was so easy to crush it; to pull the anchors, the chain link fencing, the stanchions, and the barb wire piece by piece; to reshape them with his power. Because it was imprudent to take out his anger on the people involved, he would accost their property instead, the metal ripping and tearing in a beautiful cacophony of furious shrieks, bangs, and roars. When the fence was discombobulated to the point where Magneto lost interest in it he made to reshape it again and again.
He spent several hours that night twisting the metal. It had been a stab wound to watch her hug Logan. To see her kiss Logan cut him to the core. With each twist of metal, as it bent lovingly to his will, his mind imagined the scenarios that were soon to come: Rogue’s tearful explanations of how she had reunited with Logan. Her serious discussion on how they were more suited for each other. Her regretful, quiet mention of how happy they were together.
He twisted the metal because it was one the one thing he truly loved. He loved the metal. It would never betray him. It would always see eye to eye with him. It would never leave him for another. He remembered the horrible feeling of being rendered powerless by the Cure. But that was behind him. He had taken the vaccine now. That would never stop him again. No nothing would stop him.
He would not let this destroy him. He would never again tie his happiness to the love of another. Charles was gone; Rogue was dead to him. His only love now was metal and the Cause. He would never let anyone bring him down. He was more powerful than them. He was stronger.
If he believed in his Cause, or anything, whole-heartedly, he could not be defeated. No one could stop him. When he believed with all his heart, not even God himself could stop him. No one, not even God, not the law, or the government, or the X-Men, or even Charles had he been alive, no one. Because when he believed in something he believed with every fiber of his being, with ever particle from his head to his toes. He believed so thoroughly, so passionately, that no power in the world could dissuade him. And that unerring belief is the power he had sought his whole life. To believe that strongly is to be unstoppable.
He believed he would rise again, out of this dark moment of pain, stronger than ever, with a soul of steel, unstoppable and invincible. 
Afterward, tired and panting with the effort, sweaty from the exertion, he sat down on the ground amongst the steel and aluminum debris. He shouldn’t have done this. It had been un-wise to destroy the fence protecting the X-Men’s estate as though that might have silenced his torment. When he had caught his breath, he walked back to the mansion.
Rogue and Logan:
           She had gone to Magneto’s room and knocked on his door, needing to see him. But he wasn’t there. Returning to her own room it was only a few seconds before Logan knocked on her door.
           He entered the room slowly, holding something in his hands. He sat on the bed next to her. His large muscular frame looked even more formidable than usual in the tiny girlish space of her room.
           “Marie, there’s some thing I need to tell you.” Logan’s voice was rough and broken with emotion as he spoke. Rogue did not dare interrupt him. She didn’t want to hear what she knew was coming, but she cared for him too much not to listen. He was solemn and pained as he spoke.
           “You were always just a ‘kid’ to me. Not that ya ain’t pretty Marie. I’ve always thought you were. It’s just – I didn’t see ya that way until recently. I know you used to look up to be, have a crush on me, whatever. That’s in the past. All I know is you’re my closest friend. Heck, maybe my only friend. The X-Men are stiff group, ain’t they?” He laughed difficultly.
“We’re good friends Marie. You know more about me than anyone. Even if that Kojak chick has erased my memories in your head I just want ya to know that ever since I first came across that skinny girl in Canada I've been partial to her ever since. You’ve always meant the world to me. I’ve never wanted to hurt you. You know that right?” She nodded.
“And I’m sorry if I did tonight. I’ve just gotten to thinking lately that maybe we might work well as more than just friends. I care about you Marie. More than I could ever say. And I find you very beautiful. Too beautiful for your own good if ya know what I mean. I’m not much for words, you know that darlin’. And I’ll understand if you don’t feel the same. But I have to try.” He held out his hand, palm open to her. Inside sat his dog tags that she used to wear around her neck everyday. Her eyes said she wanted to take them but her hand pushed his fingers down, closing the hand for him.
Rogue knew that if she took the dog tags from Logan she was agreeing to change their relationship. It was something she had once wanted with all her heart. But it was many years since she had wished for Logan to love her. She had reckoned herself with his friendship. And the price to see what could happen between Logan and she was high. It was Erik. She wasn’t sure she was ready to give up what she had with a man who had done her so much good. She wasn’t sure she could just walk away from the strength she had found in Erik’s caring attention.
“Logan Ah can’t. Ah just can’t.” Tears streamed down her face and he left the room without protesting.
Logan and Rogue:
           Logan heard the knock on his door, but wouldn’t open it. He couldn’t decide if he wanted it to be Marie or if he didn’t. Instead he kept flinging his meager possessions into the open suitcase on his bed. A few pairs of jeans, some shirts, a few pairs of boxers, his toothbrush, a bar of soap and his supply of Picante oscuro cigars; that was all there really was to his life. He was leaving again. X-men or no x-men, classes or no classes, Brotherhood visiting or not, he was leaving.
           He only looked up when he saw her standing in front of him, having entered the room herself.
“Logan Ah made a mistake. Ah want to give us a try.” Logan’s breath caught in his throat and he froze in place. Time pasted as he tried to believe what he had just heard. Then he dropped the jeans he was folding on the bed and wrapped his arms around Rogue, hugging her close to him. He moved to kiss her, but the lit cigar in his mouth got in his way.
Rogue giggled up at him. She took his cigar between her lips and inhaled sharply. She remembered from one of her times being Logan how to inhale without coughing and she is shocked when the inhalation caused not only her lungs to perk up from the nicotine but other areas of her body as well. She felt suddenly aroused. She sucked on the cigar with lewd motions, moving it in and out of her mouth a few times as she puffed on it.
Her other hand wove fawning circles over Logan’s chest, running up and down him, squeezing and massaging his shoulder when she reached it. Taking the cigar from her mouth she pressed her body into his and deliberately let her breasts jiggle against his ripped chest. She brought her mouth up to his, leaving no doubt in his mind how enthusiastic she was to experience the change in their relationship. She sucked and licked the cigar hoping he took the signal.
Logan almost had a heart attack as her red lips closed around the end of his cigar and sucked on it. He lost all control and kissed her as she tried to exhale. Unprepared for his sudden action she dropped the cigar to the floor where it singed the hardwood before sputtering out. (Another item added to Magneto’s bill).
This time Logan held back nothing from his kiss. His hands roamed from her silky hair all the way down her back. When she followed his example, her hands taking in each sculpted curve and muscle, feeling him hard beneath her fingertips, Logan moved his hands to cup her butt. He held her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Logan was in the grips of intense happiness and desire. He smiled when he stopped kissing her and asked:
“How long can you hold off your mutation?”
“Ten minutes.”
“We’ll have to make it quick. But we’ll figure something out.” Logan put her down for a second scanning the room for objects that could help them. The only thing that came to mind immediately was the box of condoms he kept in a drawer. He found them and ripped open the box with his claws. He couldn’t remember how long ago he had bought those condoms.
Having gotten a condom he looked at the bed, covered in his clothes and open suitcase. With a sweep of his hands he shoved everything off the bed and took Marie in his arms and flung her onto the bed roughly. This would have to be quick, not only because Marie’s mutation would kick in, but because he was so afraid she would change her mind. He couldn’t bare it if she did that.
Rogue could hardly contain herself. It felt so wrong it felt to be sleeping with Logan, so intensely and obviously wrong. Guilt rose inside of her and with it pleasure. Because sometimes you want to do the wrong thing. Sometimes you want to be a bad and irresponsible even though you know you won’t get away with it and it will lead to nothing but trouble. You don’t care. The wrongness of her actions turned Rogue on almost as much as the sight of Logan’s removing his shirt.
Logan wasted no time; he had only ten minutes after all. He kissed her again before helping her undress. Rogue wasn’t shy; maybe she remembered somewhere in her mind what had happened between them several days ago. Logan massaged her breasts, teasing the nipples and kissing each in turn. He could not linger over them; he could not pamper her as he wanted to. This had to be quick.
He ran his claws lightly down her stomach without scratching her, which was a huge turn on for Rogue. Then he kissed her as he retracted his claws so he could rub her between her legs. His pace was relentless and she was wet and ready for him in no time. With furious strokes he pounded into her, half animal as took her. She was warm and tight around him and Logan doubted he would be able to last long as squeezed him and occasionally used her hands to massage his shoulders.
She liked how he was nothing like Erik. He was not tender; he couldn’t be in the time they had left. He used her as she used him. Logan’s thrusts were so strong he shook the bed and pushed Rogue deep into it. Those divine caresses caused Rogue’s eyes to roll back into her head as her sweaty body came alive, nerve endings firing wildly as climax neared.
She wrapped her legs around him, using her arms to push her hips further off the bed. Logan was surprised to find her so flexible and uninhibited in bed. It was an added bonus. He grunted out a growl that sounded almost like “I love you” as they came at the same time. Logan was quick to roll off her, so that his 300-lb adamantium skeleton did not crush her and her mutation did not zap him.
When they had finished panting, Logan wrapped a blanket around Rogue and held her next to him, as they cuddled and slept through the night.
Notes: So Logan and Rogue watch Spiderman 2. Can a comic book movie watch another comic book movie or will the galaxy explode, like when matter meets antimatter?
How many scenes were based on real events? The ‘metal in the microwave’ scene was based on my own incredibly dense freshman roommate. Yes people can be that dumb and still go to college/University.
The Red Green Show is a real show! It’s often shown on PBS. I highly recommend you watch it. It’s almost as funny as Seinfeld. Again this was a hard chapter to get just right. KumaDaPuma was a world of help and you owe it to her to check out some of her great stories. For laughs try One Day at Magneto’s which trumps any paltry attempt I make at humor. And for smut (like you all love, admit it) try Desperate Measures.
Preview: So Healing has turned into a Rogue Logan story. They work better as a couple. Hope you’re not disappointed. I changed the story because I think I can write them better as a couple. In the next chapter we see Rogue explain her change of heart to Magneto. It won’t be pretty. Or will it?
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