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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
Fan Fiction, Fandom, Reviews, and a Healthy Dose of Squee
Healing - Chapter 28: Slow and Thorough 
26th-Aug-2006 01:36 pm
Title: Healing
Verse: X-Men movieverse
Timeline: post X-Men: The Last Stand
Pairing: Rogue/Magneto
Rating: M – more smut than you can possibly imagine. Sex, sex, sex. This is porn masquerading as art and you’re gonna eat it up.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the X-Men. I do own this story and I must say I prefer Healing over the canon because there’s more sex here. A lot more sex.
Summary: The Cure is only temporary. While healing Rogue and Magneto find each other and realize they have more in common than they originally thought. 
Soundtrack: I recommend the song “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac. I enjoy this song and find the beat really sexy. But you know the drill. Listen to some good love music.
Dedication: To KumaDaPuma and XChocolateChipX. Thank you Kuma, without you this fic would have ended many chapters ago. You have pushed me and challenged me to do my best and when my ego needed a good kick in the ass you have cut me down to size. Without your thoughtful, insightful, and intelligent suggestions this story would not be half as good as it is. But even more than your help I thank you for your friendship. Also thank you Chip, my R&R Gal for pushing me to write and responding with such enthusiasm to my humble efforts. It is a joy to write for an audience like you. I look forward to reading your reviews the way you look forward to reading my chapters.
Notes: My apologies on leaving you waiting for so long. This took longer to write than I thought. The sex part was easy; I have a knack for all things graphic and lewd, but the internal monologues, particularly Rogue’s were extremely hard. It’s very hard to finish up a story when you have so many loose plotlines hanging around and unfinished story arcs. The end chapters are much harder to write.
This chapter takes place right after Logan leaves Rogue’s room and before Rogue goes to Logan’s room and sleeps with him.
Warning: This chapter contains extremely graphic sex. Smut. Porn. Better graphic sex than ever before. I am out doing myself here. I’m trying to top Chapter 18 and Chapter 21. This will be the most wondrous thing you have ever read. My goal is that it’s so hot, you find it more satisfying than real sex. (Okay, that’s doubtful, but I am going to try all the same). 

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Slow and Thorough
           …I’m not much for words, you know that darlin’. And I’ll understand if you don’t feel the same. But I have to try.” Logan said.
           “Logan Ah can’t. Ah just can’t.” Tears streamed down her face and he left the room without protesting.
           Rogue sat on the bed in her room right after Logan left.
           She wished it had never happened. She wished she had never flirted with Logan, kissed him, or tempted him as she had. It had been disarmingly enjoyable to receive his attentions with barely suppressed delight. She had sensed the change in him, her womanly intuition informing her about small details like the way he stared at parts of her anatomy, the pauses in his speech, the way he made eye contact and the times he didn’t. It was obvious that he had begun to see her as more than a friend.
           She ought to be flattered. She was flattered. Logan was a great guy. But something held her back from enjoying the compliment. She’d grown used to, even comfortable with Logan as her friend. He was a father figure in her life. Lord knows she’d needed one at times. And the idea of his role suddenly shifting from guardian to lover was hard for her to swallow.
She still wasn’t sure why Logan had had a change of heart. What had happened while she was living with the Brotherhood to make him view her differently? Was it Shakespeare that said ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’? She didn’t remember and it didn’t matter anyhow. Her friendship with Logan had changed and she had mixed feelings about it.
She’d known when she left the mansion that she would change during her time with the Brotherhood; but she hadn’t expected how much. Her time away from the hallowed halls of the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters had shown her a world very different from the one she was taught about by the X-Men. The country was on the brink of collapse from the mutant human civil war. Storm had been careful to only mention areas where relations were improving.
She’d always thought that once she got her mutation under control she’d go back to the school and everything would be better. But now she realized she was foolish to think that. The X-men hadn’t changed. Only she had. She’d been stupid to think she could go back. You can never go back. She understood that now. Her return to the mansion had made it painfully clear.
 Rogue no longer fit in at the school and it was no longer accepting of her. Her peers viewed her as the enemy, part of the Brotherhood now. Bobby was outrightly hostile. This didn’t bother Rogue greatly as she did not believe in the X-Men’s passive philosophy any longer. Storm, Beast, and even Logan weren’t happy with the new ways she could use her powers. Logan, who ought to have been most sympathetic, wanted her to never use her mutation to its full extent. It had cut deeply when Logan had reacted so negatively to something Rogue was proud of.
           And then there were her difficulties with Logan. Kissing him had opened a Pandora’s box Rogue wished she had kept the lid on. Had Logan asked her anytime before she’d gone to the Brotherhood her answer might have been quite different. But now as it was, how were they supposed to go on? How was she ever to tell Logan about Erik?
Although Rogue felt comfortable with Logan, she was closer with Erik. He was her boy- no, not boyfriend. Erik could never be anyone’s boyfriend, but he was her lover and her friend. She had grown to care for him beyond their initial attraction. She respected him and found him ceaselessly interesting. He was so complex and guarded. It was intriguing to learn more about him, each little eccentricity of his spoke worlds about the hard life he had lived.
As terrorizing as he was to the world, as ruthless as his intention to use humans was, he was only a man beneath it all, Rogue knew. A common man no less, with little that separated him from the rabble but his magnetism and his determination. He was capable of horrendous acts, of measureless destruction, but none of that mattered. That was simply the expression of his determination to see his dream, his cause succeed. He was not a ruthless murder. He was an unscrupulous pragmatist.
The more time she spent around him the easier it was to see that the fearsome terrorist Magneto was a different and separate entity from Erik Lensherr. Erik was a sensitive, broken man who had been repeatedly torn from those he loved because of his status as a social outcast, both as a mutant and as a Jew. Magneto was a brutal and ruthless leader relentlessly pursuing his Cause of mutant supremacy at any cost. Marie did not love Magneto, however she did understand him. She loved Erik.
           She loved him? She had never admitted it to herself before. And why should she? Erik was not an easy man to love. He was distant and moody, untrusting and aloof. Yet Marie felt lucky to know him as well as she did through his memories. He was a remarkable man to have over come so much in his life. Rogue felt humbled to know him.
Looking at the wooden door leading from her bedroom, Marie thought of Logan who had so recently departed her. She wished it could have worked out differently between them. But it was too late.
           She went to sleep remembering how cold Erik had been to her that afternoon. Rogue worried he had grown bored with her. Perhaps she was a fool. Perhaps she had thrown away a better chance at happiness when she refused Logan. For better or worse she had chosen Erik and she would accept the consequences.
           Returning from his foray against the estate’s barbed wire fence, Magneto came back to the mansion calm and collected. He had a renewed sense of purpose and righteous determination not to let the situation with Rogue interrupt his work. The Brotherhood needed him; Rogue certainly did not. He was set on leaving the X-Men and traveling to Maine that very night. He had important work to be done. The helicopter could be sent back to pick up Rogue and Professor Kojak at a later date.
           Packing his few belongings back into his leather Pierre Cardin carry-on satchel, Magneto caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. Letting loose his anger through magnetism had wore on him. His navy blue button-down Oxford shirt stuck to his shoulders from sweat, his hair was disheveled, he needed a shave, and he had a cut on his cheek from where the metal he had manipulated had veered too close. Quickly he showered and cleaned himself up. It wouldn’t do to look unpresentable for what he was about to do.
           With diligent steps he walked towards Rogue’s room. His affair with the girl was over. But because he was a gentleman he would give her the dignity of ending it in person. She would be free then to see whomever she chose. And it would not be Magneto who had to watch as she did so anyway behind his back.   
Magneto and Rogue:
           His knock was insistent and urgent. He wanted this over with.
           “What-uh.” She had been fitfully tossing and turning, halfway between sleep and wakefulness when she heard the knock. Padding to the door, she let out an “oh” when she opened it to see Magneto standing there with a packed bag. She had been expecting Logan to make a plea for her again, not for Erik to show up.
           He was used to her sleeping naked, so the long-sleeved white night gown she wore surprised him. She looked more angelic than she deserved to in his opinion.
           “I apologize for disturbing you Rogue but I thought it best to inform you I will be leaving the mansion tonight. You and Professor Kojak will remain here until your work is completed. The rest of the Brotherhood has more important tasks to see to.” He entered the room and closed the door behind him; however he stood only a foot from the door, ready to leave in a moment. Rogue took note of his business like demeanor and appearance.
           “What? It’s-” she looked around the room for a clock, finding none she continued, “the middle of the night. Why are ya leavin’ now all-a-sudden?”
           “Need I remind you there is a war to wage? I have allowed this vacation to stretch on long enough.”
           Rogue caught his use of the word vacation to describe her treatment and it puzzled her. Erik had been the one most concerned for her health and well-being throughout her illness.  
           “But Erik I thought you wanted to stay to see me get better.” Rogue paused, rubbing her fingers where non-existent gloves would have covered them. She allowed herself to shy away from his penetrating steel blue gaze for a moment. “I’d like you to be here. I’d feel better if you were.”
           His breath lodged in his throat and he forced himself to swallow it down. This would be harder to do than he had calculated. His heart begged him to believe in her sincerity, but he knew better. His free hand unconsciously clenched into a fist. She still had an effect on him. All the better he was leaving immediately.
           “I’m sure you can find someone else to keep you company. I believe you already have Marie.”
           “What are ya talkin’ about? What’s got into ya today Erik? Are ya alright?” Rogue’s faux innocent tone grated on Magneto’s already eviscerated nerves.
           “I am absolutely fine. However, I will not be continuing our relationship. Feel free to see whomever you chose. ” His voice had the effect of a cruel whip against her. She staggered back in amazement, her hand reaching out to grip the dresser for support.
“Why?” She looked about her old room in wonderment as if it held some reason for this unexpected turn. This was all happening so fast for Rogue. She had just woken up and she was to groggy to fully grasp what this meant. She wondered if she was dreaming, having some awful nightmare. “What happened?”
“Do not try to fool me. I know you can understand why I feel this way. Let us not continue this farce any longer than necessary. I will leave you now.” Magneto’s voice was practiced and smooth, no hint of emotion peaked through its iron will. He was good at presenting a façade to the world. However, when Marie began to shake and gulp back sobs, tears welling in her eyes, he abruptly found just how difficult it was to deny his feelings for her. He could not stand to see her, even cheater as she was, so wracked with pain.
“Is it someone else?” Her shaky voice squeaked out, full of accusation and riddled with fear.
“Please, Rogue. Let us try to keep this dignified. There is no need to deny your preference for…” he could not speak his rival’s name without sneering and his voice broke as he said, “Logan.”
“Logan?” Rogue shook her head confused. “What does he have to do with this?”
“I believe you know what I’m talking about.” Magneto held no hint of kindness or decorum now. He voice was pitiless; his gaze lethal. He was not smiling. His face was tight. It was the face of an enemy. It was the face of the man who had nearly sacrificed her atop the Statue of Liberty. Only now in this moment did she reconcile that man with the kinder incarnation of Erik and realize that she loved them both.
Rogue thought back to her erstwhile kiss with Logan in the common room. Was Erik referring to that? Didn’t he know they were just friends?
“We’re just friends, nothing more.”
“Please Rogue.” He was derisive, unwilling to stand the insult of such obvious lies.
“Okay, so Ah might have had a crush on Logan before Ah met you. And Logan did kiss me today, thinkin’ Ah still liked him. But Ah set him straight Erik, Ah did. He’s just a friend. Ah could never give you up so easily.”
Erik desperately wanted to believe her. He finally set his bag down, unable to hold it while he was in the grip of fighting his own heart. In the end, his head won out as it usually did.
“I know what we had was illogical. Now without you sharing my memories any connection we might have had is gone. I can understand how you might prefer someone closer to your age.” He said with barely suppressed emotion. Rogue thought she heard a bit of forlornness in his voice.
“But Ah still have your memories. Ah never got rid of them. Ah kept yours.”
She kept his memories. She kept them. Erik’s replayed her words over and over again in his mind, scarcely able to believe she would make such a sacrifice for him. His memories were stuff of nightmares; a burden to anyone possessing them. He could not believe she would willingly keep them.
“You mean?”
           “Yes, Ah kept them. Even your holocaust memories. Ah could never delete them. It would be like cutting you out of my life and Ah couldn’t stand to do that. Ah love you.”
           “Marie. I…” Erik didn’t know what to do or say. He flew to her and took her in his arms, clutching her with reverence. To her, it was like an act of hatred, like the cutting blow of a lash encircling her body, she felt his arms around her, she felt her legs pulled forward against him and her chest bent back under the pressure of his.
She shoved him away.
“Not now Erik.” She has gone from distraught and defensive to angry. Erik eyed her curiously. Why was she rejecting his touch? Only moments ago she had told him she loved him.
“I’m fed up with you. You don’t trust me. The minute something happens to cast doubt you don’t ask me to explain you just jump to conclusions and think the worst about me. That hurts Erik.” She crossed her arms in front of her chest.
“I saw you kissing the Wolverine twice. You can understand how I might doubt you.”
           “No, I can’t. I’m sick of this thing, this relationship between us, always bein’ how you want it. What about what I want Erik?” Where had this Rogue come from? She was suddenly filled with violent self-assertion.
           “I know I haven’t been the best at expressing myself.” Erik tried to take Marie’s hand in his. She jerked her hand away. “But believe me I do care for you.” With immediate clarity he knew that he cared for her deeply despite all his efforts not to.
“You don’t love me. You never have. You might care for me. But it’s not love. Ah’m not dumb. You’re not capable of love you’re heartless-”
           “Careful. Before you jump to conclusions yourself, isn’t it is always better to be sure you’re correct, my dear?” Now Erik seemed self-protective and taunting, dishing out accusations just as Marie had.
           “Ah am sure. You don’t love me.” He had never told he did. He never had time for her before she was ill. Wasn’t it obvious? Theirs’ was nothing more than affair between an older man and a younger woman. Both enjoyed it but neither deluded themselves it was long term.
           “Dammit! I do.” She watched his face and it held only sincerity. Could he love her?
           “No, I’m heartless bastard.” Marie laughed joyfully at his joke as Erik embraced her and said against her ear. “Of course I do you silly girl. I wouldn’t be so upset about Logan if I didn’t.”
           “I love you Marie.” He whispered into her ear as he reeled from feeling the strange freedom of giving into emotions that had plagued him for months.
           “I love you too Erik.” Marie stood on her tip toes just to reach his tall height. However, she felt like she was floating off the ground in happiness.
           He moved his head to kiss her, bending over her; he was much taller than her when she was barefoot. She returned his kiss fervently, opening her lips for him when he slid his tongue in, her own eagerly meeting his with a feeling of perfect rightness. Theirs was a strange love, but it felt true and right.
           Erik’s hands ran through Rogue’s long brown hair, soft as silk sliding between his callused fingers. He affectionately stroked her white streaks, the outward symbol of their bond. She thrilled at his touch, pressing into it as his soft lips grazed hers in a dance of delectable tasting and teasing. Maybe it was wrong to love your former enemy but Marie was long past caring.
           She ran her hands up and down his broad shoulders, feeling their strength beneath his black suit jacket. She massaged his shoulders affectionately as she kissed him, her tongue battling his for the space between their mouths. She pulled back slightly to run her tongue across his lips, then sucking on his upper and lower lips in turn, finally her tongue ran along his straight white teeth. Every part of Erik was kept immaculately groomed. It was one of Marie’s biggest turn-ons.
           Erik was very content to let her kiss him, straining as she was on her tip-toes just to reach him. He wanted to laugh how happy she made him. To ease her struggle his hands dropped from her hair and ran down her back, lower and lower till he found her cute-rounded bottom. It’s soft plumpness unerringly erotic for him; he held her bottom and pulled her up against him. On instinct her legs wrapped around his waist, clutching against him and holding on tight.
She continued to kiss him, her lips eager and taking great joy in showing him how much she cared. She ran her hands soothingly up and down his back and she felt him soften into her touch. That is most of him softened; one part near her hips didn’t. That part hardened. Marie ran her hands through his neatly combed hair messing it as she liked to do. With barely suppressed joy she let her fingers feel her every part of him. Touch meant so much to Rogue, so to touch the warm skin at the back of his neck, to feel the softness of his freshly shaved cheek was thrilling and rewarding.
Her fingers touched upon the new, thin cut on his right cheek.
“What happened here?” She stopped kissing him long enough to ask. He chuckled a bit shyly.
“Don’t ask.” He answered vaguely. Marie was dying with curiosity but held off considering the circumstances she was in, her legs wrapped squarely around his waist with his hot erection pressing up against her belly.
“Uh… Erik. We really shouldn’t do this. Here I mean.”
“Oh, of course. You prefer the bed.” He walked them over to it. Rogue’s hand tugging on his collar stopped him.
“No, Ah mean… we shouldn’t do this here at the school. What if someone hears? The walls are really thin.” Rogue got a hearty chuckle that she could feel Erik make as a reply.
“You’re acting very silly today Marie. I’ve made love at this school before. So have you I think. In this very room perhaps?”
“That’s why Ah know how thin the walls are.” He laughed again and she joined him, the feeling contagious.
“Do you really care if someone hears? What they’ll think?” It didn’t take long for her to think of an answer, what with him smiling at her and the very thought of his large, hard as steel member inside her made her grow wet with need. Did anything matter now that Erik loved her?
“Ah guess not. They already know I made out with you in Albany.” Erik’s mood had improved 100% and again he laughed jovially.
“The Wolverine told everyone about that?”
“No, Logan didn’t. But they found out somehow.”
“That could be quite embarrassing. No wonder you left immediately afterward.”
“Yeah, well Ah don’t like to kiss and tell.” He kissed her then, taking his time to do it right. Her head swam a bit from the warm and fuzzy feeling he produced in her all the way to her toes. It might have been a little uncomfortable for Magneto to hold her up or for Rogue to lock her hips around him for so long but both were too happy to complain.
 “You’ve got that atrocious accent of yours back.” Erik told her.
“Sorry. I’ll try to stop it.” It was hard for her to correct herself, the proper sound of ‘I’ strange on her tongue.
“Tonight I don’t care.” Erik told her and for once she saw his smile reach his cold blue eyes and fill them with warmth. The moments when Erik could be himself completely and cease to be Magneto and not be tortured by his painful past were few and far between. Rogue knew this. She felt privileged to give him one.
           Erik set her down and shrugged off his black suit jacket careful to lay it across the dresser. Rogue found him again before he could get his shoes off; she could not keep her hands off him. Erik loved her. He loved her. He was hers. With a soft tap, Rogue pushed Erik to sit down on the bed and kneeled before him to take off his shoes. He knew she enjoyed undressing him, and she went at it tonight like a kid unwrapping a Christmas present. When she had his socks off she massaged his feet using the pads of her thumbs to rub the balls of his feet. Erik let out a soft groan.
           “You don’t have to do that.”
           “Ah know. But Ah enjoy it. Ah get a sick thrill out of torturing you.” She deadpanned and Erik wondered what he was in for tonight. Marie was a woman of varied tastes in bed, anything was possible. After she had done a good job of kneading his feet, she undid his belt buckle, smiling up at him. Her progress was agonizingly slow. With Rogue’s illness, it had been over two weeks since they had made love and Erik could have gone for a quick coupling. Marie, however, seemed intent to set the pace as slow and thorough.
           She helped Erik out of his suit pants and folded them neatly on the dresser, resting atop his suit jacket. Kneeling down before him again she admired his fine, muscular legs. She knew how relentlessly Erik worked out to maintain his excellent form. Now she rubbed his calves and shins, massaging them as she had been taught to after hard Danger Room workouts. Erik relaxed back into the bed, enjoying the feel of her nimble, tiny, but surprisingly strong fingers. Rogue took satisfaction in pleasing him and in the feel of her sensitive skin touching his.
           She massaged his thighs as well, leaving no spot on Erik untouched. Finally when she reached his throbbing erection, concealed in his white briefs, she let her hand brush delicately across it only once. Erik shuddered with need. The lines on his face pulled taut and put his arms on Marie’s shoulders to pull her to him, but she pushed his hands away. She would be in control this time.
           Her fingers made quick work of the buttons on his shirt, freeing him from its confines. Then she helped him out of his briefs. Now Marie paid attention to the urgent needs of his member, hard large and pulsating with desire. He was hot in her mouth as she licked him. When he was wet she slowly enclosed him with her tiny mouth, careful to tuck her upper lip over her teeth. She moved slowly up and down the shaft, refusing to be hurried even when he held her head by her hair.
           Her hair was everywhere over his lap and she could not look up at him as she worked down and up the shaft slowly increasing the tempo. She alternated sucking and blowing as she rose and fell; her tongue able to lick and pulse at the same time. When she felt him approaching climax she stopped and lifted her mouth off his penis and blew her hot breath on the tip. She heard him cry out and she thought this was the sound she wanted to tear from him – this surrender through the shreds of his doubt.
It was invigorating to control him; to feel his hips buck at her every whim. Now she moved to his balls, which she had neglected at the beginning, giving them equal attention and art. Finally she cupped them lightly as she moved back and sheathed his iron hard member with her mouth. She took ceaseless pride in her new found fellatio skills and she moved up and down him with both aplomb and abandon. Again when she felt him draw near coming, she stopped and pulled off of him. Erik looked sorely disappointed and his eyes were all black pupils clouded over with lust; his look was one of barely contained fury.
“Do you trust me?” She asked.
“Of course, my dear.”
“Good. Lower your magnetic shield.” Erik watched her trying to discern her intent.
“Okay.” Marie saw him blink and watched his shoulders shrug, the outward signs his magnetic shield was gone. She reached out and touched his bare chest, letting her mutation pull at him for only a few seconds before she stopped it. It was hard for her to stop it mid-stream. Like an addict she found it nearly irresistible to keep from letting it continue. It would be a test of will power then to do what she had in mind.
She rose from her knees to sit on the bed and leaned towards him, her hands running up and down his sculpted chest, her powers flickering on and off, stimulating Erik’s nerves and causing him to feel tiny flashes of pain. She bent further and sucked and licked his nipples, her tongue flickering furiously over them. Well she felt he was ready she let her mutation pull through his left nipple and he arched off the bed into her.
She stopped it before she hurt him. His feelings of love and the even the memories of the recent blowjob she had given him entered her mind. He had been incredibly turned on and that feeling now entered Rogue. She felt herself grow wet in anticipation. Along with Erik’s memories she absorbed some of his powers, which had been her design. Metal hummed around her and she could feel steel in the metal frame supporting her mattress. Using her borrowed magnetism she ripped shreds from the frame. The sound of metal ripping was loud in the otherwise quiet mansion and Marie wondered if they had been heard.
Erik was tired but not hurt from Rogue’s use of her powers. He raised his shield again as he sat panting from the exhilarating feeling. Tired as he was, he didn’t resist when he felt strips of metal clamp around his ankles and wrists. A magnetic field of Rogue’s caused the metal restraints to pull him back and force him to lie down on the bed spread eagle. This was not the usual dynamic of their sex, but the sheer difference made it hot and exciting. He didn’t know what to expect from her and watched her, waiting for her to move. She stood at the foot of the bed and stalked around him.
A final piece of metal flew to her hand and she shaped it into a sharp knife. Erik watched her with a mix of trepidation and longing. She took the knife in one hand and used her other to pull her skin tight white nightgown away from her stomach. She cut through the fabric easily and cut out a hole out of the side. She did the same on the right side. Using the knife she cut the floor length skirt to just below her knees. With the borrowed magnetism she kept him lying in place, as she sauntered around the room in her increasingly risqué outfit.
“You’re making a lovely ruin of your gown.”
“Ah know. It’s an old one anyway. From before you helped me with my mutation.” Marie’s voice was a few octaves lower than he was used to hearing it. Unbidden Erik sucked in a breath. He was not usually so easily manipulated but Marie’s cheerful sultry demeanor as she began her striptease had the effect of increasing his ravenous hunger for her.
She danced in front of him at times sitting on the bed and reaching to touch his erection but always pulling back, taunting him. Every few minutes she cut away more of the outfit. The skirt grew shorter and shorter revealing her thighs and hips. The sleeves grew shorter. Finally she cut away strips of fabric closer and closer to her supple, full, heavy breasts. The whole time she concentrated on Erik’s reaction. Was he watching her movements? The way her hips shook, the gentle curve of her pelvic bone when she slid her hand down it. With only a few thin strips of fabric left covering her breasts, stomach and bottom she played with her teardrop shape breasts, rolling them up and down in her hands, letting them fall and knock into each other as she danced.
Erik could feel his heart pound in his erection. His glance was intent with that which resembled hatred and pain. He ground his teeth against the urge to satisfy himself. Several times he attempted to reach his erection and alleviate his suffering but the metal restraints held him in place firmly but gently. He had to use his magnetism to will blood away from his erection.
           “My dear, is this really necessary?” He said through gritted teeth.
           “Yes.” She said breathily.
Then her hands left her breasts and trailed down her flat stomach to stop at the triangle where her legs met her torso. With deft, fast strokes she rubbed herself, losing herself in the abysmal pleasure seeking. Then her fingers moved down from her nub to delve deeper. Slowly her two fingers slid inside her and Erik kicked on the bed. This was cruel; he was not built to with stand this kind of torture. She had taken a good quantity of his powers and she now controlled the flow of blood to his crotch, increasing it and hardening his erection in turn.
She sent waves of magnetic energy to caress his body. This was a trick Erik had often used on Charles and he knew Rogue had used his memories to discover it. Still, the effect of the magnetic fields flowing over his stiffened organ was incalculable. He felt so near to release but each time she pulled his blood back and prolonged his suffering. He was so turned-on and unsatisfied his balls turned dark from need.
When Marie knew he could take no more, she let the magnetic field on Erik’s restraints down. Like a panther he leaped from the bed and reaching her threw her back onto the bed. He did not use the knife but rather ripped the few remaining shreds of her nightgown away from her body. He kissed her then, not in the searching way that new lovers do, but with a deep certainty, and raw, bare need. She felt a tight pressure in her stomach in anticipation of Erik entering her. She savored the feeling; half dizzy her eyes seeing stars from desire.
He took her without delay, filling her completely. He pounded into her with short, frantic strokes. When he felt himself slipping towards the edge he pulled out, intent on giving her some of her own medicine. He jerked her head and kissed her again as if he was inflicting a wound. Using his fingers he pleasured her till it was excruciating and glorious and she choked on the perfection of it having come so hard it destroyed her sweeping over her body like a huge ocean wave pounding the sand raw, painful, powerful, and sudden. Such an orgasm is unparalleled and she felt her whole body gel into a state of perfect relaxation.
As she was still numb from her orgasm, Erik entered her again holding her legs far apart. He used one hand to rub her with his thumb as he began long deep strokes, pulling out completely before reentering. After a minute he could stand to be slow no longer and he abandoned her clit to rapidly plunge into her, twisting around in circles within her. Erik breathed heavily with effort as he felt her divinely warm and slick around him. The indecent glory of his love-making built quickly in Marie till she could not contain herself. Her head thrashed back and forth on the bed; her hands clenched around the only thing she could find the bed spread. She tried to take long breathes to calm herself but it was to no avail.
She let out a low moan and screamed his name. Seconds later, when the brutal joy of her orgasm had faded she realized what she had done. She had screamed Erik’s name at the top of her lungs. Someone must have heard.
“Oh no. We’ve been heard for sure.”
“Don’t worry about it.” He told her. Even if someone had been woken by her moans and screams they certainly wouldn’t come to investigate. Magneto had taken care of that: using his magnetism he had locked all the doors on the hall. No one was going to interrupt them.
Again when Erik felt himself close to finishing he pulled away from Marie and pleasured her with his hands and mouth for a few minutes. He was insatiable that night, and Rogue did not falter. She was young and in love, and through she could scarce believe it, she was happier than she had ever been in her life. In the softly lit room, her pupils big and dark giving her eyes a sultry look, she ran her fingers through his perfectly coiffed silver hair. As his tongue slipped inside her, she gave him control of her blood and she felt it well in her vagina. With upwardly curved strokes his tongue hit on the magic button inside her and she clutched his white hair between her fingers in the agony of the ecstasy, peels of effervescent tingling wracking her body outwardly till her toes curled and her knees knocked in deference to it.
Only when Erik had calmed himself significantly did he flip her onto her side and enter her from behind. In the spooning position she felt unbelievably tight with her legs pressed together in front of his. Every one of Erik’s strokes was mesmerizing, possessing, and luscious and Erik felt her shutter with an orgasm as her back pressed against his stomach.
Their love-making was building to a merciless crescendo and both felt it. He moved her to sit up and took her from behind. She stopped her muscles from pushing against him, letting him get deeper and deeper inside her till she felt the hilt of him against her. His strokes rubbed just the right spot. His balls hitting into her creating a strange joyous sensation. Now Erik began to move deeper within her in fast wide circles and she cried out unbidden. He would not yield and continued moving faster and faster, calling more blood to her clit region. This was too much, too much. He had to stop, she couldn’t take it. It was too good.
Marie came and the slow release swept through every inch of her body, relaxing even her back and her arms that were engaged in holding herself up. She had trouble maintaining the position; it numbed her into a state where thought and action were distant and impossibly removed from her ecstasy. Sometime later, Marie had no concept of time, it could have been a few seconds or a few minutes, Erik followed her over the edge, groaning and pounding into her four times before stopping.
He was exhausted when they finished. But his good mood from knowing she loved him did not fade and gave him strength where he should have none. Using his magnetism, he brought himself to state of arousal, and as she was still gasping in the wake of her orgasms, he took her again.
Notes: Is sex really this good? Are orgasms really that great? Yes, if it’s done right. Don’t let some misguided sex-ed program fool you. Sex is wonderful.
In this chapter Erik got blue balls. Yes this really exists. Girls this is a sign you have done a good job torturing a guy.
Was this chapter too cheesy and sweet? It might have been. But after 27 chapters our characters deserve some mushy romance, right? Let me know what you think.
Preview: So who did Rogue sleep with Erik or Logan? What’s Logan going to say? What’s Erik going to say? Is this a love triangle or a love rectangle? And what will happen the next morning? I predict a riot.

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