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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
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Healing - Chapter 30: Bubblicious Bubble Gum 
27th-Aug-2006 09:41 pm
Title: Healing
Verse: X-Men movieverse
Timeline: post X-Men: The Last Stand
Author: angelofsnow
Pairing: Rogue/Magneto
Rating: M – violence, sex talk, maybe some cursing. But you know by now it’s all appropriate.
Disclaimer: I own the X-Men. I am selling this story on Amazon and making thousands of dollars off of it. And if you believe that, I have some property in Florida to sell you…
Summary: The Cure is only temporary. While healing Rogue and Magneto find each other and realize they have more in common than they originally thought. 
Soundtrack: I recommend the song “Emily” by Bowling for Soup. Because I am completely out of song ideas. I got stuck into doing this for every chapter because some liked the song recs. I bet no one even reads this. If you do leave a better suggestion.
Dedication: To Erin for being a faithful reviewer through the two months I have spent writing. Also a shout out for all my readers who are enjoying reading this story but have been lurking and not reviewing. You know who you are.
Notes: Many people have requested seeing resolution between Rogue, Bobby, and Kitty. I hope this does that storyline justice. I’m not sure what the comic book storyline is but my Pyro is an orphan who lived in several foster care homes before joining the X-Men. Also, this is not a chapter for people who are fans of Angel.
There are some funny scenes in the beginning and then the story becomes serious and stays that way till the end. 

Chapter Thirty: Bubblicious Bubble Gum
           It had been inevitable (hadn’t it been?) that the X-Men and the Brotherhood could not peacefully co-habit the mansion. After a week of brewing tension and minor altercations, the animosity had come to a boil.
By this time everyone had heard the terrible thunder storm that formed suddenly which was only now abating. They had heard the roof being torn apart and Juggarnaut and Beast’s destructive battle. Mutants swarmed into the hallway to see what was going on only to be caught in the middle of an all out fight between combatants with grudges against each other. Swept up in the anger and furor like European football fans fights broke out between all the mutants, spurring a chaotic and ruinous scene. Mutants picking fights and mutants attempting to keep the peace were almost equally matched.
Angel arrived on the fight scene dressed in pajama pants holding his favorite teddy bear, but as his lengthy wingspan was useless in a cramped, crowded hallway he made an easy target for Pyro. John was and had always been a rapscallion at heart and he took pleasure in provoking the vapid Warren. He chased Angel around, letting out small fire balls that singed the mutant’s wings. Angel had progressively less space to maneuver away from Pyro’s blasts as the hallway crowded, his large wings giving him an extra difficult time.
“It’s time to shake and bake the chicken!” Pyro called out as he chased Warren through the upstairs hallway.
“Stop right there John.” An ice blast quelled Pyro’s latest fireball. Bobby had entered the hallway and felt a responsibility to protect the docile and meek Angel.
To John, the time since he had left the mansion had served to further demonstrate the striking resemblance Bobby Drake had to the late Scott Summers. Meaning, Bobby was also a no fun tight-ass. Pyro missed the days when they had been roommates and Bobby had been more relaxed and receptive to mischief.
But that was three years ago and now the Iceman and Pyro were enemies and bitter rivals whose skills and powers matched each other’s equally. Bobby’s attempts to freeze Pyro in sheets of ice met with Pyro’s own scorching flames. They charged about using their powers and combat skills to try to best one another as Bobby’s melted ice left large puddles on the hardwood floor, while occasional flames from Pyro’s charred various parts of the hallway. (Magneto’s bill goes up as the mansion begins to go down).
This continued; the two oblivious to what was going on around them. Bobby’s attempt to rescue Angel was thwarted as he became engrossed in battling his ex-roommate. Angel had become the target of a far cleverer mutant: Professor Jeri Kojak. Kojak was a mutant one would not suspect to have an advantage in fighting situations. After all her powers were of the mind: telepathic and telechronic (manipulation of time). However, her ability to pause time and other’s perception of it was an unrivaled defense mechanism. If she saw a blow coming she could pause time, move out of the way and avoid it. No one ever landed a blow against Jeri. She was also adept at beating an opponent while time was paused, not giving her enemy even a second to fight back.
Jeri was not inclined to be sympathetic to Angel whose misguided father had been the cause of so much suffering for so many mutants when his “Cure” had caused a small war and then failed completely. Then, of course, there’s was Angel’s missing personality and formulaic angst-ridden insecurity that deeply grated on Jeri’s nerves. She took malicious glee at playing a prank on him.
She paused time with a blink of her eye and went to the kitchen. There she grabbed several packs of Bubblicious bubble gum. She slipped a stick of gum into her mouth and began chewing, while returning upstairs. After the gum was wet and well-softened she took the piece out of her mouth and put it on one of Angel’s gleaming white wings. The little piece of gum was very small compared to the long twelve foot wingspan.
Damn, this was going to take a lot of gum. Quickly Professor Kojak began chewing more and coated the wings in piece after piece. She rubbed the gum between the feathery tips sticking them together and then when she had dozens of pieces all over the wings, she pressed the two wings together, effectively gluing Angel’s wings together with pink watermelon flavored bubble gum.
Eager to see his reaction she unfroze time.
Angel, unaware his wings had been bubble-gummed together, tried to flex them only to stretch out the pink gum that was stuck to each of him wings. He could move the wings about somewhat but they were covered in bubble gum. He tried to reach around to take off whatever was holding back his wings, but he was unable to stretch his arm around enough. However, Angel ran in circles furtively for a few minutes before realizing his arms could not reach that far back. Similar to when a child gets bubble gum in their hair, it was near impossible to remove from feathers. Angel was in for a very long day cleaning it off.
Professor Kojak snickered to herself as she watched him fret. It was probably wrong to torture him so, but it felt so right. He didn’t even suspect it was her who had done it; her quiet, neat, scholarly demeanor working in her favor for once.
Jeri could hear the booms, crashes, and bangs that emanated from Beast and Juggarnaut’s fight. It was giving her a headache. Seeing the opportunity to finally reprimand her large, odorous colleague Cain Marko for breaking the TV remote control back on the Island and generally being a bother, Jeri Kojak could not resist. She froze time again with a blink of her eyes and walked over to one of the bedrooms where the Beast and Juggarnaut where ripping each other apart.
She took out a pocket watch and partially unfroze Juggarnaut so that he was slowed down. Using the pocket watch she hypnotized Juggarnaut and made him believe he was a chicken, specifically a rooster. Then she stood back, blinked to unfreeze everyone and watched the fruits of her labor.
Juggarnaut, still clad only in his Harry Potter boxers, began cawing and pecking at the ground in an extremely realistic rooster fashion. The scholarly Beast was at a loss as to what to do. When Juggarnaut moved towards him, his head bobbing in rapid motion as though to peck him with a non-existent beak, Beast punched him so hard he flew backwards, struck a window, broke through and plummeted to the lawn below. There he got up and began pawing at the ground and flapped his arms back and forth. It was the early morning, and as far as Juggarnaut knew he was a rooster, so he began to ring in the new day with an impressive rendition of “cock-a-doodle-doo”.
Beast was freed from his fight with Juggarnaut and walked back out into the hallway to see that the place had erupted into total chaos. It was a free for all and all the repressed animosity between the Brotherhood and the X-Men was finally out on the surface. Beast saw his fallen love Storm, who had been dropped by Rogue only a few minutes ago, and scooped her up in his arms. She was groggy and semi-unconscious from the zap of Rogue’s powers. Beast laid her on the bed in one of the adjacent bedrooms that he and Juggarnaut had not trashed. She rested there. Beast returned to the hallway to have a serious talk with Rogue about her irresponsible behavior, when he was confronted by the cute, young, bouncy blonde girl Catalyst.
Why did Catalyst specifically pick on the Beast so much? Maybe it was because he was a scientist like her and her counterpoint on the X-Men. Or perhaps it was because he was blue and fuzzy and endlessly sappy in his relationship with Storm. But Catalyst believed it was because he sort of resembled Kelsey Grammar.
Catalyst’s power to control the rates of reactions appeared to be a power with purely academic uses and she should have been no match for the brawny Beast. However, Catalyst was more intelligent than she looked. Using her powers she caused Beast’s hair to grow rapidly till his usual longish blue mane was hugely overgrown stretching down to his feet. His beard and side-burns grew as well until Dr. McCoy was effectively trapped by all his blue hair. He tried to fight Catalyst but could not see in front of him past all that hair to strike her.
Now Catalyst decided to stop Beast in his tracks; to this end she caused a nearby potted fern to grow rapidly and encircle Dr. McCoy’s waist and trap his arms. In a few short seconds the plant had snaked around the Doctor hundreds of times, encasing him in a leafy prison. Knowing she was safely protected from Beast’s ferocious strength, Catalyst walked fearlessly up to the mutant and tapped him on the chest with her forefinger.
“That is for borrowing my lab goggles. You never borrow someone else’s goggles, you know that.” Catalyst was not a mutant to cross lightly.
Rogue had just dropped Storm and stopped her from attacking Erik. Beast collected Storm’s fallen form and Erik still had Logan pinned to the wall using his magnetic fields. Rogue didn’t want to see Logan hurt anymore than he had already been during the fight.
All Marie had to do was look at Erik, and he stopped torturing Logan. Erik straightened out the Wolverine’s claws and used metal from the mansion’s structure to restrain the furious Logan against the wall. Magneto took in the commotion going on throughout the mansion: Brotherhood vs. X-Men. The place was in chaos and everything was being torn to pieces as fights raged, a myriad of powers unleashed to settle old grudges.
“Come with me Mystique. Let us use this distraction as best we can.” Magneto said, motioning to Mystique. She had been fighting previously with Rogue and glared at her with her saffron eyes, before descending the stairs behind Erik.
Meanwhile, Bobby and Pyro’s vicious rivalry had attracted Rogue’s attention.
“What’s happened to you John?” Bobby yelled at Pyro as he dodged an orange-red flame thrown at him.
“Nothing ‘happened’ to me. I was just having a bit of fun with Warren over there.” John motioned with his hand and all three of them turned to regard Angel who was trying to rid his wings of the distressing bubble gum. No one had expected to see Angel’s wings singed and covered in pink bubble gum. Iceman glared at Pyro who shared an astonished look with Rogue.
“You’ve become one of them: a criminal, a terrorist.” Bobby said. There was no anger in his face; it fell in disappointment and his voice broke slightly on the words. It was hard for Bobby to accept the truth that his best friend had become the enemy. Unlike Rogue, he had never had a chance to say goodbye to John. He had met him in battle at Alcatraz but the reality of his switch in allegiance was only settling in now. His best friend had become his most bitter enemy.
“Don’t call him that.” Rogue defended Pyro. To Bobby, Rogue’s betrayal was just more of the same. It made little sense to him and had shaken his world painfully. His ex-girlfriend of two years had run off to the enemy because that enemy, Magneto, a man who had tried to kill her, could touch her when no one else could. She had betrayed the Professor’s memory just to satisfy her libido.
“You’re no better than him.”
“Hey, you wanna trash talk me, fine go ahead. But lay off Marie. She did what she had to do.” Pyro said. Rogue noted he had stopped his annoying habit of flicking his lighter off and on in his hand. He held it still and did not flinch or fidget. In an instant, John had gone from acting like his usual immature self to standing up like a man. Rogue was impressed and proud of her friend.
“It’s alright John. Ah know Bobby ain’t ever gonna understand the choices I made.” Rogue stood next to Pyro, in solidarity with him.
“I know I dumped you Rogue but it was no reason to-” Bobby said but Rogue interrupted him, her voice strained with anger.
“You didn’t dump me Bobby you cheated on me. You didn’t even have the decency to break up with me. You treated me like dirt and went behind ma back with ma best friend Kitty. Now you’re dating Jubilee. Ah don’t know what to think about you. You’re not the Bobby Ah used to know.” Rogue said.
To Bobby’s credit his lips pursed and he looked strained and regretful.
“I didn’t mean for that to happen. I was confused and scared.” He turned away from Pyro’s stare. John watched him knowingly. Bobby was quick to chance the subject.
“But what happened between us doesn’t chance the fact that you ran off to join the Brotherhood.”
“Guess not.” Rogue said. She didn’t feel like arguing with him or trying to explain herself anymore. She shouldn’t have to.
“What about you John? Why did join Magneto at Alkali Lake?” Bobby had been curious why John left for over two years now. The two men stared at each other and Rogue felt like she was invading a private conversation for some reason.
“Because I believe in the Brotherhood’s ideals.” Pyro’s eyes never left Bobby’s and Rogue could tell they weren’t talking about philosophy and mutant issues. There was something going on between the lines.
“Bull shit John.” Bobby said slowly, pausing between every word, frost on his fingertips.
“Dammit, Bobby! Stop being such a dick.” Pyro broke the stare and looked away under Bobby’s intense gaze. He didn’t like what his rival was implying. 
“Stop acting like a child, Pyro.” Bobby appealed to him, trying to get him to see the error of his ways. “You’re a danger to everyone. You’ve become a criminal. You blew up that medical clinic, and then you helped Magneto to kill hundreds of servicemen with flaming cars, now you’re singeing poor Angel’s wings. Don’t you have any decency?” Bobby threw at him his cold blue eyes hot with anger.
“Oh, really who’s the child? I’ve taken a stand for the side I believe in while all you seem to do Bobby is pussy-foot around with the girls at the mansion. When are you going to stop acting like a boy and start being a man?” Pyro held an open flame in the palm of his hand and a wicked gleam in his eye. His anger flared at the idea that he had joined the Brotherhood for any reason other than ideological ones. Besides, Bobby was the one living in denial.
“Don’t tell me you’re blind to what’s happening in the country? The Professor’s methods don’t work. Mutants have to fight if we’re ever going to be free from oppression and prejudice.” Pyro continued extinguishing his flames. Bobby’s arms were crossed in front of him and none of Pyro’s arguments seemed to move him. He sensed the real reason John had joined the Brotherhood had nothing to do with mutant oppression.
“You can make all the excuses you want John but what you’re doing is still murder.” Bobby intoned frostily.
“And you can date all the girls you want Bobby: Rogue, Kitty, Jubilee, but it won’t change what we both know is the truth.” John held Bobby’s gaze. Bobby sucked in a breath, his fists balled, and took a step forward, holding out one already frozen hand ready at a moment’s notice to hurl icicles at Pyro.
Pyro made no move to defend himself; instead standing confidently in place knowing that he spoke the truth and daring Bobby to try and deny it. He was sick of playing games around a fact they both knew to be true.
Rogue looked somewhat confused between the two men. Was Pyro implying what she thought he was? Could Bobby be gay? She thought back to when she had dated him but they were unable to touch because of her mutation. Bobby had never pressured her for holding hands, kissing, or sex. She remembered how he hadn’t been very eager to explore their options for sexual expression with clothes on. And then there was her short term on the Cure when she had been able to touch him and he had slipped away from her to date Kitty. Could it be her mutation wasn’t the thing that drove Bobby from her? Rather that he had never wanted a relationship where they were physically intimate because he wasn’t interested in girls that way. She watched Bobby’s reaction closely.
“That was a mistake John. An accident that was never meant to happen.” He said an icicle, long and sharp forming in his right hand.
“Call it whatever you like. It’s doesn’t change that you liked.” Pyro said. His voice steady and assured. Bobby’s face twisted in anger. He hadn’t wanted anyone to know. He had made Pyro swear never to tell… Bobby made to hurl the icicle at John who continued to stand defenseless and defiant before him.
“Throw that and Ah’ll drop ya.” Rogue said, holding up her unclad hand, though she could render him unconscious with just a thought. When she saw Bobby back down a bit she couldn’t stop herself from asking what she needed to know. “What happened between the two of you?”
Bobby doesn’t answer, his hands giving off a fog of frost as he crosses them over his chest. She turns to Pyro who is more forthcoming. He is eerily calm in a hallway of fighting mutants, as though he knew one day they would have this conversation. He had waited for a long time to see the day when Bobby would finally have to face the truth.
“Bobby and I were roommates back then, bout the time before the mansion was attacked and all that shit went down and I joined… you know. We were in our room, and Bobby had just beaten the guy who was ranked 25th nationally in Halo on X-Box online.” John paused. “Am I right Bobby?”
Surprisingly Bobby didn’t stop him; he only chimed in: “He was ranked 24th.”
“Anyway so I had watched him beat the guy and we were both celebrating and jumping around. We sorta hugged each other and then it just happened. We rubbed against each other and I reached out and touched him and he touched me. You get the picture.”
Rogue did. She wondered how far they had gone; how awkward it had been. She marveled how oblivious she had been. Never in her wildest dreams had she sensed something going on between her boyfriend and his roommate. Suddenly she understood how betrayed Bobby had felt when John had joined the Brotherhood.
“Afterward, Bobby regretted it. He felt guilty about you Rogue.” Pyro turned to her and then looked back at his dear friend. Bobby’s head was turned towards the ground; his face expressionless. He remembered that time two years ago vividly.  
“And then everything went down. The mansion was attacked and we went to Bobby’s house with Wolverine.”
“And it hurt you to see Bobby with his family, because you’re an orphan.” Pyro stepped back a little. Rogue had hit very close to the mark.
“It did.” Pyro admitted.
“Some family.” Bobby scoffed his foot on the ground still not making eye contact. “When I told them I was a mutant my brother called the cops and my parents disowned me and told me never to come back.”
“After that Bobby talked to me in the X-Jet. He wasn’t ready to be both a mutant and homosexual. He told me that what we did was a mistake. That is was wrong and he didn’t feel that way about me.” Pyro’s face, so often filled with juvenile anger and rebellion seemed very old when it showed pain. “But that was a lie, wasn’t it?”
Bobby didn’t answer.
“It was a lie.” Pyro repeated. Rogue held her breath and waited for Bobby to answer. Everything was falling into place. All of Bobby’s hesitation, his treatment of her, the reason he cheated on her with Kitty. Finally she knew the missing piece of the puzzle.
“Yes.” Bobby answered and his head slowly rose. His eyes met Pyro’s and the two shared a moment. For the first time in years the tension and animosity between them melted away just as John’s flames so often melted Bobby’s ice. “So that’s why you left with Magneto on the helicopter.”
“I knew you only liked Rogue as a friend. It hurt me that you wouldn’t give us a chance. I hated to watch you live a lie. When Magneto talked to me on the X-Jet and showed me that mutants shouldn’t be ashamed of what they were… Well, it was just what I wanted to hear.”
Bobby smiled at John. They had come to an understanding. All of it was finally out in the open and both felt a weight lift off their shoulders.
Rogue felt a weight slam into her shoulders and knock her to the ground.
It was Jubilee. She and Kitty were involved in a very vicious cat fight and Jubilee had been pushed into Rogue. Kitty was winning. Jubilee leaped back off Rogue and used her fireworks to fill the hallway with smoke and sparkles.
When the smoke cleared Bobby was pulling Jubilee off Kitty.
“We need to talk.” He told her and pulled her down the hallway. He turned back over his shoulder to smile at Pyro.
“So do we. After.” John said to him as he retreated down the hallway. For a second John seemed contented and calm, then he turned around and Rogue saw a mischievous smile break out on his face. The boyish Pyro she knew was back. “But now I am going to bake some chicken.” And John shot a fireball Angel’s way.
Rogue laughed at him and felt a leg kick her.
“Hey!” It was Kitty. Kitty was in fighting stance. Adrenalin was coursing through her veins and she had just come off a fight with Jubilee. Everyone in the hallway, X-Men and Brothers alike, were fighting one another, she assumed Rogue would have a score to settle with her.
She moved to land another blow against Rogue’s shoulder. Rogue blocked her.
“If you don’t stop it, I’ll drop ya.” Rogue held up her ungloved hand in warning. She just wanted to talk to Kitty. There was a lot they needed to say to one another.
Kitty’s heart was pounding and the idea of getting her life force sucked from her by Rogue was a scary one. She reacted on instinct and her foot shot out in a scissor kick to Rogue’s midriff. Rogue recovered and pushed her mutation outward to drain Kitty.
Kitty phased and Rogue’s powers went through her without affect. Rogue could not drop her. Rogue was surprised; this was the first person other than Erik who had some immunity to her new powers. She was caught off guard when Kitty broke out her kickboxing skills and tried to jab Rogue in the shoulder. Her punch landed and Rogue stumbled backwards. She dodged and rolled out of the way of Kitty’s follow up left hook.
“Shadowcat. Kitty. Let’s just talk this out there’s no need to fight.” Kitty did not back down and Rogue caught her next punch, turned and flipped Kitty over her back. Kitty, true to her name, landed on her feet and scrambled to stomp her heel down on the instep of Rogue’s foot. Rogue let out an unhampered “Owww!” and backhanded Kitty across the face.
Kitty backed up a few paces and held her jaw in her hand. Rogue slapped pretty hard. She’d had a lot of practice. The pain of the blow brought Kitty back to her senses and her fight or flight instincts shut down.
“Ah’m not angry at you ‘bout Bobby anymore.” Rogue said when she saw that Kitty was done attacking her. Kitty was so shy and seemed to shrivel up on herself with guilt.
“You’re not?”
“No. It was Bobby’s fault for not breaking up with me before starting to hang out with you. And it turns out we’re both been made a fool of: he’s gay.” Rogue said.
“What?” Kitty’s eyes went wide. “But he dumped me for Jubilee. He’s dating her now.”
“Not for much longer. Him and Pyro.” Rogue motioned to where Bobby was consoling a freshly dumped Jubilee down the hall.
“Oh, my gosh! I am so dense. How could I not see it? He’s so good-looking he just had to be gay.” Kitty slapped herself on the forehead.
“Ah know right. Ah can’t believe we let him get between our friendship.” Rogue genuinely smiled. Now that she knew the reasons why Bobby had treated her badly, her heart had mellowed to Kitty as well. Kitty, however, still felt a lot of guilt.
“I’m really sorry about that. I- I shouldn’t have hung out with him knowing you two were still an item. I was just so excited that he liked. I’d been feeling pretty lonely and he was there for me.”
“Ah understand. It’s all so long ago and so much has changed since then.”
“Yeah,” Kitty said and twisted her shoe, surveying the fighting going on around them, before she could get the courage to turn back to Rogue. “Can we ever be friends again?”
“Ah think so. If ya don’t mind me being with the Brotherhood.”
“You’re not really with them Rogue, are you?” Kitty didn’t seem completely put out by it, but she was a hesitant.
“Ah am. But they ain’t as bad as you think. They do a lot of good stuff and they’re really helping to protect mutants with this war going on.” Rogue said.
“You weren’t there at Alcatraz. It wasn’t pretty Rogue.”
“No I wasn’t. But I was at Liberty Island. I know what Magneto can do.” Rogue said. Kitty noticed the way she shifted from the group to its leader curiously.
“You missed the fight at Alcatraz. Juggarnaut chased me through the lab facility. And Rogue he smells horrible. Like old anchovies or something.” Kitty said. Rogue laughed.
“Oh, tell me about it. Ah have to live with the guy. You should smell the laundry room after he washes those leather pants. Gross!” The two girls laughed; their friendship regrowing with every giggle.
           Storm came to on a bed in the student wing. She had been knocked unconscious by Rogue’s mutation which could now zap a person from afar. Her head hurt badly as though she had been suffering from a migraine headache only moments before. When she made her way back out into the hallway the place was total chaos.
           Mutants continued fighting amongst themselves; the younger students using it as an excuse to use their powers in ways that Storm had precisely forbid them from doing. The roof of the hallway had been destroyed by her hurricane strength winds. There were large gaping holes in the walls from Juggarnaut’s ramming. Furniture lay in pieces. The carpet was on fire in some places; there puddles in others. And part of the mansion’s steel structure was twisted around Logan. 
           Storm had to use tornado strength winds to pull Logan free. He was a bit dizzy when he landed after being spun in the tornado for several rotations. Magneto had hurt Wolverine somewhat, but his wounds were already well healed. Only his pride was still smarting from Mystique’s trick.
           “Where’s Hank?” Storm asked Logan. It took him a few minutes to spot a huge blue furball entwined in a vicious looking house plant. Logan walked over and slashed his way through the plant.
           “Look’s like you really did turn into a giant blue furball McCoy.” Logan chided him as he began cutting Beast’s hair and fur back down to size using his claws.
           “What happened to you Hank?” Storm watched on, overly concerned for her boyfriend.
           “It was that indomitable Catalyst. I may not have followed proper lab etiquette once and she took it upon herself to upbraid me.” Hank said, his fur and hair freshly cut so that he could see.
           “What’s going on here?” Storm said motioning to the free-for-all going on in the hallway.
           “It’s Mystique’s fault.” Logan said his teeth grating together at the memory of finding out about the cruel trick played on him.
           “Figures.” Storm said. She raised her hands, her pupils rolled white and three loud thunderous claps rang out. The mutants stopped their fighting and looked up. It was Storm, the head mistress, they were caught.
“How did all this start?” She asked them. She saw Pyro extinguish a fireball in his hand quickly. She gave him that evil teacher’s gaze that said she knew exactly what he had done wrong.
Pyro turned to Rogue and whispered into her ear.
“Let me guess. Wolverine caught you and Magneto going at it like rabbits, the same way I did.”
“Something like that.” Logan said. His hearing was extra sensitive and he heard the whisper. Everyone looked expectantly at Logan to explain the situation. Logan looked at Marie and she nodded her permission. Storm turned her mean teacher gaze onto Logan to hurry him along.
“Um, well. It seems that when I thought I was romancin’ Rogue, there. I was actually romancin’ Mystique pretending to be Marie. And Rogue was with Magneto.” Logan said.
“What!?!” Huge audible collective gasp from all the X-Men.
“What do you mean ‘with’ Magneto?” Storm asked. Logan didn’t give her any hints.
“You’re doing a lot more than kiss him now.” Bobby said to her. There was still a little antagonism there and then of course there was the icky factor. She couldn’t expect Bobby to understand how attractive a man like Erik could be. Or maybe she could, Bobby was gay after all, how could he miss how handsome and refined Magneto was?
“You better believe it.” Pyro chimed in. He remembered catching them in flagrante delicto in Magneto’s office.
Rogue blushed a bit. She was both embarrassed and proud to be exposed as Erik’s lover, though she didn’t expect the X-Men to understand their relationship. Heck, she hardly understood it herself. All she knew was that Erik loved her and she loved him.
“Is this true Rogue?” Storm asked. Rogue couldn’t tell if she looked more shocked, disgusted, or incredulous.
“Yup.” Rogue said proudly. “Erik and I-” Before she could finish Erik himself appeared at the top of the stairs, Mystique behind him. They had been trying to use the fight as a distraction to steal Charles Xavier’s Cerebro files and the information on all known mutants.
“Quick. There’s no time. We are about to be under attack.” As if to underscore Magneto’s point the whistling sound of a bond was heard followed by a thunderous explosion. Everyone ran to the windows to look outside.
There advancing around the perimeter of the estate grounds was the U.S. Armed Forces. They had encircled the mansion with troops and had two helicopters as air support. One of them had dropped an anti-personal bomb on the Brotherhood’s Black Hawk Helicopter that was parked on the lawn.
The X-Men and the Brotherhood were under attack.
Notes: What did you think of Catalyst’s and Professor Kojak’s powers? Kinda fun right?
           I decided to introduce my side theme of Bobby and Pyro’s relationship here. I hope everyone doesn’t mind that I’ve made them gay. It was the only way I could justify Bobby being such a dick to both Rogue and Kitty in the movie. Isn’t it obvious how badly he treats poor Rogue by emotionally cheating on her and then Kitty by leading her on? Then of course there’s that great rivalry between Pyro and Bobby. There’s got to be more to that friendship than meets the eye.
Tell me what you think.
Preview: Okay so what is the US army doing at the X-mansion? They’re firing at the mutants so there will a fight coming. How can the mutants battle such an overpowering force? Will they be captured? Find out in the next installment of Healing. 

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