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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
Fan Fiction, Fandom, Reviews, and a Healthy Dose of Squee
My Fandoms and Ships 
16th-Jun-2006 11:45 am

My Fandoms and ships include:

This isn't a comprehensive list since it's always changing. But it gives an idea of where my interests lie.

The fandom I'm currently most active in and the pairings I usually read and write:

X-Men movies
  • Magneto/Mystique
  • Magneto/Rogue
  • Charles/Jean - I may be one of only 4 fans that like this pairing.
  • Charles/Erik - It's my favorite pairing to read, too bad I suck at writing it.
  • Magneto/Jean - It's new and growing on me.
  • Logan/Rogue - occasionally

Other Fandoms I know and love:

X-Men comics
X-Men Evolution

Star Wars - I've been a fan since I was 11

  • Original trilogy and post Return of the Jedi EU
  • Luke Skywalker - I know Mark Hamil is weird but old habits die hard.
  • Emperor Palpatine/Mara Jade
  • KOTOR I - Female LS Revan and Carth Romances
  • KOTOR II -Female LS Exile and Atton
  • I pretend the prequels never happened.

Phantom of the Opera

  • Phantom/Christine

Xena: Warrior Princess

  • Xena/Ares
  • Xena/Gabrielle

Mad Men

  • Don Draper
  • Don/Peggy - because it's so wrong
  • Sterling/Joan - I like to think Sterling actually cares for her
Battlestar Galactica
  • Bill Adama/Roslyn  - I love how they used to be so antagonist towards each other
  • Apollo/Starbuck


  • Hawkeye and Margaret

In the Mood for Love/2046 - My fandom of one. As in one fan. Me.

  • Chow Mo Wan Angst
  • Chow/Su Li Zhen (2nd)
  • Chow/Bai Ling
  • Bai Ling Angst

Gone with the Wind

  • Rhett and Scarlett get back together because frankly he does give a damn.

SeaQuest DSV / 2032

  • Captain Nathan Bridger is my favorite character. However, I'll read every pairing because this show is like crack. I'm completely addicted. It's too good to stop.

Forever Knight

  • Dark Knightie -  we like Nick dark and a vampire
  • Immortal Beloveds - Nick/Janette
  • Nick&NatPackers - Nick/Natalie
  • The Dark Trinity - Nick/Janette/LaCroix
  • The Unholy Trinity - Nick/Natalie/LaCroix
  • Unnamed Faction - Nick/LaCroix
  • Valentines - LaCroix/Natalie
  • CaddyWhacks - fans who love Nick's pocessions
  • CERKs - fans of LaCroix's radio show
  • Dark NatPackers - fans of Natalie's dark/vampiric side
  • Faithfuls - LaCroix/Fleur
  • Les Enfants De Chevalier
  • Mikies - Fans of Miklos, Janette's mysterious bartender
  • Mortal Siblings
  • NatVampCamp
  • The Third Shift - Nocturnal FK lovers
  • Ravens/Ravenettes Classic
  • Tequila Fiends - Because tequila and Forever Knight are not such a good mix.
  • Remember the factions and the mailing list wars?


  • anything involving the extremely handsome Mal

The Office - US

  • Jam fics
  • anything humorous

Boston Legal

  • Alan Shore
  • Shirley/Alan


  • Lucius Vorenus/Titus Pullo
  • Marc Anthony
  • Anthony/Lucius
  • Atia
  • I love it all.

Ayn Rand - Yes I consider this a fandom.

  • Dagny Taggert
  • Dagny/Hank Rearden
  • Dagny/John Galt

Sherlock Holmes

  • Holmes/Watson
  • Holmes/Irene Adler

North & South - BBC version

  • John/Margaret - (19th Century)

Jane Austin

  • Darcy/Elizabeth

Star Trek: The Next Generation

  • Captain Picard
  • Picard/Beverly Crusher
  • Will Riker/Deanna Troi

Silence of the Lambs

  • Hannibal/Clarice

Lord of the Rings

  • Aragon/Eowyn

The Godfather - does this have a fandom? And if not, why not?

Big Love

  • anything with Nikki
  • Nikki/FBI Agent
  • Margie/Bill

The X-Files

  • Humor
  • Mulder/Scully super-shippy

Real People Fan Fiction - shh, don't tell anyone

  • Beatles - Paul McCartney
  • Yankees
  • Ian McKellen slash
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