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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
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Erik's Suave Style: A Photo Essay 
2nd-Oct-2006 06:15 pm
magneto outfit
nilidarkelf asked me a good question referring to Magneto's wardrobe. So I thought I would give everyone a tour through Erik's Closet. I'm going to attempt to settle the age old question: Is Magneto's battle uniform black, dark grey, or light grey? And what about that shirt in X1? Was it red, crimson, burgandy or maroon?

Correction: The banner was incorrectly attributed. It was made by marelda. I humbly apologize for my mistake.

Erik's Closet

First, the shirt we all love that was seen in one short scene yet lives on forever in our minds. 

I'm partial to calling it crimson because of its multifaceted silky-ness. Light reflects off of the shiny fabric and gives more of the tell tale dark pinkish crimson than the orange-tinged maroon. But then there's burgandy... Or is it bordeaux?

That was a banner made by marelda who calls that color Bordeaux. Bordeax is a French red wine. It can be very dark almost black or brownish red. But the word "Bordeax" has a nice connotation of wine and luxury. It works well to describe the red theme running through Erik's clothing. Burgandy also works as a color. Really you could call the shirt any color you want. I'm partial to calling the "red shirt" crimson because it reflects light and the cape Bordeaux or burgandy. The helment is more of a maroon or crimson shade. 

The last picture drew attention my favorite Erik accessory: his leather gloves.

These are black leather gloves. I've described them as being made of calf's leather (which would be particularly soft and subtle). In my stories I say they are made by Gucci. I can't imagine them being cheap. They're about the thickness of driving gloves, not a thick ski glove. And they're sexy. Very Sexy.

That brings us to Erik's other sexy accessory: His boots.

Focus on his boots in this picture. Note the metallic heels. That's how he leviates himself. Uh, those boots are hot. I love the way he places them down on the train car in that scene from X1. It might be my favorite Erik scene in the whole movie.

There's also his helment.

 Not my favorite item of Magneto's clothing. I kind of think of it as a hold over from the comics that was only mildly well rendered in the movies. They could have designed it better. The "M" shape is arrogant and I'm sure Erik loves that. It is functional blocking old charles' thought probes.

And let's not forget Erik's cape.

Note the way he drapes it casually over his left forearm. Classic Lensherr style. It's very debonair.

Most of Magneto's clothes fall into the basic colors black or red except one notable example: His white prison uniform.

Poor Erik. It's obvious from the film that he hates the color white. He is never seen in it except for in these scenes. All that white and clear plastic must have added to Erik's misery in prison.

Another suave Erik Lensherr accessory. His hat.

I'm not sure what type of hat this is. Anyone know?

Erik's grey sweater. Very huggable.

And that brings us to the much talked about purple suit in X3.

I think it was supposed to show up as maroon, still Erik but less dark than his future attire. He wears his favorite hat in this scene. Yet it definitely looked purple on the screen. I'm not sure what the producers were implying with Erik's flamboyant color choice and McKellen's whimisical pronunciation of "Oh, Charles!" But wouldn't it be nice if they too enjoyed adding to the Charles/Erik subtext that might as well be canon to almost every fan?

But now for the deal breaker... Magneto's battle uniform with it's distinctive half long-coat design. Is that uniform black? Or grey? Dark Grey?

Here it looks dark grey in one picture, black in another, grey in another, and blue !!! in yet another picture. Obviously this too is a fabric that reflects the light and changes its color depending on the lighting. In many scenes it does indeed look black but it daylight scenes it's easy to tell it is not quite black. It's more of a dark grey with a dark weave that leads it too look even darker. I like the term "gun metal grey" because it's an accurate description and involves metal. But Erik hates guns, so the color may not be quite right. At times the suit looks like hermatite, a dark obsidian metallic grey colored precious stone. Hermatite could be used to describe the color. My vote is for dark grey Nili, but I understand your dilemma. It's a good detail in your story to include Erik's dislike of grey and grey skis that remind him of that day in the concentration camp. You have interwoven Erik's dislike of grey into your story. I think you can go on calling the uniform black or even black-grey and not be incorrect. 

Isn't Erik a snappy dresser?
Thoughts & Comments 
3rd-Oct-2006 02:27 am (UTC)
Good lord I love you. Absolutely love you for this. *faints*
3rd-Oct-2006 03:42 am (UTC)
It was so fun to put together. I got to look at lots of sexy Erik pictures.
3rd-Oct-2006 08:15 am (UTC)
Yay!!! :-D That´s so awesome, Angel!!
Thanks a lot, this definitly helped!! *squee*
(Deleted comment)
3rd-Oct-2006 03:59 pm (UTC)
It's so fun posting Erik pictures. He's so handsome in his clothes. Gah! It made my whole day too.
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