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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
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X3 DVD or Let's Add Insult to Injury 
4th-Oct-2006 11:51 pm
***Spoilers*** ahead

So I bought the DVD today. After hearing kumadapuma's and galvanize_icons's remarks I knew not to expect much. There wasn't going to be many extras and they certainly didn't have much to do with Magneto. But I pick up the box only to see the following statement on my version (non-collector's edition, widescreen): "The greatest X-Men movie yet!" I think to myself -- who are these people kidding? I look to see what idiot wrote this review quote. In tiny, tiny miniscule lettering you can see it was Maxim Magazine, the men's magazine that proudly proclaims its preference for low taste fare. How apropos

But I pop the DVD in thinking 'let's give this thing a try'; at least its good for screen caps. Every deleted scene was deleted correctly. They're bad and they're wasted screen time, seriously. The Magneto scenes give some clarification as to that room he was in. It's not Magneto's old island hideout that we know and love but some Al Queda terrorist-esque underground cave in that sequoia forest. Magneto is in the scenes I think for exactly two seconds each time. Its blink and you miss stuff. In one version he has a mangy beard a la Saddam Hussein. It was so bad looking I laughed for five minutes straight. It's totally OOC. Magneto is a dashing dresser and sophisticated man who plays chess, reads "The Once and Future King" and listens to classical music. Why on God's green Earth would he sport a mangy beard? Brett Ratner must have been dropped on his head as a child. I have lost all respect for the man. At this point I consider it criminal if he ever works in Hollywood again. I listened to commentaries to learn why this monstrosity was rendered into life. Apparently Ratner has some preverse affinity for Che Guevara.  

In another cut scene we get to see that Erik is wearing a black poncho in the forest sequence. Another WTF moment. In the cut scene you don't notice its a poncho but in the original scene you see it. We also finally get to see Magneto ask Jean to help fight in the battle. This was a sore point among fans because its a story point that needs to be cleared up. Instead its forgotten about. In the cut scene the reason she gives not to help the Brotherhood doesn't make any sense, but why should it? Nothing else has up until this point. 

And then there's a cut Rogue scene/alternate ending and it was almost a redeeming moment. Well, it made me happy at least. If they had included it, it wouldn't have saved the film by in far, but it might have offered one moment of light in the horrible abyssimal dark. I like Rogue not taking the Cure. I like her trying to accept herself as she is. It's a good message the film could have sent and didn't. I can't figure out why. There is also one longer alternate ending featuring Logan -- read unseen beginning to the Wolverine movie. 

So the commentaries on *the* scene, you know the one I'm referring to: They say they did it to show that Erik was cold. WTF is that? What planet are you people living on? Why must villians always be ruthless, manical people with no redeeming qualities whatsoever? Erik isn't cold. He's not even a vilian, in his mind he's a hero. Why must they vilify Magneto rather than taking his idealogical statement as enough conflict to situate his character as an opposing force. I'm pissed. Totally pissed. Angry. He didn't neet to this to Mystique and everything up until this point had suggested they were an item. 

Overall, the DVD is worth it because Ian looks so beautiful in every scene. His beauty is *guh* my mouth was watering. The crystal clear images of Ian in those beautiful scenes... they floored me. I paused the movie and used zoom and a beautiful Ian image is showing right now. 

One interesting thing is mentioned in the commentaries with Ratner & Co. is internet chatter, as though maybe they listen and care about what we fans think. It
's mentioned several times. But something tells me they don't care. Maybe it's the fact that Ratner & Co. sound like immature 12 year old boys given millions of dollars to make a movie. "Despite all the criticism that was going on the internet, you really stood by me." - Ratner says. Why would anyone stand by this creep? One of the hundreds of facepalm worthy moments in the commentary.

I also recommend watching the commentary for a really strange *read comic book style* explanation for Charles' return. 

Okay, I'm in the mood to stay up and write Erik smut. Chapter 4 of You Are There, here we go.
Thoughts & Comments 
(Deleted comment)
5th-Oct-2006 11:06 am (UTC)
This really puts me off from going and buying it, but the sad thing is, I know I'm still going to. Ugh. I want to smack Brett Ratner with a mackerel.
5th-Oct-2006 12:58 pm (UTC)
Even though I am risking turning all of you against me... I.. uhm... liked X3. *hides* There was much more Magneto in it than in the previous two. And although I HATED what he did to Mystique I found that movie pretty cool. *hopes not to be killed*
5th-Oct-2006 06:18 pm (UTC)
I noticed how much bigger a role Magneto had in this one and I did like that, since he's obviously my favorite character. I didn't like what they did with him though. Two things particularly bothered me. The Mystique scene was OOC. In other movies, when Magneto is cold and ruthless it's with a purpose. He uses Rogue for what he believes is a good cause and he takes advantage of Charles in reaction to Striker's attempt to kill all mutants. When Magneto abandons Mystique it's without purpose. The first movie had established Magneto as not an evil man, but a man whose devotion to his cause knows no bounds. This movie just so of made him a mean villian.

The other Magneto scene that bothers me is a tiny detail in the Phoenix's kills Charles scene. I would have liked Magneto to attempt to save Charles a little harder. They're at least old friends, if not lovers. He should make a big effort and then Phoenix should slam him back a few more times.

I'm also a Rogue fan and I'm kind of upset by how much her role was reduced in this movie. The Cure storyline had so much to do with her, I feel like she should have had a bigger role. Maybe got back from taking the Cure earlier and experienced some of the other mutants being mad at her. Or maybe she wanted to join the team fighting Magneto and they told her she couldn't because she was no longer a mutant. Somehow she should had at least a few more minutes in the movie. Interacted with Kitty, Bobby, or even Pyro more.

X3 had awesome storylines in my mind. The Cure is one of the best dilemmas in comics. It's such a great issue for all the characters. I thought Brett Ratner handled it mediumly well, but could have done a little better with it. Showed more of an emotional level by maybe showing some of the anti-mutant prejudice.

The Phoenix storyline is what bothers me. It's one of the best from the comics (or so I've been told) and I feel like it didn't come off well on the screen. Jean shouldn't have been catatonic, she should have been kicking ass most of the time as the amoral Phoenix. I didn't think her end was poignant enough. They didn't show Jean enough to really make it as powerful as it should have been. I also would have liked a scene or two when Jean really beats herself up over killing Scott. You only see the scene when she realizes it and then she sort of forgets about it.

So I understand how you like X3. There's a lot to like. My opinion is that two great storylines were executed as well as they could have been.
5th-Oct-2006 06:28 pm (UTC)
*looks up ´catatonic´* Yay, I learned a new word. :-)
I see what you mean. The scene with Mystique being cured resulted the guy who sat next to me give me a weird look for me and my friend saying "Nooo! That ass!!!" aloud! (well, he also gave us weird looks for the "noooo, not the Cuuure *sob*" at the near end, so... forget about that guy.
Jean never counted for one of my favourite characters, neither did Xyclops. I have to admit that I was like "o... sure...Scott... he was gone righ" when he was mentioned in the middle of the movie. *grin* I always liked Magneto and Rogue most, closely followed by Wolverine. So, what you say about how they handled Rogue... I so agree. I thought she came across much less mature than in the previous movie, somewhen during X3 she turned into a sulky, bothersome teen. :-(
Hey Angel, I´m on *points at her messenger* Wanna chat?
5th-Oct-2006 07:01 pm (UTC)
Haha, some of my English speaking friends have to look up the words I use. Seriously. I'm the only person I know in real life who uses really big vocab words in everyday speech, not just papers.

Lol, that's hilarious that you reacted like that in the theatre. I was the same way. I saw the movie with my Mom because I was home for break. I don't think she understood why I started to cry when Magneto was cured.

I'm on MSN. I'll try to stay on for a while.
6th-Oct-2006 02:37 am (UTC)
I cried so many times in that movie, most of all with the trailer scene. I thought my eyes were going to fall out. And of course my friend whispered "It's just a movie..." I was like..."that's the point!" *sob*
6th-Oct-2006 03:12 am (UTC)
You touched on something that I agree with. I get so upset when my favorite characters don't end up together. I know my real life relationships may or may not work out. But dammit, I want my characters relationships to work out for the better.
(Deleted comment)
6th-Oct-2006 02:34 am (UTC)
I think I took the scene with Rogue taking the cure personaly. I couldn't understand how they could take one of the main character's from the first movie and give her a bit part and then depower her.

I agree about Angel. He just seems so over-the-top to me. Like the writers were trying to hard to make a statement. And Angel's character is so angst-ridden it hurts to watch him.

Even now when I watch that scene with Magneto and the four cure darts sticking out of his chest, I almost cry. Ian acting is so brilliant. And it hurts to see Magneto brought low. He doesn't deserve that fate.

There were good parts to the movie that we have left out of our rants. Oops. Like Beast and the Bridge scene! That bridge scene kicks ass. Seriously that's the most awesome scene in any movie. I love watching Magneto flex his magnetic might.
8th-Oct-2006 07:06 pm (UTC)
I don't know. I didn't like what Magneto did in the truck, but it was valid. I mean, he's looked so long at an issue in black and white,and then you add shades of gray. He can't handle it and prefers to think of her as dead. I thought the scene had strong imagery and was heart-breakingly poetic. I didn't think Erik was being cruel. It was just a reality he couldn't accept. It was safer to act coldly, than to have his beliefs challenged.
P.S. I hate Kitty in X3.- she is so ooc
9th-Oct-2006 04:06 am (UTC)
I agree with you on the imagery and poetism. It was a beautiful scene. It does have some merits, in that it gives conflict to the Magneto/Mystique relationship. Some might say it kills it. But so little is known about their relationship before X3. There's some hints that they're more than just partners working for mutant supremacy. It's implied that they have a sexual relationship of some sort. But I think X3 almost confirms that relationship, with the way Mystique turns desperately to Erik and he says that she was always so beautiful. It also gives conflict to the relationship, because now they have something to over come before they could get together again. That is if Mystique can ever forgive him.

I didn't like how they used this scene to make Erik appear cold and ruthless. In the previous movies the ruthless things he does, like use Rogue in his machine and nearly kill all humans, have a purpose to his cause. In X3 he's mean without motivation. He ditches Mystique and uses most of the Brotherhood as pawns. Neither events are really advancing his plans.

I agree that Erik would have a ton of difficulty accepting a human Mystique, and she wouldn't really have a place in the Brotherhood. But I don't like seeing him dump her there. I'll admit Erik has no love for humans, but I think he does have loyalty to those he cares about. Or maybe not, he uses Charles very inhumanely in X2.

I get what you're saying and it's a very valid argument. But as an M/M shipper that scene just cuts to the core. And us shipers would have liked Erik to let her go a little more gently somehow. Although this way the scene makes for tons of fics.

Kitty: I've never read the comics so I can't speak on what Kitty's character was like in them. But X3 made her into a real bitch. She whines to Bobby and then flirts shamelessly with him. She may feel some guilt about it. But we don't see much of it. It's hard to like her character. They made her really unlikable.
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