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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
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You Are There - Chapter 4: You Sleep with Him 
8th-Oct-2006 07:39 pm
You Are There
Title: You Are There
Verse: X-Men movieverse
Timeline: during X-Men: The Last Stand
Author: angelofsnow
Pairing: You/Magneto
Rating: M – sexual situations
Disclaimer: I don’t own the X-Men. I am not making any money off of this.
Summary: You are a mutant who joins the Brotherhood. You attract Magneto’s attention and admiration.
Warning: This contains the graphic, explicit sex you have all been waiting for.

Notes: Watching the X3 DVD taught me that Erik did not have a tent in the forest but an underground metallic cave which served as an office. I’ll stick with the tent here, because I mentioned it in the previous chapter and the underground office did not seem to be where he slept.
Italics indicate thoughts or thought speech.
Chapter Four: You Sleep with Him
           The plastic lining of the tent had crackled as Erik shifted his weight; his knee digging into the hard ground beneath the tent. He had knelt in front of you on the floor and kissed you lightly on the lips after learning his feelings were mutual. His Bordeaux silk-lined cape had draped down off his shoulder and pooled on the floor, the silk covering your leg. You had smelled Erik’s distinctive aftershave mixed in with the pine and musk forest smell which permeated the air. The heat of his body had radiated to you countering the otherwise chilly autumn air. Your eyes remained open as his lips had embraced yours.
           The press of his warm, pink thin lips was light at first. You met his lips with poise and pushed your supple mouth into his. You closed your eyes. Your lips jockeyed back and forth in a proper tender dance, your movements’ small and slowly executed. A turn of the head brought a brush followed by a deeper peck. You are both holding yourselves back. You moved your left hand up to rest on his shoulder, offering encouragement. His wool dark grey uniform had a wonderful texture beneath your finger tips. Your touch was as hesitant as his lips and you read his mind to see what he was thinking.
           She is not Mystique. And Charles is gone. But she is kind, warm, and soft. His thoughts dissolved into visual images of what he was planning; your knees quaked at the ideas. Cloudy lust had entered his mind. He wanted to kiss you deeper than he already was, embrace you tighter, and make love to you in his sleeping bag. You are taken aback in a very pleasant way and wondered about how to ensure he will do just that.
           Your right hand went to his cheek as you kissed him, feeling his strong jaw and the smoothness of his skin. He had no stubble. You’ve never once encountered him in any state other than perfectly kept. You touched his hair, running your fingers through the soft, neatly combed, short white strands. With your hand on the back of his head, you pulled his head closer to yours, encouraging him to deepen the kiss. Without delay he complied with your unspoken wish and his arms wrapped around your back. 
           His kiss went from tender to possessing in a flash. Before you knew what hit you, his tongue danced between your lips and entered your mouth as he pulled you closer to him. From your lower vantage sitting on the floor, you rose up higher to meet his mouth, your neck straining upward. Your heart swooned as his tongue met yours caressing it with eager, forceful strokes. Erik leaned lower and holding your back, dipped you as his tongue wrote circles on the roof of your mouth. His kiss was delightful and you lost yourself in it.
You had hardly believed this was happening to you. That you were here with Magneto, in the great mutant leader’s arms. He was your personal hero and you felt completely out of your league, yet he was running his hands down your back and kissing you vigorously. Your heart skipped a beat as you remembered he was dressed in his battle uniform.
Your left hand moved down from his shoulder to caress his chest. The dark gray fabric of his uniform felt like a cotton wool mix. It was coarse to the touch. As your hand moved further down you felt the defined ridge of his pectoral muscle, hinting at his hidden strength. Your lower body began to tingle in anticipation. You longed to know what he looked like with his clothes off. Now you might get the chance. You felt around the seam down the middle of his chest. Hidden under the fabric were a layer of metal buttons. Your hands fumbled to undo the first one.
He broke the kiss. “Eager, are we?”
You blushed uncontrollably.
“I don’t blame you. I’m a bit eager myself.” Erik said. His voice was a deep baritone that succeeded in rousing any part of you that wasn’t already turned on into urgent need.
Erik pulled away from you slightly and gestured with a flick of his gloved covered wrist in several directions. The zipper of the tent entrance closed itself. The flaps that were open for airflow descended and secured themselves with metal zippers. The tent had become darkened and private. You still were unable to believe this was happening. You had wanted Magneto since the moment you saw him speak in the church. His charisma and sheer power awed and stunned you into forming the unlikeliest of crushes on him. Now that secret longing you had buried within yourself had come to fruition. You felt light headed at the very prospect of what was now certain to begin.
“I believe you were having some trouble with these.” The metal buttons on Magneto’s uniform undid themselves simultaneously and opened to reveal a black sweater underneath. Your hands went anxiously to explore the newly bared territory as Erik slipped off his leather gloves. You felt the definition of Erik’s muscles beneath the sweater and you are able to discern more ridges of his muscular physique.
He let you explore him, but already his steel blues eyes were filled with barely contained lust. He pulled you against him and took your mouth in one swift fluid movement. You barely had time to exhale before his kiss propelled you into paradise.
You could not tell how long you kissed for you did not count the time. Your hands explored Erik Lensherr with ardent zeal. His uniform jacket and cape eventually slipped off to allow you access to his shoulders and arms. You spent time exploring his upper body before daring to let your hands wander lower to his firm, compact bottom.
Meanwhile he explored your body, running his fingers through your hair, and slowly taking in your contours, the crests and troughs of your figure. His long-fingered hands found your breasts and massaged them through the fabric of your shirt. Your nipples peaked quickly from the attention and you felt your breasts begin to swell as desire flooded your body.
Erik stopped his French kiss just long enough to move over to your ear. He nibbled at it lightly with his teeth before flicking his tongue across it rapidly. At the same time he rubbed your breasts through your shirt. You moaned low in the back of your throat from the many pleasant sensations.
           “Oh, you like that, do you?” His voice was ragged and deep in the heat of the moment; his breath hot against your ear. His smug arrogance, rather than a turn-off, was a huge turn-on and you could do nothing more than agree with him.
           “Yes.” You gasped out. He dipped his head in response and made for your neck where a trail of kisses was emblazoned on your fevered skin.
           The day was a cold one, but you had long since ceased to notice in the ardent warmth Erik created with you. Outside you heard the beginnings of a rain storm, but the sound of pouring rain is muted in your ears. Erik was what mattered. As he kissed your neck, his hands slipped under your shirt to pull it up over your head. A rush of cold air assaulted you, and your skin became goose bumped and sensitive. His hands on your breasts felt like hot metal against you. The twin sensations of cold and hot were mesmerizing.
Magneto was confident now that you wanted this as much as he did. His ministrations became possessing, quick, and skillful. No inch of your body was forgotten by his touch. He leaned down to suckle your breasts and to cradle your bottom in his large hands. He pulled you flush to him as his tongue wove circles on your right breast. The feel of his body against yours was intoxicating. He was hard and unyielding like the metal he manipulates. Already, his arousal had grown into full force and the feel of him pressing into your soft stomach made your heart flutter in anticipation.
The whole encounter had a dream-like quality. It was too surreal, too much like a dream come true to be believable. You reached out with your hand to grasp him; to make sure he was truly there and you weren’t asleep alone in your tent. When you felt him long and stiff beneath your fingers, his clothes an annoying barrier you knew this was no dream. He stiffened and stopped when he felt your touch. You read his mind and enjoyed the urgent need you created in him.
           Your touch sparked a nerve in him and he was suddenly fierce. He stood up with surprising grace and pulled you to your feet. He kissed you once plum on the mouth before pushing you towards the other compartment of his tent which served as a bedroom. You stumbled two steps and fell down on a thick foam camping pad covered in two sleep bags zipped together. Erik followed you onto the makeshift bed.
           You felt the sleeping bag rub against the naked skin of your bared breasts. The soft, fuzzy material tickled and contrasted with the cold air on your back and the heated hands now rubbing your bottom. Magneto’s firm hands rolled you over and you saw that he had removed his sweater. He had a thin white undershirt beneath it. You sat up unconscious of the fact that the tent was well lit from the daylight and you were topless. You slipped the soft undershirt off him without delay and finally lay eyes on his chest which he had kept in very good shape.
           Your arms wrapped around him in a tight fierce embrace as you kiss him again to show how dearly you want him. He kissed you back with urgency, the tender caresses from before long forgotten. Things have accelerated. He is not smiling but looks serious and determined. Pleasure was evaporating into business and you were eager to get down to work.
           Your shoes slipped off unconsciously. The button on your pants had come undone mysteriously on its own. And when his hands find the zipper of your fly it was already lowered. He pushed your pants down past your hips and you wiggled out of them in seconds. The pace has quickened dramatically and you are already short of breath from your excitement.
           In between passionate kisses you undressed him, not all that surprised that he wore white briefs underneath his black pants. The same black pants that had seen more battles than you could count. There was something about Erik Lensherr that was classic and immutable. The hard line he took on his mutant policies was not dissimilar to the hard line he took to good taste. It was one of many things that attracted you to him.
           Naked and ready you both rolled the sleeping bag back. He laid you down on your back and your legs wrapped around him. You pulled him closer with your legs. You stretched down to find him, molten hot steel in your hand. He brushed your fingers away.
           “Patience, my dear.” His hand reached down between your legs and caressed twice, delicately the sensitive triangle of your core. Again your hand reached down to feel him, and his grunt is audible. You read his mind and the feelings of urgent pleasure cascaded over you. Only the dam of his control was holding him back. He wanted to take you now, before you’re ready but he was too much of a gentleman to do it. His strokes on your nub increased in speed and pressure. You gasped for breath begging him to delay each caress but he was relentless. He made circles, moved up and down, and when you were beyond ready to come he pressed into you until you call out his name, raw and half swallowed by moans.
           Coming off your orgasm, his fingers slid inside you, testing your depths. His long fingers found the magic spot inside you and you were begging for it. Your hips quaked and your muscles clasped desperate to feel him inside you. He held back no longer and entered you in a graceful motion. He moved inside you, stroke after stroke until he pulled one of your legs over his shoulder, giving him a different angle and deeper penetration. Your other leg wrapped around him pulling him closer. You matched him thrust for thrust.
           You were both breathing in short fervid gasps. The friction you felt inside was bringing you higher and higher. You felt your body tense. Your toes curled and your hands clutched at the fluffy sleeping bag. He pounded into you without apology. You clenched at every thrust till it was too much. When you come it is shattering. Your thoughts ceased and your body unfurled itself. It was so much pleasure it nearly hurt. Your head tossed back and forth as you tried to pull him deeper inside of you.
           All patience had flown out the window. He pounded into you as the rain pounded on the tent. All you could hear was Erik’s gasps and his thoughts were unintelligible by this point. It was a race, a contest, a necessary act of conquest, but who was conquering who could not be discerned. Your body was on another plane and every thrust brought you so near the edge you breathe deeply not to bring yourself over. He was huffing, his strong pale arms supporting your leg and moving your hips to embrace him deeper on every stroke.
           You still only half believed this was happening, even as he was buried to the hilt inside you, his length and girth the closest to perfection you had ever felt. When he was close to coming he lowered your leg and leaned farther over you, his pounding strokes maliciously fast. You moved to meet him; your breath ragged as you felt your body draw near the edge of sanity. You were more animal than human and your panting was mixed with moans of pleasure as you felt your body propel into orgasm. When he thrust into you hard and he sunk his teeth into your neck and you cried out; the feeling of the orgasm and the bite swirling into one profound feeling of eclipsing ecstasy. In the wake of your orgasm he pushed into you three times, his eyes closed and his strokes small and fast. With a groan he comes inside of you.
And when he collapsed spent and tired, his arms encircled you and you spent the night in his tent.
Notes: I think I created an entirely new genre with this. Anyone read 2nd person smut before?
Was it as hot as I hoped it would be? This chapter is the main reason for this story. It’s the big payoff so to speak. Did you feel when you read it that you were the “You” character? That was my goal.
genkaishihan: That rain was for you babe.

nilidarkelf: does it come off as sort of plausible that they sleep together? There’s no real emotional connection between Magneto and You, because you is only half a character and mostly a reader self-insert. But it’s hot, I hope?

8chocolatechip8: Sorry this is super late for your birthday Chip. School’s been keeping me busy.

kumadapuma: Same goes for you Kuma. You deserved this smut early. But hopefully it will make today a good day. Thanks again for the beta.

Thoughts & Comments 
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9th-Oct-2006 05:38 am (UTC)
For some strange reason I didn't get a notifying email about this. Thanks for the comments. I'm always so happy you like my work. I totally write for the enjoyment of my friends.

And your icon! Hilarious!
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9th-Oct-2006 04:46 pm (UTC)
Never seen Vicar of Dibley, but it's sounds awesome. Why have I been missing all these awesome shows?
9th-Oct-2006 11:51 am (UTC)
You know what´s unfair? Finding this update when you shortly get on the net to check your mail by 6.50 am and knowing that you won´t have time till noon till you can read it, because that stupid bus is leaving at 7.15. *gaaah*
But, hell, yeah, worth the wait *grins stupidly*
You´ve outdone yourself, Angel. Very, very hot. *can´t stop grinning stupidly*
9th-Oct-2006 06:28 pm (UTC)
Lol, I'm sorry about that. I try to post my smut at night so everyone can enjoy it in privacy, hopefully. But night for america is day for you. So it showed up early in the morning.

I'm happy you liked it.
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