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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
Fan Fiction, Fandom, Reviews, and a Healthy Dose of Squee
Healing - Chapter 7: A Kiss Is Just a Kiss 
17th-Aug-2006 04:06 pm
Title: Healing
Verse: X-Men movieverse
Timeline: post X-Men: The Last Stand
Author: angelofsnow
Pairing: Eventual Rogue/Magneto
Rating: M for Magneto
Disclaimer: I don’t own the X-Men. I did once in a dream though. Does that count?
Summary: The Cure is only temporary. While healing Rogue and Magneto find each other and realize they have more in common than they originally thought. 
Soundtrack: I recommend the song “Cello” by Souls because it deals with Rogue’s jealousy well. I have included some the lyrics at the end of this chapter. I did this because it is a rare song and you may never find them online. There’s no chance of being sued over this as the record label has gone out of business and the CD is out of print. If you’ve never heard this song, it’s extremely good and I can send it to you. Otherwise listen to Nine Inch Nails “Something I Can Never Have” or anything equally as dark.
Notes: This chapter is the chapter that sent the story in a new direction. It went from a short fic to bring Rogue and Magneto together, to the epic you see today. The chapters get much longer from here on out.
Warning: This chapter lives up to the rating. You have been warned. Do not read if you are young and impressionable or prudish.

Chapter Seven: A Kiss is Just a Kiss
           Rogue didn’t wait to get back to the mansion to inject her small vial of the Cure. She found a CVS near her hotel and under the diabetic drug supply section she found the necessary syringe and shot up in the bathroom of a deli around the corner. Clutching the bathroom sink in pain as the Cure took affect causing her skin to burn violently; Rogue prayed no one walked in on her. She felt dizzy from the pain and it took twenty minutes of sitting on the toilet till Rogue was sure she could walk steadily enough to leave the deli. On her way out she bought an Odwala shake and let her fingers touch the cashier’s as she handed him the money. Nothing happened. She was safe. Safe for another two months.
           The night she arrived back at the mansion she slept with Bobby for the first time. She hadn’t been too forthcoming when she mentioned that she had found more of the Cure and taken it. She didn’t tell Bobby where she had found the Cure and she mentioned to no one that she had run into Magneto, let alone been kissed by him. And without the professor or Jean Grey as telepaths, Rogue was sure her secret would stay well hidden.
           Her decision to sleep with Bobby had been a hasty one, formed on the flight back when she had again sat alone, her plane ticket being “flagged” in the system to say she was a mutant. Alone, starring out the window of the cabin, she realized she had limited time left to enjoy all the wonders of leading a normal life. Maybe she would be able to get more of the Cure after this, but she wasn’t taking any chances. These two months could be her last two months being able to touch on Earth. She was determined not to waste them.
           That first night with Bobby had been very awkward. Hanging out in his room at night they had begun making out after a strained conversation about her trip. Bobby’s kisses were a wet and sloppy affair. His tongue lapping over every part of her he could reach, forcing its way into her mouth where it overstayed its welcome. Bobby didn’t like it when she slipped her tongue into his mouth and he didn’t come up for air very quickly or keep things interesting. Rogue was surprised at how different two kisses could be. Magneto’s kiss was so practiced and deft, knowing just what to do to leave her gasping for breath from excitement. Bobby’s dripping tongue assault left her gasping for breath from oxygen depletion.
           Rogue had been the one to try to move things forward, playing the aggressor. She had ran her hands up and down Bobby’s back, even going so far as to move one of his hands to cup her breast. Bobby took the hint without any protest. After a few more minutes she pulled away and took her shirt off. Bobby looked a little hesitant, maybe scared, they had never petted without clothes on before. But Rogue fearlessly reached for Bobby’s blue sweater, pulling it up and over his head.
           “Rogue, are you sure you wanna do this?” Not feeling strong enough to answer Rogue’s bare hand had shot forward to rub his erection through the rough material of his jeans. Bobby hadn’t questioned her again. It was all over pretty quickly after that. She stumbled through the steps to put a condom on. Bobby had fumbled getting his penis into her, not knowing how to position himself and being so nervous his erection wasn’t very hard. The pain had been a little worse then Rogue expected, having read online that it only hurt for a bit and then felt good. She had hurt the whole time as Bobby stretched her and she hadn’t it enjoyed. But neither had Bobby. He had moved inside of her for a few minutes that felt like a lifetime to Rogue until he had pulled out and apologized and said it would be better next time.
The next night Rogue ran into Logan in the kitchen and they had hugged warmly.
“I see you found what you needed in San Fran.”
“Yeah, there wasn’t much left; just enough to last for two months. After that I don’t know what I’m gonna do.” Rogue said starring at her hands imagining the gloves against her skin again. After wearing them 24 hours a day, it felt strange to feel open arm between her fingers.
“That’s tough.” Logan sniffed the air with his acute sense of smell. “You smell funny kid.” He sniffed again puzzling out the change in her scent. His expression changed in a flash to anger. “Rogue, tell me you didn’t.”
“Didn’t what suga?” Rogue hoped the innocent look and accentuated accent would be enough to charm Logan away from where his thoughts were heading.
“Rogue,” he gave her that look that said he knew all along. “You slept with Iceman.”
“Look Logan, I only got two months left of being able to touch. I don’t know what happens after that. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to lead a normal life and have a boyfriend, get married someday or have kids. For God’s sake, I’m 21 and I never even had a real kiss before this year. I just-” She paused searching his expression to see if he understood. “I don’t wanna take any of the time I have left for granted. I wanna do all the touching I can while I am still not a danger to anyone.”
Logan looked away from her after that and Rogue couldn’t tell if he understood her or he was disappointed in her. He got up from his stool, opened the refrigerator door and pulled out two of his longneck LaBatt Blue beer bottles. He placed one in front of her and flicked the cap off with a claw he had extended half way.
“Drink up Rogue.” He gave her a smile and she picked up the cold beer bottle, sipping the bready, bitter beer slowly. It didn’t have such a bad taste. The first sip was a little rough, but each taste was easier to take till she drank it without any repulsion. “I’m gonna have to stop calling you kid now.”
“No you don’t, Logan. I’m still the same as before, I’m just growin’ up is all.” She gave him a more confident smile than she felt at that moment.
“You shouldn’t have to suffer like this Marie. It isn’t fair.” He smiled back and left the kitchen after that, taking his beer with him. Rogue sat their for the next twenty minutes, finishing her LaBatt Blue as tried to discern if she felt any different. Her hips hurt a little from being unused to bending like they had, but she didn’t feel like a different person. She still felt like Rogue, like a woman cursed with deadly skin.
           As the weeks went by Rogue became more and more curious about how Magneto had been able to kiss her without any effect. She came up with all sorts of crazy theories like his mouth being coated in the Cure, and his having developed immunity after she touched him on the Statue of Liberty. She didn’t know what to think, except that his offer of control intrigued her when she knew it shouldn’t.
           The whole encounter took on a surreal feeling as more time passed. It was positively unbelievable: to meet the man that tried to kill her only to be kissed by him in a ruined laboratory and then offered help with her mutation. The truth seemed stranger than fiction and she tried to forget the mixture of fear and excitement she had felt talking to him. She kissed Bobby as often as possible to erase the adrenalin heightened kiss Magneto had given her that still made her weak in the knees when she thought about it. The Magneto that had taunted her on X-Jet about her hair was not the Magneto she had met at Alcatraz. This man seemed both less ruthless and more frightening simultaneously. She didn’t know what to make of him.
           Rogue tried to push the entire event from her mind and forget it forever. She knew that behind Magneto’s seemingly sincere offer of help was another scheme to take over the world and it probably involved that small vial of the Cure he had kept for himself. She felt sick to her stomach just thinking about how she had considered accepting it for a moment, curious to see if he could really help her with her mutation. No, it was better she hadn’t it. She already had talked to Dr. McCoy about making more and he had begun to do some research for her. She would find a way around this obstacle, she assured herself. It was the 21st century, she was sure more of the Cure could be made, somehow, even if it took years to duplicate Worthington Labs work. Till then she would just have to take what she could get out of life. She had lived with her mutation since she was 16, and even though the failure of the Cure was a cruel blow, there was still some hope. Everything would work, she was sure of it.
           Rogue had slept with Bobby a few more times, but it hadn’t improved much. Bobby gained confidence with each try and enjoyed himself, coming quickly every time. It stopped hurting for Rogue, but it didn’t feel all that great. She wondered if something was messed up inside of her from her mutation that she couldn’t orgasm and couldn’t enjoy sex. She didn’t talk about this theory with anyone.
           Kitty, Jubliee, and Peter took her clubbing one Friday night. The four of them took a train into the City. The club had cost $20 in cover charge and $9 for each drink after that. Jubilee consumed two shots of Smirnoff Black Cherry Vodka before sketchy guys from the club began to buy her drinks. Peter bought Kitty a Sex on the Beach. Rogue missed Bobby’s presence. He was still 20 and wouldn’t have been able to enter the club.
           Rogue accepted a ’57 Chevy, a drink made with Southern Comfort, from a handsome boy with curly brown hair who was sitting at the bar with a couple of his friends. The drink was made too strong and it went to her head really quickly. After a few minutes of trying to talk over the booming base of Terror Squad’s “Lean Back”, Rogue accepted the boy’s (she thought his name was Freddy, she couldn’t be sure) offer of a dance. They grinded away on the dance floor, as other sweaty dancers bumped into them, spilling Rogue’s orange-colored drink down the front of her brand new lavender beaded camisole.
           The club left a lot to be desired as the night wore on. It was terribly hot and everyone began to sweat and it smelled like a locker room by midnight. The bouncers let in too many guests and the dance floor became so packed you couldn’t move from one side of the room to the other in ten minutes. A series of increasingly drunk men danced with Rogue, their hips and obvious erections pressing into her pelvis as she strained to stay upright on her four inch pink stiletto heels. At 1am Jubilee had gotten sick and thrown up in the toilet of the club as a line of girls waited to use the bathroom after her. Rogue held her hair, while Kitty called the mansion to say that they would be coming back late.
           Their curfew had been 1am and before they could sober Jubilee up to make the train ride home, Logan showed up in Scott’s old car and literally pulled Rogue from club by her ear, as Peter helped Jubilee into the back seat of the car. Thinking of the gross gyrations of her dance partners against her during the ride back, Rogue mused that not all of the world of touch was something she would miss.  
           It was six weeks to the date since she had taken the Cure when she caught Bobby kissing Kitty beside Storm’s favorite white roses in the garden behind the mansion. Rogue had watched unable to look away as they made out for ten minutes, Bobby cupping Kitty’s perfectly round butt in two hands as he blew icicles on her ear lobe.
           It was late on a Tuesday and Rogue was supposed to finish a paper she was writing for her Harvard philosophy class on Nietzsche. But it took only two minutes to find Logan’s secret stash of Canadian Hiram Walker Special Old Rye Whisky that hurt worse going down than when she had injected herself with the Cure. She gulped down what must have been four shots of it straight from the bottle, before she put it down and tried to reason out what she had just seen.
           She knew that Bobby had been attracted to Kitty before she had taken the Cure for the first time. She had seen them ice-skating on the pond and she knew Bobby found in Kitty something he couldn’t get from her: physical contact. And she knew Bobby’s relationship with her had always been a little strained, but she had caulked that up to her crippling mutation. After taking the Cure, things had improved for a little while, but lately they had been as bad as ever. Sleeping with Bobby had only seemed to distance him more.
           And now Rogue had to face the awful truth that even without her deadly skin, Bobby had chosen Kitty and not even had the respect to break up with her or stop sleeping with her before he stuck his slobbering, thick, fat tongue down Kitty’s throat. Rogue almost couldn’t believe it was true. Bobby and her were good friends; they were close. They had played two hours of Mario Kart on Bobby’s Gamecube earlier that day. How had it happened?
            The Rye Whiskey helped her to understand, soothing her anger into a mellow, drunken state where she convinced herself she had never cared for Bobby, Kitty had never been her best friend but always a lying bitch, and her skin mutation would return and attack everyone who hurt her.
On Saturday of that week her mutation began to manifest itself while helping Logan repair his motorcycle. She had handed him a monkey wrench when the old familiar pull started in her mind. It was significantly weakened and Logan healed himself so quickly it was as though it never happened. But he stopped tightening a bolt and gave her a look that told her he had noticed. They didn’t mention the touch, but it was there all the same. Rogue spent the afternoon reading Phantom of the Opera fan fiction stories online, trying to distract herself from thinking about her skin.
She had avoided Bobby all week. Inconspicuously refusing to talk to him at meals and leaving the common room if he sat on the couch next to her. She would have thought he got the hint, but he found her Saturday night, when she was in the basement doing her laundry, washing skirts and t-shirts she wouldn’t be wearing again for a while.
He tried to ask her what was up, but Rogue didn’t allow him to get out a full sentence. She used her bare right hand and slapped him hard in the jaw, leaving him there in the laundry room with a pile of her half folded clothes. Returning to her room, she rooted deep within her drawer till she pulled out her favorite pair of gray silk opera gloves and slid them on. She was used to typing in gloves and her fingers flew across her laptop’s keyboard as she wrote a fanfic where the Phantom killed Christine for choosing Raoul over him.
Souls – Cello lyrics
“I wonder where your tongue has been
Before you tasted mine
But you'll never let me know.
I've done really bad things
But I'll never let you know
It's you that I love
I wonder where your lips have been
Before they tasted mine
Where have your lips been tonight?
You've wrapped a ring around my neck and
You'll never let me go
Do you think of me- do you think of me?
Do you think of me when you are in me?
I just want to know think I ought to know
What you feel”
Notes: You can tell I’m a good author in the style of Hemingway because I make an effort to describe what type of alcohol the characters are drinking in each scene. Kudos to me. This is turning dark really quickly for Rogue. In this chapter alone I feature drug use, sex, and alcohol. Unlike Trix, this is so not for kids.
Preview: Next chapter I promise we learn some of Magneto’s plans for the Cure. We’ll see how it turns out. Oh and I’m gonna stop writing if someone doesn’t review more. Please, please review. Every time you review an author gets his wings. Or is that when a bell rings, I’m not sure. 

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