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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
Fan Fiction, Fandom, Reviews, and a Healthy Dose of Squee
The story behind those interesting completely true facts 
12th-Jun-2006 03:13 am
Oh yes, they are true. And here's the story behind them. 

I was stabbed before I was born (and still have the scar to prove it).

My mom was pregnant with me and the doctor did an aminocentesis. It's a routine test to check the amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus. However this doctor wasn't very careful; he stuck me with the needle. I was lucky. He stabbed pretty deep into the back of my right leg, but nothing critical was injured. Imagine if he had hit me in my chest or head... or maybe, let's not. The wound never fully healed, which suggests how deep it must have been, and I have a deep dimple in the back of my right thigh to this day. I think it looks kind of cute. And it proves I'm hardy. I'm a survivor.

Someone once tried to buy me for a million dollars. 

When I was 1 my parents were shopping in an appliance store. The man who owned the store and a chain of other appliance stores told them he thought I was an exceptionally cute baby. He offered to buy me for one million dollars quite seriously. My parents weren't selling though. Later they told me they would have considered it for three million. 

I nearly died scuba diving. 

A two years ago I took up SCUBA diving. I was going for my certification dive, up until this point smitten with diving, when something went wrong. Diving with my dive instructors in a 70 ft deep quarry in cold weather my regulator valve froze open. My oxygen tank started spewing oxygen out at high pressure. I couldn't breathe off my regulator. My instructor gave me my secondary regulator and called over another dive instructor to help. That other instructor thought that turning off my tank would stop it's uncontrolled leaking. He thought I was breathing off my instructor's tank. So he turned off my oxygen. I had nothing to breathe and they couldn't get me to the surface quick enough. I breathed in a lung full of water and became unconscious. My instructor's had to perform CPR in the middle of the quarry with my BCA inflated. I survived but later got pneumonia from the dirty quarry water. Needless to say, I never SCUBA dived again.

I've been hit on by one of the actors from Star Trek: Voyager. 

It was at a convention in 2000. My friend was a big fan of the character Tom Paris played by Robert Duncan McNeill and I agreed to accompany her to the convention. We eagerly begged him for a picture together. Robert McNeill agreed. I tried to get him to stand next to my friend, but he wouldn't have it. He had to stand next to me when we took the picture. And then he groped me! You can see it in the picture. His hand was on my butt. After the picture was taken he asked me what I was doing after the convention, but it wasn't me who was interested in him. Besides my friend and I had to go home. So don't worry nothing ever came of it. I only wish he had hit on my friend. She was the one with the big crush on him.

I've gone to the movies with rockstar Alice Cooper.

Alice Cooper came to play a show in 2004 in my city. He arrived the night before the show and decided to take in the movie "The Manchurian Candiate" with his daughter who performs with him. It was a Monday night late show so no one was at the movies. I was also bored and without knowing Alice Cooper was there decided to go see the movie. The usher quickly alerted me that the only two other people in the theater were Alice Cooper and his daughter. We sat together and discussed the metaphors to the current political situation. The next day Alice played his show and I went to see it. I've been a fan ever since. 

 I used to live in an apartment that F. Scott Fitzgerald used to live in. 

It's actually one of the dorms in Baltimore belonging to the John Hopkins University. I lived in the actually apartment. He wrote the short story "Afternoon of an Author" there. I looked out the window he desribed. I walked the streets he told of. And I even used the same bus stop he mentioned in the story. Living in the place where F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote inspired me to try my hand at writing again.

I test model bras for Victoria's Secret.

No, I'm an actual Victoria's Secret model. I test the bras to make sure they hold up for wear and tear and look right. I get to keep all the free bras they send me.

I have lived in both NYC and a rural small town. 

I lived in NYC until age 13. Then I moved to a small rural PA town of 5,000 people. You can imagine the culture shock. There wasn't a single Starbucks in this town. It was rough getting used to.

I started writing a novel when I was 6 years old. 

Yup. I had an idea for a novel when I was 6 and began writing it. Sure it wasn't very good. But I revised it at 10. And then again at 16. I still hope to revise it yet again into some kind of finished, publishable form. I'd really like to see the book published, but I realize that's a long shot. I'm content just to write it. Sometimes the happiness is in the journey not the destination.

I was once a multi-million dollar heiress but now my family is quite poor. 

My family made 8 million dollars during the internet boom of the late 90s. However we lost it all when the stocks crashed. It was a very jarring experience for someone to go to. You often hear Cinderella stories where the poor become rich but few document the opposite. 

I've skied with Christopher Reeve, many years ago.( Poor Christopher Reeve and his family. )

Back in the late 80's Christopher Reeve and his family used to see at the same resort as my family in VT. I was very young, only 3 at the time, but my Mom kept trying to get me to ski with him. She wanted me to be in the next Superman movie. I don't remember skiing with Christopher Reeve but my parents do. My prayers go out to Christopher Reeve and his wife's families. 

There's probably more interesting completely true facts but that's all I can think of for now.
Thoughts & Comments 
2nd-Apr-2008 03:02 am (UTC) - re: the facts
You madam, live a charmed life!

Hi by the way, I found your journal through googling "Sir Ian Slash", which is sadly obscure. That and, I had no clue how to find the ones that are out there, the 1% of fics that involves McKellen sexually mixed with the other pairs, most prominently Viggo/Orli. I can't see Aragorn/Legolas (because Aragorn is will be married to Awen and Legolas and Glimi was practically setting up house when they were talking of decor), but I can see Viggo/Orlando, in an artist and model thing.

There is randomrattle's list, but quite a few are just links and links that don't work anymore. SAD.

I love Viggo/Ian. You?
14th-Apr-2008 01:10 am (UTC) - Re: the facts
My favorite RPS pairing is Ian/Patrick Stewart. But I like Ian/Sean as well. Really anything with Ian is delicious.

And yes, Sir Ian slash is so rare. I'm going to have to set up a Del.ic.ous account so others can find it.

Have you found the sir_ian_slash community? It has most of the stories that I've found. Some of the best Ian slash can be found at Nick's Ian McKellen Slash though none of it is Viggo/Ian.
14th-Apr-2008 04:33 pm (UTC) - Re: the facts
Unfortunately, Stewart kinda squick me due to the Captain Picard thing, but I still do read some Xavier/Magneto slash...since I'm thinking of Chris Claremont's Xavier, who actually broke down convincingly after he almost killed all the mutants, and who almost considered joining Magneto at the end.

Yep, both.
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