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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
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Magneto Ficathon Anyone? 
8th-Jan-2007 03:05 am
Inspired by summers_fling and imaginaryalice's post in like_this_one. I wanted to ask if anyone was interested in having a Magneto based ficathon. A Ficathon is a gift exchange sort of thing. You ask for a story to be written and write a story for someone else in an even exchange. Everyone posts the basics about what sort of story they want and then posts what they are willing to write. Admins sort out who writes who's story. Everyone writes the story they were assigned by a certain date and posts it. So you write a story for someone else and receive a story from someone in return. Kind of like a secret santa though in a ficathon you may or may not know who the person writing your story is until the day it's released.

Ficathon's are pretty fun. Check out xmmficathon and summers_fling for an idea of what a ficathon looks like and how it works.

This ficathon would be just for pairings with Magneto or the character Magneto in general. It could encompass movie Magneto, Evolution Magneto and comic book Magneto all versions like 616, Ultimate, and Age of Apocalypse. All pairings would be accepted like gen Magneto, Charles/Erik, Magneto/Rogue, Magneto/Mystique, Jean/Erik, Magneto/Pyro, Magneto/OC and any other pairing one can possibly think of. Including all those ships and all the versions of Magneto should get a fairly wide audience and peak a lot of people's interests. We could try running the ficathon on magnetic_appeal or by creating a new community for it.

So what do you guys think? Would you personally want to participate in a Magneto ficathon? Do you think others would? Are there enough Magneto fans to make this work? Unless you guys support the the idea I probably wouldn't do it. Maybe there are enough ficathons as it is and Magneto can get covered in them.
Thoughts & Comments 
8th-Jan-2007 02:58 pm (UTC)
I'd certainly play :)

I'd suggest creating a poll, if you have a paid account, and then posting it as an open post on your LJ. Then pimp the poll on several comms that allow that kind of thing and see what interest you get. Fic exchanges with the matching-up are a lot of work, but really fun (I can never seem to stop from signing up, and I'd be all about a Magneto-one).

Also, you could do a prompt-based ficathon like we did at demented_allure; people submit prompts for a period of time, and then you open claims for the prompts. This can be a bit easier to do, but I notice the default rate (I can't say anything; I never did get my fic for D_A's done, and I'm the moderator. ::G::) is greater. Also, people post a lot of song-lyric quotes. O_O

So, yes. This is totally my unasked for advice, but I'd certainly participate in the ficathon. I'd highly recommend the poll to see what sort of interest you would get and then maybe making a comm for it.

11th-Jan-2007 07:59 pm (UTC)
You gave me some very good advice. imaginaryalice and I have already started work on it. I've heard how much work organizing a ficathon can be but a Magneto one would be near and dear to my heart. I can't resist trying.

*looks ashamed* I signed up for the demented_allure prompt-athon and defaulted too. *hides in a hole* And you know how much I love Magneto/Rogue. Song lyrics don't make for very good prompts, IMHO. They're all right for a challenge where everyone will right a different interpretation of them, but I think they're too vague for a prompt-athon.
8th-Jan-2007 05:54 pm (UTC)
Sionn's poll idea is a good one. I was sort of saying in my post that it would be a Magneto-centric or Jean-centric ficathon cause I think a Magneto/Jean-centric ficathon would get a sign up of one ;) So I was going to host it there. But maybe I should do her prompt idea and we can host the Magneto Ficathon in it's own community. If you don't want to post the poll in your journal I can do it. We should definately team up cause it is a lot of work and I'd gather we both want to participate too.


11th-Jan-2007 06:16 pm (UTC) - Prompt-athon and Magneto Ficathon
Aww, I'd enter the Magneto/Jean ficathon. I will say one thing about the prompt-athon's -- I entered the one at demented_allure and then defaulted. Prompt-athon's need some limit # on how many prompts people can submit. There were 70 prompts and no due date originally. I'm not sure if anyone wrote a story for the prompt they signed up for. So it might be best to have some sort of a due date, say a month or 6 weeks. And put a limit like 3 prompts per person. Because some people submitted 20 prompts and half of them were lyrics.

I'm all into the Magneto-ficathon because I think it would be a ton of fun. I'm also curious to know just how many fans of Magneto there are out there. I've come to think of us as our own little corner of the X-Men fandom -- the Magnetophiles. And of course I want to participate in the ficathon. I've already started thinking about what I should request and I can't even figure out what pairing I want.

I agree the poll is the way to go. I'll post it in my journal, though you may want to link to it in yours. You have a much bigger flist than I have. Then I have to pimp it around in all the Magneto communities (magnetic_appeal, demented_allure, cruellyhandsome, oldfriends, and like_this_one) and xmmff. Any other big community that would get it a lot of views? I could get comicstorenews and monitor_duty to link to it.

We definitely need to team up to run a ficathon. Maybe even get more people to help. I've read likeadeuce's excellent essay on The Care and Feeding of Ficathons here: http://likeadeuce.livejournal.com/393863.html and it sounds like a lot of hard work. What are your thoughts?
13th-Jan-2007 06:07 am (UTC)
Oh, I'd be so up for a Magneto ficathon. And I think you'd have a lot of fun running it. I'm having a blast with summers_fling right now. (Though that may all change when Tuesday rolls around and I have to start matching spreadsheets. *G*)
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