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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
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Femslash07 - X-Men pairings 
19th-Jan-2007 03:16 am
rogue hood

So femslash07's sign ups are going on right now. Femslash is for fic pairings of two females together, female/female. And the big ficathon to write those pairings is happening right now. I want to sign up because there just isn't enough femslash in the world in my opinion. I've wanted to write it myself for a long time and kind of felt I couldn't it pull it off. I still want to write it and a ficathon could be what inspires me.

X-Men movieverse is one of the listed fandoms this year at femslash07 so it should get a large turn out. I'm rip roaring to write some femslash but I'm not really sure which pairing is the best to start with. I've always been found of the youth, uncertainty, and rivalry in the Rogue/Kitty pairing. But I kind of don't know where to go after that.

Does Storm ever get paired with someone? Who could you slash Jean Grey with and why? Mystique seems like she could pair with and be with anyone. But I haven't really run across much movieverse femslash. *wonders if she's hanging out in the wrong communities* Comicverse is easier to find femslash pairings. I love Emma Frost pairings. I think it has something to do with the blonde hair, large breasts, and exhibitionist tendencies. (Does this sound like anyone we know?) sionnain has made me appreciate the intricacies of Emma/Jean stories. And Mystique/Destiny is canon and always laced with impending tragedy.

But, I guess what I'm asking is what are some popular X-Men movieverse femslash pairings and why?

Thoughts & Comments 
19th-Jan-2007 06:19 pm (UTC)
Well likeadeuce wanted everyone to sign up for Jean/Mystique. I find that pairing kind of scary and yet intriguing. I agree with you, I haven't read much x-movieverse femmeslash either.

I can totally see Emma/Jean. I've almost written it a couple times. And when I was reviewing the sign ups at femslash07 I totally came up with Rogue/Kitty too. It seems the most obvious movieverse choice.

Okay, Storm. Storm is supposed to be Jean's very best friend in the world so I guess that's who I'd choose. I don't see Storm seducing one of her students y'know? If I can't slash Jean with Emma cause she's not actually in the movies (boo) I guess...I wouldn't slash Jean. Or, okay, Mystique is intriguing. Is funny - I'd slash Jean with Emma, Lorna or Wanda in the comics. But the movies - what are her choices? She's not gonna seduce a student either. And I don't like Storm. So Mystique is really the only choice. (I'm really babbling here). How about we crossover with the Fantastic Four and she can have Sue? That's kinda hot (/random - last night I realized that movieverse Jean could fit right in with the cast of Grey's Anatomy and now I just have to choose who she's the best pair up with for my crossover madness fun. I'm crazy. But isn't that the best idea?).

Maybe there just aren't enough girls available? I mean poor Mystique is the only girl on her side.

I am so no help at all.

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20th-Jan-2007 04:42 am (UTC)
I'm all for Mystique femslash. I've been a little intrigued by the Mystique/Scarlet Witch pairing, which is an extremely rare pairing in itself.

But then again, I think Mystique is the ultimate lover, with the game of roleplay on her side. So you can literally go wild with her. I've also heard of Mystique/Rogue as being popular, which in my mind is kind of sick since Rogue is Mystique's adopted daughter. But I'm not too into the popular opinion of pairings, otherwise I'd be pairing Bobby/Pyro and leaving poor Mystiqe/Erik behind :(
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