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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
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AHHHHH! Rome Season 2 Episode 2 
22nd-Jan-2007 05:30 pm
rome vorenus

Wait, wait. I'm better now. --

Oh, my fucking god! Oh my god! Ah!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh! 

I can't stop it; I'm in shock. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!


*takes some deep breaths* 

That was.... unfucking believeable. Beyond words good. I can't believe anything could ever be that good again. Every time a new scene came up I asked: "Are they going to go there? Will they take it that far?" And they did. They did. Some scenes they far exceeded any expectations I could have. They fulfilled my dreams. Namely the two best scenes:

1. Anthony confronts Lucius Vorenus - "No man is beyond redemption Lucius"

Say goodbye to subtext folks. That is fucking canon text! The producers must be reading the slash because Anthony dominates Lucius in that scene just like a good slash fic. Except better. Because it's there in front of my eyes and it's brutually cruel and hot and violent. Anthony (James Purefoy) is perfect. Like a god. You must see this. He is cruel to be kind but his every syllable and move gives him the greatest most delicious joy. He's playing Vorenus but enjoying it and telling the truth at the same time.

2. The Mark Anthony, Octavian, and Atia fight

All the Mark Anthony and Atia interactions are flawless. Anthony is a selfish, brute in the extreme and Atia's not-so-subtle manipulation and manuvering is so unconsiously blatant. I'm in love with the pairing in a gen sort of way. They will never care for each other and they shouldn't. But I adore them using each other.

Then there's the fight!!! 


Octavian just goes and gives the money away. Borrowing it!!! AHHHH! He's three steps ahead of their thinking and unapologetic. Oh, and the fight, the fight -- I LOVE the way Anthony defends Atia against her son's calling her a whore. I love the blinded rage both Atia and Anthony beat Octavian in. Octavian is right. He's right the whole time. But I have to root for Anthony and Atia. They are so much fun. There's beating, fire, strangling, and drowning. AHHHHHHHH! Mark Anthony's rage! AHHHH! 

I can't even write in sentences after watching that. 

On another note there's my favorite storyline this season -

Lucius Vorenus goes to the dark side as the SON OF HADES

Lucius, who's very name means light, who was the definition of goodness, pity, and duty, has lost all connection with his former life and decided to, quite literally, go to hell. He has joined the darkside. Losing his family and wife at the same time as causing Caesar's death was too much for him. His former life as a senator is destroyed; he's known as a cursed man; his name forever blackened. Anthony transforms a mournful, near-dead Vorenus into a man who fears nothing and no one. He is remade, reborn, as guiltless, unrepentant evil. He smashes idols, takes over the running of the criminals of the Aventine and then calls himself a god - the son of Hades. He says the gods have punished him enough. There's nothing else they could take from him. And the camera closes in on Pullo. 


Pullo! Please don't let something happen to Pullo. I even like Pullo and his wife being together. 

I love characters who are the very essence of goodness or at least decent nice people, who are hurt, betrayed and changed by it. I love when a good person goes to the dark side. That's probably my favorite theme in all literature. And now Lucius Vorenus, the son of Hades, takes that spot. Oh, Lucius - I feel a fic coming on.

Thoughts & Comments 
23rd-Jan-2007 02:08 am (UTC)
Wow, that seems like a cool show to be interested in. I've only seen one episode, where they brought Vercingetorix to Rome from Gaule and dragged him naked through the streets. *cries*
23rd-Jan-2007 11:09 pm (UTC)
You should download some of the other episodes. You can find them here, I think: http://www.ashamed.uni.cc/video.php

The link should have all the first season and first 2 episodes of the second. There's a lot of history with the show that I like and the acting, sets, and costumes are all high quality.
23rd-Jan-2007 09:33 am (UTC)
tace tace tace!
I shouldn't have read this, since we've ony see 8eps in Australia, but I had too little self-control. Edepol! You've whetted my appettite for the rest of the series. (I hear this will be the final lot of eps and they aren't making series 3. Pessimi homines!)

Oh yes, bring on the fic!
23rd-Jan-2007 11:16 pm (UTC)
I've heard the same thing: that the second season is the last one because HBO cannot afford to keep producing the show. :( That's makes me very sad.

There's a link to download the episodes from the first season and the first two from the second. You can find them here: http://www.ashamed.uni.cc/video.php
23rd-Jan-2007 07:11 pm (UTC) - Helloooo!
Oooh, wait a sec *stares at avatar* It that this guy from "A knight´s tale"? The one who played Edward, the black prince of Wales? *fangirl squee*
23rd-Jan-2007 11:32 pm (UTC) - Re: Helloooo!
Yup, James Purefoy plays the black night. He was also in Vanity Fair, which I love too.
24th-Jan-2007 02:29 pm (UTC) - Re: Helloooo!
Oh, I really loved that guy in A Knight Tale *drool* :-)
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