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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
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Greys Anatomy Spin Off! 
21st-Feb-2007 08:50 pm
You may have already seen this elsewhere... I heard about it this afternoon. Remember those rumors that one of stars of Grey's Anatomy was leaving at the end of the season? Well at first I worried it would be Burke because of the controversy surrounding him and T.R. Knight. Then I worried Meredith's character might be leaving because of her character's possible death in the last episode.

But I was wrong both times. Addison Montgomery-Sheppard's character is leaving the show! Read the following which was sent to me by my Dad off his real time news ticker:
Delicate Surgery on 'Grey's Anatomy'
By Brooks Barnes
Word Count: 1,109 | Companies Featured in This Article: Walt Disney

ABC is surgically removing part of "Grey's Anatomy" to see if it can survive on its own.
In a bold move that could bring in millions of dollars in new advertising income if it's successful, ABC has decided to pursue a spinoff of the hugely successful medical drama. Departing "Grey's Anatomy" to anchor the new show would be one of its most popular characters: Dr. Addison Montgomery-Shepherd, a sexy neonatal-surgeon played by Kate Walsh.

The general plot is still a work in progress and "Grey's Anatomy" creator Shonda Rhimes hasn't settled on a title, says a spokeswoman for ABC, a ..

I'm sad to see Addison's character leave as I was beginning to enjoy her interactions with Alex and she was certainly a good influence on him. Still I'll probably watch and enjoy her neonatal show.
Thoughts & Comments 
22nd-Feb-2007 03:17 am (UTC)
Aww, Addison's leaving?!! I wanted to see some hot action between them! ...Maybe Alex will make an appearance or two? *pouty lips* I wanted hot steamy sex, damn it!

wait, did I say that out loud? :P
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