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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
Fan Fiction, Fandom, Reviews, and a Healthy Dose of Squee
Healing - Chapter 11: Thank You Microsoft 
18th-Aug-2006 11:43 am
Title: Healing
Verse: X-Men movieverse
Timeline: post X-Men: The Last Stand
Author: angelofsnow
Pairing: Eventual Rogue/Magneto
Rating: M – violence and more violence in this chapter, swearing
Disclaimer: I’m not making any money off this. But I will accept food donations. If you send the author food, she will update faster.
Summary: The Cure is only temporary. While healing Rogue and Magneto find each other and realize they have more in common than they originally thought. 
Soundtrack: I recommend the song “Forfeit” by Chevelle because everyone wants to fight in this chapter.
Notes: So far I’ve stuck to only telling Magneto’s and Rogue’s viewpoint but that’s going to expand a bit so we get to see Mystique and Pyro fight. And as you have all been waiting for, we’ll see Wolverine’s reaction to walking in on Magneto and Rogue.  

Chapter Eleven: Thank You Microsoft
Magneto and Rogue and Logan:
           Holy fuck! Logan had dropped the coffee forgetting about it instantly as his eyes roved over the strangest sight he had ever seen. And he had seen some strange ones; he was an X-Men. Magneto had Rogue pressed against one of the windowed walls of the office, his hands clutching her buttocks to his hips while Rogue’s gloveless hands were running through his white hair. Their lips were pressed together.
           It had looked a little odd at first, and Logan hadn’t been expecting to see his least favorite mutant, Magneto, in the airport’s office but he began to understand the sight before him. Magneto must have attacked Marie and she was trying to drop him with her power. But why hadn’t she used her hands instead of her lips? Something was very wrong here. Logan sniffed the air. He didn’t smell Rogue’s fear as he suspected he would. He smelt something else instead: lust
Rogue had jerked out of Magneto’s arms at the sound of Logan’s voice but she hadn’t been quick enough. He’d seen them, she knew it. Oh, God he’s seen us all over each other.
Magneto disentangled himself from Rogue with calm, steady movements. This could lead only one place with the Wolverine and he would have to be ready to block his attack. He would dwell on the disturbing implications of his seduction of Rogue later. Though he wondered what had come over him a moment ago. But the time for introspection was not now. Instead, he felt out with his power searching for metal objects in the room.
Logan’s vicious, animal tendencies sprang into action at the vibrant smell of Rogue’s pheromones. His claws extended without any conscious thought on his part; the guilty look on Rogue’s face only adding to his growing fury. He didn’t know what was going on here, but he knew he was going to rip Magneto into pieces if it was the last thing he did. As he lunged forward at the older, white-haired man he waited to feel the wall of his magnetism halt him, stopping him in place. The wall never came.
Rogue watched as Logan raced towards Magneto. Why wasn’t Magneto stopping him with his magnetism? Rogue knew Magneto always bested Logan in a fight. She didn’t know if she should tell Logan not to fight Magneto or if she should join him in attacking the man who had once tried to kill her.
Magneto backed up into the filing cabinet at the rear of the office and held up his hand calling on adamantium in Wolverine’s skeleton. He pushed his magnetic field out with every ounce of strength he had but it was not enough to repel the momentum of the charging Wolverine. He was only able to slow the man from a run to a fast walk.
Wolverine felt the resistance as he pressed forward. Why didn’t Magneto stop him like he always did? He slashed forward at Magneto, but the movement’s speed was slowed enough to allow Magneto to twist away from him. As Wolverine wrenched his claws from the file cabinet that hadn’t taken the place of Magneto, he cried out in pain. The Banker’s lamp fell to floor after giving Logan a painful pounding to the back of his neck. He shook his head and waited for his regenerative power to alleviate the pain.
“You don’t have all your powers anymore do you?” Wolverine’s smile was accompanied by a satisfied sounding growl. “I got ya good on the bridge, didn’t I?” With Magneto weakened, Logan knew he had a chance for once. The office they fought in was no more than 12ft by 12ft in size. It was a cage fight and Logan was very good at cage fights.
Rogue felt frozen in place as she watched the fight between Logan and Magneto continue. She couldn’t believe Logan had come that close to getting Magneto with his claws. Magneto must still be under the effects of the Cure. Rogue couldn’t believe that it was still affecting him. Without his magnetism, the fight would be over in seconds. Rogue had to stop Logan from killing the only man who could help her. She needed to know what Magneto knew about her mutation. But could she calm down the Wolverine when he was in one of his berserker rages?
Turning away from the filing cabinet, Wolverine faced his opponent from across the white plastic table between them. With a swipe of his claws, he flung it away from them and it crashed against the back wall of the office. Logan moved to confront Magneto again, only to have his movements slowed by the force of the man’s magnetic fields. Wolverine pressed forward until a tall metal cart holding the slideshow projector rammed into him at high speed.
Magneto rammed the cart into the Wolverine easily. It had wheels and rolled with almost no effort on his part. The force of impact was enough to toss the powerful man to the floor. But the Wolverine sprang back up in no time, moving towards him again. Magneto searched the room desperately to find something that would slow his opponent even more.
Logan slashed with his right claws putting his weight into the move only to feel his claws rip through the white plastic projector screen as the metal ceiling fixture fell with great force on his head.
The projector’s metal housing was thin but sharp and the pull of gravity added to Magneto’s ability to speed its decent towards the Wolverine’s head.
Rogue looked on in shock, her blood curdling as she watching the sharp metal bar cut deep into Logan’s skull. She felt her body go numb as she heard Logan’s anguished howl of pain. She had to stop this.
Logan felt the tremendous, blinding pain and knew his knees were buckling but couldn’t stop them. He fell to the ground as his vision went white.
Magneto saw his opportunity as the Wolverine lay sprawled on the ground. He turned to address Rogue.
“Do not try to stop me, Rogue, if you ever hope to control your mutation and touch again.” And with that Magneto fled from the room out the door.  
It took Rogue a moment to process what had just happened. She moved to kneel down next to Logan’s prone form, only to remember she didn’t have her gloves on. She slid the brown gloves back in place, noticing that Magneto had left his larger black gloves on the floor next to her own. Her face heated at the memory of how those gloves had been shed. She picked them up and slid them into the back pocket of her jeans.
Logan came to a few moments later, his four inch long and two inch deep skull wound disappearing as though it had never been inflicted. He opened his eyes to see Rogue’s concerned face regarding him as she clutched his injured head in her hands. As his strength returned he remembered the circumstances that had caused him to be lying on the floor in the first place. He picked himself up and rounded on her.
  “What the hell is going on Marie!” His voice was sheathed in anger and he felt some guilt for attacking Rogue like that. Rogue, for her part, had no answer for him.
“Uhh-” She saw the way his eyes narrowed with contempt. “Magneto attacked my instructor. He says he knows a way to stop my mutation. Don’t go after him Logan.”
“Like hell I won’t.” Turning Logan extended his claws, and rather than use the door leading from the office, he cut himself his own ripping the walls of the office in two with three furious slashes.
It was 7:10AM and things were about to get ugly very quickly. A heavy middle-aged man with the rosy cheeks of an Irishman approached the jet’s stairway, following his flight crew. The front button of his pilot’s suit jacket barely closed over his paunch. Mystique hated the way her she had to catch her breath after climbing the stairs into the plane. How could a human let themselves go this badly?
She waited as the flight attendants stowed their belongings, chatting and laughing over a pair of underwear they had found discarded in the airplane’s bathroom after the last flight. When the co-pilot suggested a bet on whether a couple would join the mile high club on this journey, Mystique had jumped the air marshal. He went down with a bash over the head from her briefcase.
Mystique shifted forms then, enjoying the freedom of movement her lithe, blue body allowed her. Her arms shot out and she grabbed the two flight attendants heads and banged them into each other. They were stunned but not unconscious, so she round-house kicked one in the back of the head, dropping her flat. Mystique somersaulted over the other woman and kicked her. She knocked into the side of a row of seats and didn’t get up.
The co-pilot had run into the cabin and swung the door closed behind him, rushing to bolt it, but Mystique was quicker. She kicked it wide open and entered the cabin her yellow eyes flashing with a twisted sort of joy.
“What are you?” The co-pilot cowered against the side of the cabin, his toupee dislodged and off-center from his run.
“Humanity’s worst nightmare.” The man’s eyes rolled back in his head and he fainted dead away.
Mystique worked quickly to move the unconscious bodies off the plane via the emergency ramp. She knew that the airport security cameras would pick up on the unusual activity any minute now and she had to get the plane started before anyone else was alerted. Mystique sat down in the pilot’s chair and smiled. The controls looked exactly as they had in the Flight Simulator game. Thank you Microsoft.
           He had had to bribe the TSA screener to let him keep his lighter in his carry-on bag. He tried appealing to the women’s sense of decency, describing how he was a chain smoker and would need the lighter the minute the plane landed, but she hadn’t been buying that excuse; especially since he didn’t have a single pack of cigarettes in his bag. But a discreetly slipped twenty dollar bill was all it had taken for her to turn a blind eye. Man, they don’t pay these people enough.
           By the time his plane began boarding he could tell security had already been alerted. The police officer that he passed on his way onto the tarmac was holding his walkie talkie to his ear and listening intently. Pyro flicked his lighter opened and closed in his hand, eager to begin unleashing the flames that he could feel building inside him. His body felt on fire ready to bask in the searing heat of his mutation.
           Walking onto the tarmac following the other passengers he stopped when he spotted the security SUVs pulling onto the landing strip. He veered away from the other passengers and dropped his carry-on bag, breaking out into a run towards the vehicles. He heard an officer shout from behind him to stop, and heard the gasps from the crowd but he paid no heed to either sound. With a flick, the lighter’s tiny flame appeared and Pyro launched a mighty burst of fire towards the two Ford Explorers. The badly designed, Detroit-made vehicles exploded, leaping twenty feet into the air to land flipped over and on fire. A smile crept onto Pyro’s face as he smelled the acrid scent of burning rubber. 
           The police officer behind him went down when Pyro shot a wall of flame toward the terminal behind him. The police officer leaped out of the way and the passengers began running in all directions screaming as Pyro could hear more sirens in the distance. The terminal caught fire without delay and Pyro harnessed his mutation to help the flames grow and race across the walls of the building, preventing anyone from following him.
           He walked toward the opening to the hanger bay where the 747 would emerge from. It was on another airstrip and about a quarter mile from his current position. As Pyro walked he shot bursts of flames onto the terminal building, reveling in the beauty of the orange flames as they raced to consume the structure. As always, the sheer destructive power of his mutation was a joy to behold.
           The sirens Pyro had heard moments ago grew louder and he discerned from the red dots in the distance that it was not more police cars approaching but two fire trucks. They had been alerted when he caused the terminal to catch on fire and the sprinkler system had kicked in. Pyro flicked the lighter and formed a fireball in each of his hands. This should be fun.
           Magneto exited the office to hear the 747’s engines come to life, signaling Mystique had been successful in her mission to gain control of the airplane. Magneto had precious little time to open the doors of the hanger for her. He knew that security would be arriving any minute and the hanger’s controller was probably already informed not to let the plane out. With a look at the forty foot tall and 50 foot wide hanger doors, each weighing over a ton, Magneto called on his magnetism, willing the doors to open. He pushed mightily, but they did not budge.
           He walked closer and tried to sense the metal of the gears that controlled the doors opening mechanism and felt them begin to turn, very slowly. A ray of sunlight broke through as the doors lurching open. They stopped halfway from being fully open as Magneto felt the gears lock. He tried to force the gears again, straining from the effort till his head hurt, but something was blocking him. He looked toward the right of the vast hanger to see the controller watching him from his office.
           Magneto eyed the man with his piercing gaze and stalked toward him. He got twenty feet before he was pushed to the ground as the Wolverine’s body landed squarely on top of him. The wind was knocked out of Magneto and he couldn’t dislodge the heavier man from his back.
           Wolverine sat up, his hips holding Magneto to the ground and raised his claws to strike down at him. Magneto pushed the claws back with the most powerful magnetic field he could manage. The claws inched downward slowly towards Magneto’s exposed neck. With each second Magneto prepared himself for the sharp pain that was sure to come as the adamantium claws cut clean through him.
           She ran out of the office following Logan who was unreachable in his current state as the Wolverine. She had seen him in this condition many times before and knew that when the animal inside him took control he wasn’t responsible for his actions. Still the sting of his disapproval cut deep into her sense of self and she questioned how she had allowed Magneto’s touch to affect her so.
           Rogue caught sight of the pair on the ground twenty feet away from her, Logan’s claws making their way toward Magneto’s neck and a strange thing came over Rogue. She saw in her minds’ eye all the times she had used her powers by accident and the horrible consequences that followed. Without Magneto’s help to understand her mutation, other people would be hurt by her in the future.
           She flung her gloves from her hands as she ran grasping Logan’s neck when she reached the two men.
           The firefighter’s leaped from the trucks after they stopped fifty feet from the burning terminal building. Although there faces were eclipsed by their helmets, Pyro could still see the fear in their eyes as he juggled the fireballs in his palms. The first company pulled a hose out of the side of their truck, but Pyro blasted them before they could turn it on. The firefighters leaped to cover behind their truck abandoning the burning hose on the ground.
           The second company was faster and Pyro was pushed to the ground from the force of the water from its hose. He tried to get up only to be shoved back by the strong blast of water again. His lighter was knocked from his hand and he twisted on the ground to fight the force of the water on him.
           Pyro’s agony was over in a few minutes though. The fire company had only a small reservoir of water on board it, usually relying on hydrants to fuel its hoses. But the company hadn’t had time to hook into the airports emergency water system. Pyro stood up slowly, his back aching and his clothes hanging soggily from him. He spotted his lighter a few feet away from him. Flicking it open, its tiny flame jumped up and Pyro’s heart relaxed. Thank God for Zippo.
           Out of water, the fire companies were no match for the mutant and his fire balls shot towards them relentlessly until their trucks were left smoldering and over turned.
Magneto and Rogue:
           Logan’s strength rushed from his body and flowed into Rogue’s. Her senses were assaulted by his thoughts and she started to swoon as she was suddenly able to smell things only Logan with his heightened senses could. The roar of the plane’s engine grew to a deafening level as Wolverine’s acute hearing became her own. Memories that were not hers flashed through her mind at lightening speed.
           Magneto could feel through his magnetic field the weakening of the Wolverine’s claws’ downward momentum. He felt the once strong hold of the man’s hips slacken and Magneto pushed him off of his back with a combination of his mutation and his own physical strength. He got back on his feet to see Rogue’s uncovered hand on the Wolverine’s neck.
           “Good girl.” He told her, but she was too lost in her mutation to hear him. Without a second glance he raced towards the controller’s booth. The 747 was nearing the hanger’s opening and Magneto had no time to loose. Reaching out his hand he called upon the metal of the controller’s watch and moved his hand over the panel, releasing the locking mechanize. Another magnetic field moved the man’s watch and hand to the button to open the doors. The grinding of the gears was music to Magneto’s ears as the hanger’s doors rolled open.
           As Rogue felt the flow of life force from Logan slow down she forced herself to pull her hands away. It was not an easy task as her mutation had a mind of its own and with the control of it locked in her subconscious Rogue had to fight to control it. She scooted away from Logan’s crumbled body lying lifelessly on the floor of the hanger bay and looked up to see the hanger doors roll open as Magneto made his way to board the plane by grabbing hold of the planes’ stairs.
           A huge ripping sound caused Magneto to look up only to see the left wing of the 747 hit a piece of scaffolding. The scaffolding toppled from its place near the ceiling of the hanger as the plane slowly rolled by. Magneto watched in horror to see past the airplane as the metal scaffolding came crashing down on Rogue and the Wolverine.
           At the last moment Magneto’s hand shot out and pushed the scaffolding in its fall to land only inches from the two. Rogue sat shaking a little, her eyes wide and glazed, as she looked between the metal scaffolding and Magneto. Magneto caught hold of the planes stairs as they rolled past him, but heard Rogue call out over the din of the 747’s engines.
           “Thank you.”
Notes: Poor Albany International Airport. I knew when Magneto picked it that the airport would suffer. But I didn’t realize it was going to be completely destroyed. Sorry Albany.
Preview: Rogue and Logan return to the mansion. How does Rogue explain what happened between herself and Magneto to Logan and Storm, etc.? How does she explain it to herself? And what will she find when she searches Professor Xavier’s records? Find out on the next episode of Healing: same time, same channel. 

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