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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
Fan Fiction, Fandom, Reviews, and a Healthy Dose of Squee
More "My Immortal" crack 
7th-May-2007 05:15 pm
captain picard
Okay, yesterday I posted links to the story and some of wank but did you know there's a series of YouTube movies for the story. The movies put pictures and artwork to go with the text. If you thought sentences like "I got up suicidally. Lucian, Serious and Profesor Sinister left. I wuz wearing a blak leather nightgun." are funny in text format imagine seeing them put to pictures and see the whole miserable story acted out. 

It's a series of 8 Youtube videos. Here's the first:

And the encylcopedia dramatica page for the story "My Immortal"
Don't forget to read the reviews on FF.net for the story, there's some great M.S.T. in many of the reviews

Straight off of FF.net here's what I left for the story. It's something different than the typical flame.

I just came across this fic. I'm a little late, I know. I wish I could have watched as it was agonizingly updated chapter after chapter. It was recommended to me as "the worst Mary Sue fan fiction of all time." I've had the joy, or...err pain of reading many terrible Mary Sues in my life, but this one sure takes the cake. 

At first I thought it was an urban legend. Surely no fic this bad could exist? The bad spelling and grammer? Sure, I've seen those before. The stereotypical Goth Sue could be real as well. But the author herself is what puts this particular diasterpiece in a class by itself. 

The author: one Tara Gilesbie, a.k.a. "XXXbloodyrists666XXX" A very young, misunderstood girl trying to explore sex through fan fiction despite the fact that she barely understands the mechanics. Yes, we've seen it before. Her spelling and grammer is typical of the preteen set with access to IM and txting. Then there's her clothing label obsession, a mainstay of youth culture. And Tara's own desperate need to be both different than the "prepz" and yet part of a group, the "goffik" culture. She is violently defensive of her fic's right to exist and protective of it at the same time. She tells all the prepz to "STOP FLAMMING DA STORY PREPZ OK! odderwize fangs 2 da goffik ppl 4 da good reveiws!"

Could such a person really exist?

Many reviewers believe the story to be an elaborate hoax. They have trouble believing such a stereotypical Mary Sue combined with such flagrant abuse of the English language can be anything other than a purposeful attempt to do so. The inconsistent misspellings lend credance to this theory. 

But I believe otherwise. I think Tara is real. We've all seen fics that are like this before. The difference is that Tara is far younger than other badfic writers. She may be as young as 9 as rumor suggests.  Younger and younger children are gaining access to computers and the internet in recent years. Some suggest that she's dyslexic. That, too, is possible. Though most dyslexic people eventually learn to correct their own writing, Tara might be too young to do that. 

If Tara was a fake and just a character herself than she would be a great one. As much as Tara stereotypes the world into "prepz" and "goffs", she too is a stereotype of the typical preteen filled with angst and desperate longing to be accepted. She believes, misguidedly, that acceptance into counterculture, those cool outsiders, comes with labels, music prefences, and clothing styles. We've seen it before because it happens in real life. Tara just took it to the Nth degree. And like her miserable fanfic, she didn't know when to stop. She's too young yet (or too dumb I can't decide which) to understand that true acceptance is something found within one's self and no amount of Hot Topic or wrist slitting can substitute. 

If you would like to learn more about Tara Gilesbie and "My Immortal" I'd like to suggest the following links. They're terrific wank and just as entertaining as reading the flames for this story.

On Youtube there's a movie version of My Immortal with reading directly from the story. It's in eight parts.

On Encyclopedia Dramatica look under entries for "My Immortal" and "Tara Gilesbie"

The author has a livejournal account at "goffikgurl666" and there's a tara fan club called "tara_fanclub"

Also check out Tara's own petition called "tararox" at petitiononline entitled "Tara Gliesbie is totlly Gottik." Note that she misspelled her own name. Classic Tara style. 

I'm sure there's more wank out there. I invite you all to explore the wonderful world of M.S.T. and laughs this fic has created. It sure made my day and it will be a favorite of mine for years to come.

The fact that fanhistory.com doesn't have an article on this girl is a crying shame.
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