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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
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Ian in Amadeus 
7th-May-2007 09:55 pm
I watched the movie Amadeus yesterday rather than doing work. (Just like how I'm writing about it now rather than doing work.) Anyway, Amadeus is about Mozart's rival Salieri and how he did/didn't kill Mozart. It's one of my favorite movies. It stars F. Murray Abraham who does an okay job acting in it. I used to love his performance, but then I got the chance to see the play on which the movie was based. The play (also called Amadeus) is completely different. The basic story and characters are mostly the same but it's much more "theatre" and more comedic. Salieri isn't as staunch and angry; he's more charming, funny, and annoyed. Overall, the play is vastly superior to the movie. Maybe I just like the comedy more, I don't know. The movie does have the advantage of a better, err... more well choreographed soundtrack. 

So the point of my post is: did you know Ian McKellen played the part of Salieri on Broadway? My mind reels thinking how incredible that must have been to see. The play is delightful and Ian is doubly delightful. A picture of Ian in a wig is called for right now:

When I watched the movie I tried to imagine Ian playing the part. Maybe I'm partial (I am) but I think Ian would have been the best Salieri and I wish he could have played it in the film. (So I could watch it over and over.)

I'm getting really anxious for it to be September already. In fact the waiting is killing me. I need to see Ian in King Lear NOW! I can't bare waiting four more months.
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