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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
Fan Fiction, Fandom, Reviews, and a Healthy Dose of Squee
Strikethrough 2007 - and the trolls! 
1st-Jun-2007 04:10 am
If you somehow missed the day fandom attacked LJ also known as Strikethrough 07 all I can say is you were lucky. This kerfuffle made the MJ Statue and FanLib seem tiny. LJ literally exploded with activity and overwhelmed its servers. I've decided to call it: Fandom Strikes Back Day. Apparently some right-wing wackos (called Warriors for Innocense) complained to LJ that pedophiles had LJs. LJ did not handle this well and deleted journals for pedophiles and incest survivors. LJ also deleted a few fannish journals. And the shit hit the fan. Anyway check out this post for more.

So to make a long story short I did the little I could to support freedom of speech by joining fandom_counts and commenting to the news community.

The people who seemed to most take up arms over this issue was fandom. We're the most organized (and fanatic) section of LJ. However when the non-fandom people discovered the kerfuffle they did not the feel the same. Below is a small example of trolling by non-fandom LJ users.

It's a little late for me to make a coherent, smart, and academic anaylsis of Strikethrough '07. Instead I'll just post the following anaylsis of time and infomation. (This is an approximation.)

May 29th - Journals Get Suspended
May 30th - Fandom panics. Posts, research, icons are made.
May 31st - LJ talks to CNET. Fandom demands answers on LJ. (angelofsnow remembers how much she loves Cat Macros)

Up until this point only fandom seems concerned about the deleted LJs. Only the users involved with the other journals falsely accused know about this. The rest of LJ seems blissfully ignorant. After all if you weren't in fandom you probably wouldn't have been linked to, or known this was going on.

June 1st 5am eastern - LJ posts an apology.
June 1st 5am-3pm eastern - Commenters continue to voice opinions typically negative.
June 1st 3pm eastern - LJ users not connected with fandom return home from school or work. They see the news story when they log in. They proceed to troll the comments like no tomorrow.

I received over 30 emails to one comment I made suggested the wrongfully suspended journals be offered monetary compensation like a paid account.

Of the 30 replies:
2 were for compensation
28 opposed.

Of the 28 opposed:
4 made no logical sense - I couldn't understand the reply the person was making as words were so jumbled/spelled wrong it didn't count as English.
12 did it for the lulz - all were complete jokes even stating "did it for the lulz" My personal favorite was "Entitlement whore". Damn straight I'm an entitlement whore. BTW it's also called being an assertive consumer.
12 disagreed with the point for logical reasons and I accept that. But each one hadn't read my post fully and accused me of owning one of the deleted journals. WTF!?! I'm not asking for money for myself.

So the reason I'm writing this is I suspect that most of fandom was appeased around 12pm when journals were reinstated, or at least enough to stop maxing comments on the news community. However around 3pm all the trolling middle school students came home and started trolling the comments somethingawful/YTMND/encyclopediadramatica style. They obviously had no idea what was going on and no knowledge of netiquette (which for some strange reason everyone in fandom knows).

Thank you trolls for brightening my day by not reading my comment but trolling it the way only virgin middle school boys would. Wait can I say virgin middle school boys? Or will I be accused of being a pedophile again. Sheech LJ!

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