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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
Fan Fiction, Fandom, Reviews, and a Healthy Dose of Squee
So not up to date and Greatest Journal 
1st-Jun-2007 04:47 am
strikethrough conservatives
I'm criminally behind on reading my flist thanks to all the LJ craziness lately. I didn't even reply to kumadapuma's email yet and she's one of my best friends. I suck. So if I haven't paid attention to you it's because I am slow.

And in all seriousness, I have a new pet turtle and he takes up all my time.

Oh and I have a GreatestJournal now too. It's free and offers 2000 icons!!!

Angelofsnow on GreatestJournal
Thoughts & Comments 
3rd-Jun-2007 05:00 am (UTC)
Dern right you haven't replied.


I kid. All in good time.
(Deleted comment)
3rd-Jun-2007 07:25 am (UTC)
I'm finally replying. I still suck at answering emails and comments.

Way back when you posted:
shoot....I just tried to figure out what metas and fanlibs are but I got lost in the jargon. I'm not too internet savvy but Chris Williams sounds like an asshole.

Meta is like the study of fandom and fans. It's where people post about being fans. It's sort of like - have you noticed how most young readers just review with something like "update more!"? It's usually boring posts about writing fanfic and reviewing it but every once in a while the posts are hilarious.

The past week we've had FanLib a company trying to profit of all of Fan Fiction and making so many mistakes doing it. It's hilarious to read about them and make fun of them. Then later this week LJ deleted a Harry Potter porn community and LJ went batshit crazy over it. Reading the posts was fun and a bunch of fans got together and spammed LJ's community with pictures of cats until they gave in and reinstated the community.

The jargon is dense. I only understand half of it. But the wank (which means jokes/hilarious stupidity here) is worth it.

Btw, I haven't said hi in a while. Sorry about that but my internship, work and new boyfriend has kept me away from the computer. So...Hi!

I'm going to have to jump on IM to here about this. You've started your internship and you have a new guy. Send me an email and I'll try to get my IM program to work so we can talk.

Also, my LJ seems to be fucked up. None of my entries are showing up on my screen. Do you have any idea what the hell I'm doing wrong?

What do you mean by no entries? Oh wait I checked your LJ. I see the probably. You "friends locked" your entries which means only users on your friends list can see them. You have to log in as yourself to see them.
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