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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
Fan Fiction, Fandom, Reviews, and a Healthy Dose of Squee
Yuletide: Letter to Santa 
22nd-Oct-2007 02:13 am
I signed up for Yuletide this year. It's my first year doing the fic exchange and I am very excited about it. I can't wait to read not only my gift fic, but also all the new rare fandom fics that are going to come out. It's going to really make my Christmas/New Year's time so much more fun.

Here's my requests:

1) X-men RPF (Ian McKellen/Patrick Stewart) - A slash fic featuring Ian McKellen with another actor. I'd love to see Derek Jacobi or Patrick Stewart. Or another guy. It could take place during the filming of X-Men or more recently when he's doing King Lear. If not slash, maybe a comic gen fic with snarky banter.

2) Bionic Woman 2007 (Jamie Sommers/Sarah Corvus) Either gen Jamie learns cool new features of her bionics. Or preferably femslash between Jamie Sommers and Sarah Corvus. Sarah teaches Jamie something or Sarah learns something she didn't know about Jamie. Fighting and hostility a plus.

3) Rome (Atia/Anthony) - They bicker over something or they annoy young Augustus (Octavian) and Octavia. Love to see Anthony behaving badly.

4) Traveler (Jay/Tyler)

I think it tells a lot about me that my requests included 2 slash fics, 1 het, and 1 femslash. I'm diverse. And I'm pretty easily satisfied.

I already got my assigned fic and although I can't talk about it, I must say I'm happy with it. I think I can do a good job on my assigned fic and that's what matters. I'm actually looking forward to writing it and I'll probably finish it fairly quickly.

Dear Secret Yuletide Author,

Hi! I'm AngelofSnow. You probably don't know me and we're total strangers and that's pretty cool. Feel free to look around my LJ and Fanfiction.net accounts. It's mostly full of X-Men fic which probably isn't too helpful for writing my requests. I'm fairly easy going and don't have any real squicks. I enjoy smut but if you're not comfortable writing it I understand. I tried to make all my requests have two options so if you have trouble writing one you could do the other.

Here's some basic info about how I see the fandoms and characters I've requested:

1)If you got my first request with the Ian McKellen story I feel sorry for you. I realize Ian fangirls are rare. (I think there are like 10 of us and we all hang out together, lol). I'll be happy with anything you can come up with on this story. For some inspiration check out sir_ian_slash. I mentioned Derek Jacobi in the request because he's another gay British actor that Ian McKellen admitted to having a crush on as a young man.

2)If you got my Bionic Woman fic request - This show is so new and changing every week. I guess I like the scifi aspects of the show and the way Jamie's thrust into this completely extraordinary life. I feel like she should have a hard time adjusting. And I like Sarah best when she's acting rather ruthless and drunk on her own power. She's just so much fun.

3)If you got my Rome fic request - I'm a big fan of the way Atia and Anthony don't really plan for the future and aren't adept politicians. I like when Atia and Anthony are horribly selfish in a comic way. Like their scenes in the hot dub or the classic season 2 opener when Anthony won't get out of bed till he's had sex and Atia sends for the German slut from the kitchen. I'm hoping for something funny, but really I'll be satisfied with just about anything. Don't feel pressured.

4) If you got my Traveler fic request - Hey fellow Traveler fan! I haven't seen any Jay/Tyler fics out there and I've always been a fan of the pairing. They're on the run together; in between arguing I imagine they've grown to trust each other. I also think that they must be paranoid and nervous while being fugitives on the run and I can really see them turning to each other for comfort. I imagine very hot, anxious, comfort sex between these two beautiful boys. But a gen fic about them on the run will work too.

I hope that info helps you. Thanks so much for writing my gift fic. ((hugs))

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