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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
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Forever Knight Soundtrack 
12th-Nov-2007 05:03 pm
Forever Knight
As you probably already know I'm a big fan of the 16 year old Canadian TV show Forever Knight. I consider it as one of the best Vampire shows/films/books to date and it has by in far the best vampire mythology. Not necessarily the most accurate to folklore but the most fun to explore. (Flying, mind control, heartbeat/sonar hearing is super cool!) And I'm fond of calling it the most "adult" show ever aired on television. And by adult I don't mean it was chock full of sex and violence like an HBO show. By adult I mean it raised extremely dark and subversive philosophical questions and didn't offer the usual reassuring answers. It was originally aired in 1991 and yet I've never seen another show explore such weighty issues as suicide, desire, and religion in such a nihilistic manner. It just...rocks.

Anyway, I learned recently that there's actually a second soundtrack for the show which I don't own yet and the nice folks at fk_freaks were nice enough to upload it for me. I must go try to buy it on Ebay because my collection won't be complete until I do. For other FK fans out there - here's the rare More Music Second Soundtrack.

But I want all of you to hear how really different and strange the music of Forever Knight is. The soundtrack music for the show is extremely good, atmospheric, and with clever original motifs for each episode. But the contemporary vocal pieces composed for the show are in a category by themselves. They're sexy, dark, Gothic, late 80's music. And they're just not like anything else out there.

So I wanted to offer everyone a sample. Here's Lori Yates - Touch the Night from the first soundtrack. Go listen and tell me what you think.

I'm totally watching some Forever Knight while I have dinner.
Thoughts & Comments 
17th-Jan-2011 08:17 am (UTC) - painter 11
thanks for the inspiration I was stressed by work but i learnt that life is about living to the fullest and enjoying every moment.Thanks a million
18th-Jan-2011 08:34 am (UTC) - provides access
Hi. I wanted to drop you a quick note to express my thanks. I’ve been following your blog for a month or so and have picked up a ton of good information as well as enjoyed the way you’ve structured your site.
18th-Jan-2011 07:15 pm (UTC) - Re: provides access
Thank you. Um,.... is there anyway you can prove your not spam?
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