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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
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"The Walking Dead" Review 
18th-Dec-2010 01:42 pm
Bionic Woman
 So in my never-ending quest to watch less soul-crushing reality TV, I gave "The Walking Dead", the TV show about a zombie apocalypse produced by AMC,  a try a few weeks ago. 

"The Walking Dead" is immensely popular. Posting the greatest ratings for a TV pilot on AMC ever : 5.3 million people watched the show. And it's easy to see why. AMC, obviously put money behind the TV show. It has high production values. Also, it has zombies.

In case you're unaware, Zombies are immensely popular right now. For men/boys, they're the answer to the vampire craze for girls. Also, they combine an element of horror, suspense, and comedy all in a grusome package. 

Although, Walking Dead looks cool on billboards and it is the first ever TV show about zombies, it's leaves a lot to be desired.

It feels to me that everything about the show is just well, lackluster. The story is completely ripped off from 28 Days later. Come on, people. That movie isn't even 10 years old. Anyone who likes zombies remembers it well. Both start with a man who wakes up in a hospital room to discover he hasn't been taken care of because everyone has fallen to a zombie plague. The second episode falls prey to a completely unnecessary race relations storyline that seems particularly inappropriate and unlikely, in light of the Zombies literally beating down the door. There's also an uninteresting plot with main characters missing wife sleeping with his best friend. Was this going on before the zombie apocalypse or did it start afterward? Who cares? These characters are uninteresting and one dimensional. 

The acting and casting is nothing to write home about. Like the characters, nothing is gripping or interesting

Worse yet, the mythos is flawed. Zombies conveniently can do whatever the writers need them to do. In one scene they can't open doors, in another they know how to use rocks to break windows. In one scene they can't climb a ladder. In another a zombie agilely vaults a fence. 

I want to like "The Walking Dead". But I just can't seem to. I feel no attachment to the characters. And I keep thinking about what the show should be like. It could have the same life or death thrills of Battlestar Galactica, except with Zombies, and on Earth... instead it feels like "Brothers and Sisters" with Zombies. Ugh. 
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