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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
Fan Fiction, Fandom, Reviews, and a Healthy Dose of Squee
demented_allure is back and active 
19th-Jan-2011 11:31 am
comic rogue nice
It's off to a slow start but one of my favorite communities, demented_allure, is coming back.

Thanks to dyingomg who's chock full of enthusiasm and passion for X-Men, and whose been posting and urging people to action, she's breathing some life back into our abandoned X-Men rare pairing communities.

In case, you're unaware, as I was, X-MEN Legacy is running a RogueXMagneto story angle in the last several issues. I believe the story starts in X-MEN Legacy 208 with the plot "The Second Coming".

And demented_allure has already jumped on it and is running a banner designing contest.

Now all we need is some new fanfic. Hopefully, I can take some time out from RL to get on that. :)
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