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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
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Magneto Movie - Updates! 
11th-Sep-2006 08:47 am
Cruelly 2
If you haven't figured it out yet... I am mildly obsessed with the character of Magneto. And because of that I am impatiently awaiting the release of the upcoming Magneto movie. I plan to post information about the movie as it comes forward. Also, if you know of any info about the movie, drop me a note. You'll make me sequee with happiness. 

So here's some of what I know so far about the Magneto movie: 

"Based on the Marvel Comics character, this prequel recounts the young master of magnetism's early days, from World War II to his friendship with future enemy Charles Xavier." - IGNfilmforce

"There's an interview with screenwriter Sheldon Turner over at Bullz-Eye.com where he briefly touches on the early days of the master of magnetism. "It's a young Magneto. It opens up with a 14-year-old Magneto being abducted and put into Auschwitz. It's made for a 28-, 29-year-old actor. And then it tracks on how he seeks vengeance on the Nazis who killed his parents in the camps. And in the same way -- a la Anakin Skywalker, Leatherface, any of these iconic characters -- what was interesting for me and what will be interesting for the audience is, 'All right, now I understand why he did that thing. Does it make me love him more? Maybe not, but ...' People are fascinated by the origins of any human being. It’s a way to indulge their pseudo-psychological interests, and have fun at the same time." - The Comic Reel

"Variety reported on Monday that Twentieth Century Fox has tabbed Sheldon Turner to write a Magneto movie, spinning off of the X-Men franchise. It is unclear if Ian McKellen -- who played the character in the first two X-Men movies -- will be involved in the film since it centers on the character in his formulative years. According to Variety, the film will heavily involve Professor X, who was a soldier in the allied force that liberated the concentration camps. The professor meets Magneto after the war, and while they bond over the realization that they are alike in their special powers, their differences soon turn them into enemies. Magneto is the second X-Men spinoff. Fox recently announced a deal with David Benioff to write a Wolverine film, and Marvel has targeted it as a 2007 release. "I pitched a film that is almost The Pianist meets X-Men, about a guy who, after watching his family slaughtered, has an awakening of his powers and seeks revenge," Turner told Variety." - Comics Continuum

According to IMDB:

Credited cast:
 Ian McKellen ....  Magneto
 Rebecca Romijn ....  Raven Darkholme/Mystique (in talks)
 Patrick Stewart ....  Professor Charles Xavier

Yay, Rebecca Romijn is in talks, so hopefully Mystique has a part in this film. I'm curious to see how far the script pushes the relationship between Charles and Erik (dare I hope they make it slashy or at least suggestive). I also hope Mystique and Magneto get a bit of a back story/relationship. Basically I just want to see a movie where Ian McKellen as Magneto kills Nazis, destroys metal stuff, and then has hot sex with several cast members. Yup, that's the movie I want to see. 

From Ian Mckellen's Site: Mckellen.com (thanks to nilidarkelf for providing me with the link)
"X-Men More?
"Rumour, 31 May 2006:   From SuperHeroHype:  Bruno Confirms McKellen in Magneto.  Source:  'Antony' tells us he got to chat with X-Men: The Last Stand visual effects supervisor John Bruno about both Magneto and Fantastic Four 2:  "I didn't know if you were interested but I can confirm that Ian McKellen will be playing Magneto in the prequel.  I was told this by John Bruno at a screening of X3.  The company who worked on X3 to deage them is also going to be doing the Mags prequel.  According to John, Ian is really excited." 

Fact: "I am a total fan of John Bruno — his dedication to the X-Men films and his achievements in The Last Stand are exemplary.  As on screen, he has made the impossible possible and the fantastic believable and the dreamworld actual, I am going to accept that John's rumour may well turn out to be true.  In the meantime, this is the first I have heard of it.  I suppose that the huge success of the third film makes it more likely that prequels, sequels, and spin-offs may now be in the planning."             — Ian McKellen, 1 June 2006

Sheldon Turner, who is writing the Magneto screenplay:
"With a prequel, there's certainly more freedom. There's more license that comes with it. And it's more fun to work with the elements that people know, be it Leatherface or Magneto, and finding the beats in there. It's a tricky nuance in realizing what's been said, for instance, in the last two X-Men movies that you have to acknowledge because there are those hardcore fans that are going to call you on it if you don't."

You're sort of writing gospel. These are huge cult hits and you're coming up with their bibles.

"It's interesting. With Magneto, the first thing I did was go back and read every comic book with a reference to him in it. What you find is that there's some really smart stuff there. There's some stuff you can take and some things that you respectfully reject because you have to ask: Is it going to play cinematically? It's a negotiation of sorts because you don't want to get all the X-Men fans abuzz about how you didn't pay respect to the core origin, but you also have to make it accessible to those who don't know who Magneto is. Even if you haven't seen an X-Men movie, good drama is good drama."

John Bruno:

"The movie has been touted as a prequel/origin story so it's likely that McKellen would portray the mutant at his present age, flashbacking to the past, rather than as a young man." - All I am gonna say is Ian McKellen had better be in every scene. He's such a fantastic actor it would be a shame to use him only as an introduction to flashbacks. But if they must get a younger actor, I'm for Christian Bale. Who would you like to see play the young Magneto? 

Latest News:

From Ian McKellen's website:
"Lauren Shuler Donner (producer of the X-Men movies) whose husband Richard bought the film rights to the comics initially, recently announced that a Young Magneto movie is in the works. Pity she hasn't told me anything about it -- as yet." - Ian McKellen, as of August 30th 2006

Oh god! Horrors! Is Ian not being included? Or not included much in the Magneto Movie? I'll die. Please say it ain't so.

Lauren Shuler Donner on Nov. 18th 06

" And I think we're going to do Young Magneto, we have a really great script, we have a director that is interested and he'll do a rewrite on the script. But, it's young Magneto and it's a young Xavier.  Not "kid young," but you know, when Magneto got through the Holocaust and when he, Erik Lehnsherr, became "Magneto." "

This is a little worrisome. Since young Magneto isn't likely to have either Ian McKellen or Patrick Stewart in it for large parts. They say they have a director and a script, but she didn't mention any timeline for when the movie will get made. *very worried*

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Thoughts & Comments 
22nd-Aug-2006 01:59 am (UTC)
Yay, Mystique!!!

Him getting revenge on the Nazis, destroying metal, and having hot sex with cast members is something I think they know we're waiting to see. Because they honestly can't believe we'll flock there for another Nazi movie. Unless there's lots and lots of sex.

22nd-Aug-2006 02:06 am (UTC)
I totally agree. There have been a lot of WWII/Nazi movies made along the same lines *cough* The Pianist *cough*. I really want them to do a good job on this movie and I want Ian McKellen to be in it as much as possible. And they had better make the Magneto/Mystique relationship official because we have all been waiting to see that.

Hey, are you still looking for people in your RPG?
22nd-Aug-2006 04:36 am (UTC)
I am so excited about that. I want to see their view of how Mystique and Erik met. *squee* And yeah, Ian McKellen in the movie 99.5% of the time is a given.

Yes we are still looking :3

Here's the link for that: http://godsandinsects.proboards82.com/index.cgi
22nd-Aug-2006 11:00 am (UTC)
oooh, I so want to see that movie. Happy to see Ian will be in it... hopefully. :D
28th-Aug-2006 01:42 pm (UTC)
Me again. There´s another nice link to Ian´s homepage. it´s a little older and mainly about his part in X3, but he mentions the Magneto spinoff, too. Here you go:

29th-Aug-2006 09:32 am (UTC)
I added your link and updated the info on the movie with more fun stuff.
29th-Aug-2006 10:09 am (UTC)
Woot, you updated the article. More infos, yay :D
Can´t wait for the Magneto movie. Anyways, one more link I found with Ian talking about the possibility he might play young magneto as well (would be a shame if we only saw him in flashbacks, wouldn´t it?) as according to Ian, this morphing programm they used on X3 can do more than any of us might guess right now.

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