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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
Fan Fiction, Fandom, Reviews, and a Healthy Dose of Squee
Healing - Chapter 18: Tender Is the Night 
22nd-Aug-2006 06:29 am
Title: Healing
Verse: X-Men movieverse
Timeline: post X-Men: The Last Stand
Author: angelofsnow
Pairing: Eventual Rogue/Magneto
Rating: M – sexual situations – LEMON! OMG yes finally!
Disclaimer: I don’t own the X-Men. I am not making any profit from this. It is purely non-profit porn. The best kind of porn.
Summary: The Cure is only temporary. While healing Rogue and Magneto find each other and realize they have more in common than they originally thought. 
Soundtrack: I recommend the song “Tear You Apart” by She Wants Revenge. Play whatever music you would play during a seduction. I know each of you has a personal preference.
Notes: 41,188 words later it is time for our characters to get it on. I thought they would be sleeping together by chapter six. Dumb author. I really had no intention of writing anything this long. Boy did I get carried away.
****Warning****: This chapter contains graphic sexual situations. If this stuff offends you or you aren’t interested in seeing Magneto and Rogue together do not read any further. Absolutely nothing is left to the imagination. As I boasted to my good friend KumaDaPuma a few days ago, “I promise to write the hottest piece of smut ever to grace fanfiction dot net”. If you have not already figured it out, your author is no stranger to the baser elements of life. If you are a virgin or are generally not very experienced in the carnal world, this chapter may be very enlightening for you. But nothing in it is unrealistic or unattainable. You might find yourself a bit disappointed in your boyfriends and wonder where you can find a guy as skilled as I have portrayed Erik to be. They are few and far between. If you find a guy like this, hold on to him. They are a rare breed to be sure. Another warning: Do not read this at work. Do not read this in a public place. Do not read this with other people around you. Save this chapter till it is nighttime and you are in a room by yourself. You will thank me for it. 

Chapter Eighteen: Tender Is the Night
Magneto and Rogue:
           Rogue had worn sound dampening head phones during the flight back to the island fortress in Maine. They allowed her to sleep soundly, first leaning back in the co-pilot’s seat, and then slumping lightly against Magneto’s shoulder for the remainder of the flight. Using his magnetism, Magneto could control the operation of the helicopter without keeping his hand on the yoke, but only twice did he reach out to stroke the silken tresses of her long sepia shaded hair.
           When the helicopter landed, Rogue remained asleep against Magneto’s shoulder. He delicately removed the head phones from her head and the movement disturbed her slumber; yet she did not awaken. Using his mutation, he levitated her up till he could get his arms around her and carried her into the fortress, making the slow walk to her bedroom. As Erik made to set her down on her own bed to sleep, she stirred groggily in his arms.
           “Mmhhmm. Not here. Your room.” He regarded her face. Her eyes had remained closed the entire time she had spoken. Was she even aware of what she was saying?
           “Marie?” He questioned her. If she was as asleep as he thought she was he would just set her down and let her go to bed. She opened her brown eyes, a peaceful smile on her lips. She looked like an angel in her white Versace gown.
           “Take me to your room Erik. I want to sleep in your bed tonight.” He looked at her. She was so young. So young compared to him. Her smile did not fade.
           “So be it. Whatever you want, my dear, you shall have.” His voice was a quiet whisper directed only towards her. He carried her to his bedroom, which was across the length of the fortress. They met no one in corridors as it was quite late. She had never seen his bedroom before.
           Rogue woke up a little more with each step Magneto took towards his sleeping chamber. She wondered where the sudden confidence had come from to be so bold with him. She hardly believed the words that had come from her mouth. They could have only one meaning. But she did not regret them. No, they felt absolutely right.
           The very idea of entering Magneto’s bedroom excited Rogue. After so many nights of longing, she had imagined the moment a hundred times. She fantasized a thousand scenes between them and dreamed up hundreds of ways his bedroom could look. But finally seeing the real room was surreal. He had the largest chamber of the island fortress and as expected, there was metal everywhere. But what caught Rogue’s eye and held it was the humongous king-sized bed with four brass posters in the center of the room. The bed spread was a rich dark crimson color and Rogue waited with baited breath till he set her down upon it. Her ivory satin dress silky and warm against her skin, but beneath it she could feel the tactile ribbed fabric of the comforter.
           Leaving her for a moment he started to raise the thermostat against the cold night, but thought better of it. He got a fire started in the small fireplace opposite the bed. Where was Pyro when he needed him? The fire blazed and warmed the room. It’s heat filling a circle around it. He closed the screen around the fire, in case he forgot to tend it before he went to sleep. He knew he would forget to put out the fire. He knew he would forget everything else but the beautiful woman lying on the bed before him. His Marie…
           Marie sat up on the bed and watched as he shrugged off his black wool coat that he wore over his tuxedo. He threw it onto a nearby chair. She remembered the rough way the fabric felt against her ungloved hands. Living for so many years without touch, she memorized every texture that her skin encountered. But none of it compared to the intoxicating feeling of another person’s skin beneath her own. She said a silent prayer of thanks for Magneto’s shield that allowed them to touch without adverse affect. She hoped it wasn’t too much work for him to sustain it for long periods of time. She had never asked him what it felt like to maintain it.
           Magneto sat down on the bed next to her and circled his arm around her, but she pulled away and resisted him.
           “There’s something I should tell you.” Her right hand rubbed her left over and over as she spoke. “I slept with Bobby.”
           “Your boyfriend?” He asked gently.
           “My ex-boyfriend. He’s an X-Man.” She continued rubbing her hands. Erik could only think of the play Macbeth by Shakespeare. She was like Lady Macbeth rubbing her hand and saying ‘out out damn spot’.
           “It is immaterial to me whether you have slept with one man or twenty.” He told her, rubbing his hand down her back to comfort her.
           “It- It wasn’t very good.” She admitted still unable to look at him.
           “No one’s first time is.” He thought about telling her about his own, but there was no need. She had his memories and unbidden the experience came to her. He had been very young, only 13. He was in the concentration camp, not long before the war ended, though he did not yet know the end was in sight. An older girl of 15 had come to him and said she knew she would die in the gas chambers that day and she did want to die a virgin. Erik had accommodated the girl’s request. Anything to alleviate another’s suffering. The girl had not been sent to the gas chambers that day, but she had died several weeks later of starvation. She looked nothing like Rogue’s soft curves. The only curves on the girl had been the curve of her pelvis bone poking through her malnourished body.
It was an unpleasant memory and Erik feared it had killed the mood. He searched the room, looking for something to take their minds off the past. He saw his jacket and the idea came to him.
“Why did you want to wear my gloves Marie?” He had hit the nail on the head. She blushed and stumbled over her words.
“I- my gloves were dirty, is all.” It was a pathetic fib, but an attempt had to be made all the same.
“All eight pairs you brought with you?” He raised his eyebrow and looked down at her. She trembled against her will, loathing what she would have to admit, but knowing it no longer mattered.
“I liked wearing them. They reminded me of you. They smelled like your cologne and they were such a soft leather. And…” here she forced her eyes to meet his. His blue eyes appeared almost brown the pupils were so dilated. “And you have such long fingers, I couldn’t help but notice. It- they- and I liked the thought of your long fingers, that you were the only one who could touch me. That you were the only one who believed in me. It made me- I liked it a lot.” Between Rogue’s broken musings it was not hard to find the message.
           “Do you want me to wear them now?” She gulped and froze in place. It took her a moment to find her voice.
           “Could you?” He retrieved a spare pair of size large black leather gloves made by Gucci from his dresser drawer. He sat back down on the bed and watched Rogue’s face as he set the gloves on his lap. With the glove held in his right hand he slide his left into it, pushing his fingers out to the very end and enjoying the straining sound the leather made as he squeezed his hand into it. His movements were agonizingly slowly as he did the same with his right hand. Rogue felt her panties grow wet at the sight and a shiver ran down her spine.
           With his gloved hand he moved her white streak away from her eyes and pushed it behind her ear. His gaze traveled over her stunned expression and he felt his need for her grow as he took in her flawless complexion and doll-like eyes. Her lipstick reddened lips formed a perfect ‘O’ as though she had forgotten to close her mouth. He did not neglect the opportunity she offered.
           Moving his large leather enclosed hands down her back, he hugged her to him. The leather gloves producing a vicious affect against the frictionless satin. Rogue loved every second of it. As he held her, Magneto lowered his mouth on to hers and felt her arms encircle his back. At first she held them still, but emboldened by his movements, she made to rub concentric circles on his back with her left hand.
           He kissed her soft full lips, his own exploring each ounce of flesh, each inch of folded red tissue. She relished the press of his lips against her own, an incredible sensation after months without any contact for them. His tongue begged entry to her mouth and she yielded to his invasion. With deft movements his tongue met her own, circling it. He pressed his tongue to the roof of her mouth and mimicked the circles she was tracing on his back with her hands. She moaned deep in her throat at the pleasure of the feeling.
           As he kissed her, her hands explored his body, brushing against the fabric of the tuxedo and eventually losing themselves in his silver hair. His hair was thick and kept medium long. Rogue had often longed to compare its texture to her white streak and now she finally had the chance. Her fingers ran through it and disturbed his carefully styling. It had the texture of spun silk and the unreal feeling held her spellbound. She could not remember touching anything so glorious before.
           She tried to memorize every inch of him; greedy for the press of his body against her own. She loved how he was so tall that he had to lean down to her. She loved his broad shoulders and his strong arms wrapped around her. It… well, it made her knees weak. Erik did not stop kissing her, but alternated between sucking and nibbling her lips until she pushed her tongue into his mouth. He waited for her tongue to begin dancing against his own till he let out a low growl of desire. The growl ran through her body and she trembled against him.
           He moved his mouth to minister to her tiny, delicate ear. His tongue that had been so skilled in her mouth, made short work of her ear lobe, pulling it into his mouth and kneading it with his tongue. He increased the speed flicking his tongue back and forth across it till Marie moaned again, her breathing taking on a frantic urgency. When he thought she could take no more, he released her ear and blew against it with his hot breath. Her head dropped back of its accord.
           Not wishing to be out done; Marie rose to the challenge. She pulled Erik’s head around so that she could reach his ear with her mouth. She ran her small tongue against the outer lobe and then took his bottom ear lobe into her mouth sucking in earnest. Erik groaned against her imaging the exquisite feeling of her sucking another cartilage organ. He held Rogue’s lithe satin clothed body against him and marveled at the feel of her breasts pressed against his chest. His leather gloved hands traced the hour glass shape of her figure to find her round soft derrière. He grew hard at the feel of her tiny waist and shapely bottom and drew her fiercely against him.
           Marie stopped sucking on his ear and drew in a sharp breath. Oh my… Uh, oh. She felt his hardened erection hot and throbbing bear down on her stomach. It reached right below her belly button and when she moved against him it brushed against the tiny depression. He was not small. No, he was easily three inches longer than Bobby had been and significantly wider. Would she…, she looked nervously at the blazing fire, would she be able to fit him? Would it hurt again?
           He shifted her in his arms till her head tilted back for him and he caressed the pulse point just below and to the left of the tip of her chin. As he felt with his tongue her pulse race wilding against it; he kneaded deep rotating motions into it, until she moaned almost continuously. He changed strategies to suck the sensitive flesh hard into his mouth and he only let up when he was sure she would carry a cherry red mark there the next day. His mouth moved to kiss the rest of her exposed flesh as Rogue trembled in his arms. So many long years without touch. So many long years without touch like this. She shook against him and cried out. He swept her hair back, pulling it roughly with his gloved hand as he bit her where her neck met her shoulders. It was just deep enough to draw blood and he untied her halter top to move the ivory material away from the small scarlet drops.
           She felt herself come alive as she had never before. His every touch enthralled her and left her desperate for more. She ran her hands down the front of his chest, pushing aside the flaps of his tuxedo jacket, urgent to feel his own skin beneath her fingers. He helped her to remove the jacket, letting it fall crumpled to the floor beside the bed. His long finger made quick work of his cravat, loosening it as she pulled it away from his neck and flung it several feel away. Meanwhile he untied his cummerbund and threw it aside. Her fingers were nimble as they raced to unbutton his white shirt. She made short work of the offensive obstruction to his chest and parted it to reveal his chest. He was not a young man but he kept himself well toned and she traced the muscles lightly with her finger tips. The feel of his curly white chest hair was one of many palpable sensations that she reveled in that night.
           She moved back from him slightly to bend her head forward and take one of his nipples in her mouth, sucking and playing with it softly. Erik’s eyes rolled back in his head. If it was possible his erection strained harder against her and his vision began to dim slightly as more and more blood flowed lower in his body. He fought the compelling need to take her quickly, willing himself to make her first time with him languorous and tender. He pulled her hair to move her head back up and kissed her deeply again as he pulled the halter top of the Versace dress down to her stomach.
           “It’s my turn.” He drank in the sight of her unrestrained perky breasts in front of him. Her areoles were a deep plum color, darkened from desire. His hands picked up the wobbly, watery weight of each breast and let out another groan as he clenched his teeth not to come that very second. He had been too long without a woman and his need was insistent. He played with her breasts enjoying the weight and shape of them in his hand till he gently pushed her down to lie on the bed. His pants felt painfully tight against his erection as he leaned down against her. His mouth found her left nipple and sucked rigorously as his other hand massaged her right breast with increasing speed. He nibbled on her with his teeth and flicked his tongue rapidly across her. His tongue burned wet and hot against her peaked nipple. When he heard her finally moan his name low and throaty into the comforter he switched and began the same on her right breast.
           “Oh, Erik…” She moaned unable to contain herself. He stopped himself again when he felt the abrupt need to come welling within him. He moved away from her to resist its need.
“Take off that dress Marie before I rip it off you.” His voice was deep and hurried and Rogue couldn’t help but feel nervous. She had been a bit worried that he would be too large for her after seeing how long his fingers were and how big his gloves needed to be. His shoe size only added to her fears. And now having felt his organ against her she wondered if she could handle its length and girth. She swallowed as she stood up to slip the gown down her waist. Its shimmering fabric pooled at her feet and she stood before him in only her underwear and heels. Her long wavy brown hair mussed, her eyes dark with desire, her breasts swollen, their nipples twin peaks of unconcealed lust.
She knew what it felt like to have a man within her. But she did not know what it felt like to desperately want a man inside her. She was learning that feeling now. She felt it as his eyes devoured her. She wanted Erik inside her. Wanted to feel him hard within the cavity at the base of her. Wanted it so intensely she hurt inside.
Erik looked brazenly at her naked form, starring at the white cotton panties that were her only adornment now. Nothing could have made her seem more innocent than the thick white cotton bikini briefs she wore. He was captivated by the area they veiled. She kicked off her heels and he was reminded of his own shoes. He lifted his leg to untie them but she put out her hand to stop him.
“Let me.” She kneeled at his feet and unlaced his black dress shoes. Marie massaged his feet tenderly as she rolled his socks off. At the same time, Erik freed himself from his shirt and discarded it. Rogue moved to take one of his toes in her mouth and stopped herself. On second thought she had a better idea. She took off the glove on his left hand and held his hand in both of hers. Continuing to kneel at his feet she took his long index finger in her mouth, sucking on it and rubbing her tongue against it. Erik imagined her mouth around another long appendage and he groaned loudly. His erection throbbed painfully.
“Marie you must stop that. I- I can’t take it.” He pulled his hand away from her and put the glove back on. Then, he undid the belt around his pants, desperate to free his fettered organ.
“You’re really good at foreplay Erik. I lot better than Bobby.” She realized looking at the straining of his penis against his pants that she should not be miffed by his rejection.
“Foreplay is the difference between a good lover and a bad lover.” Magneto said taking long deep breaths as he took off his pants and underwear. “A great lover does not need foreplay at all. It doesn’t surprise me Iceman left something to be desired. The better looking a man is the worse he usually is in bed. If he’s good-looking he doesn’t need to be talented.”
“That’s not true. You’re incredible and I find you very handsome.” Marie smiled shyly at him.
“Come here.” His hand shot out and gripped her wrist and flung her on to the bed. She caught sight of his naked body then as he towered above her. There stood his erection perfect, pink, and ramrod straight sticking up and saluting her desirability. She found herself feeling beautiful and wanted. She loved to look at its unashamed testimony to her sexuality. It made her feel like she wasn’t a cursed mutant with deadly skin, unable to touch others around her. It made her feel like a normal woman.
He hastily moved on top of her, kissing her lips again. He still wore the black leather gloves and now they traveled down past her breasts to rub her flat stomach with their warm finely corrugated material. As he deepened their kiss, he moved his gloved right hand to scoot beneath her white cotton panties and touch her. He felt her hips buck against his at the first gentle caress. With long strokes up and down he massaged her clitoris till she moaned against his mouth. Moving his hand lower he inserted one black gloved finger into her wet depths. He kissed her severely, pushing his tongue deep inside her as his black gloved finger did the same. He was incapable of caring that he was ruining such an expensive pair of gloves. Thoughts beyond bedding Rogue were too complex for his brain at that moment.
He continued to rub the nub at the joining of her legs and she whispered sweet nothings in his ear. Erik began to grow impatient and took off the gloves from his hand, using one hand to support himself above her, he massaged her swiftly sweeping his fingers in tight circles right at the threshold of her need. He used first one then two fingers to play with her. Sitting up freed his other hand to insert two fingers inside of her, feeling the soaking wet slickness that signaled how ready she was for him to take her. It was the fight of a lifetime to resist for even a few minutes longer.
Instead, he lowered his head between her legs and used his tongue to replace his fingers. He sucked on her core, nibbling once with his teeth, yet still she did not come. Rogue felt on fire, her left hand gripping Erik’s back while her right had balled up the bed spread in her fist and held it for dear life against his expert attentions. Her toes curled with each second of delightful torture. Magneto raised his head.
“Hold your breath Rogue and do not let it out until you can’t stand it anymore.” She took a deep breath and felt her muscles contract and stiffen underneath his mouth. As she struggled to hold her breath his ministrations felt a thousand times more intense. When Rogue could resist no longer she released the breath with a cry and came that very instant. The intense feeling flowed through her every nerve and her body relaxed, sinking into the mattress. She had been holding herself taut and hadn’t released it.
Magneto’s rapid caresses did not wan. His tongue continued to massage her as he sucked her into his mouth till she was almost sore, while his two fingers moved in and out of her preparing her for his penetration. This time Rogue came easily moaning in utter ecstasy. Erik lost himself when she called out his name in the throes of yet a third orgasm and he repositioned himself to enter her with his shaft.
He drove into her knowing she was well ready for him and she lifted her hips off the mattress giving her a deeper angle of access. This was the culmination of so many long, lonely nights of fantasy for the two. Marie could hardly contain her sheer bliss at the long awaited gratification. To Erik, the feeling was severe, overwhelming euphoric agony. With steady upward strokes, he moved in and out of her barely able to contain himself after so long a build up. Marie hardly recognized the feelings of elation his movements produced within her and the uncomfortable memories of her times with Bobby as being the same act. They seemed so drastically different.
At first his rhythm was slow and unhurried and Marie found herself begging him for more with throaty unintelligible gasps and moans. He groaned and moved himself completely out of her, pausing a moment and then driving brutal and strong into her. Rogue cried out a panicked, wheezing “Erik” and came apart in his arms. He contained his sharp need no longer, relentlessly driving into her as she tightened her inner muscles against him, contracting and relaxing uncontrollably. Her pleasure rose higher and higher till his every plunge made her feel like she was orgasming over and over again. Finally he shook violently, pounding into her three last times and came hard with a groan that might have been the name “Marie” but was more an animal’s roar then a spoken word. He collapsed in exhaustion on top of her and neither moved for a time, their loud panting breaths the only sound in the room.
Sometime later she caught sight of his back. She had left marks on it from her finger nails. In a few places she had drawn blood. He would have bruises in the morning. Had she pressed that hard?
“I’ve hurt you.” She smiled even as she said it. She couldn’t stop smiling in fact. He looked over at her.
“A little. But it’s good pain.”
“Good pain? How can pain be good?”
“You like using your mutation, don’t you? Yet it is a little painful when it starts.” He said rolling back the covers and moving beneath them. She did the same.
“Under the right circumstances pain is very pleasurable, Marie. You should know that. The pain of change is a perfect explain.” He turned off the light.
“What do you mean?”
“The pain of leaving the X-Men. They were your friends and Charles’ mansion your home. Yet, was it not also pleasurable to you?” She thought of all that had happened to her since leaving the X-Men. She considered the way the island fortress had begun to indeed feel like home and the Brotherhood like family. Then her thoughts turned to the man beside her in bed.
“Yes, it was.”
“Sleep well Marie.” Sleep well? He wanted her to sleep well! She wasn’t sure she would ever wake up. She thought she must have died and gone to heaven. So this is how one makes a heaven out of hell…
Author’s Notes: How did your author learn so much about sex? Many long nights and a lot of hard work. Persistence, determination, and dedication are her strong points. And yes, she is currently single. And very attractive if I do speak for myself.
Tender is the Night is a direct allusion to an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. Your author is living in his old apartment, how cool is that?
Nacilme23 the pot has boiled over, hasn’t it?
Tell me did the chapter fulfill its promise? Was it incredibly hot? Are you even able to think after reading it? My hope is that you won’t be. You’ll be too hot and bothered. 5,060 words of pure porn. I am so proud. This is the stuff I was born to write. There must be a reason I am so good at both writing and sex. This chapter is where my two passions finally merged.
Wear a condom! Even though our characters didn’t is no excuse for unsafe sex. Sex secrets for guys: if you wear a condom, take deep breathes, and stop moving when you feel yourself about to come, you can last as long as Erik did. Sex Secrets for girls: Try clenching your inner muscles just like Rogue did. It’s the way to have a vaginal orgasm. Its fun and it works if you practice enough, go try it. 
Preview:  Will you still love me tomorrow? What will Mystique say when she finds out? Or Pyro for that matter. Or Logan and Bobby?

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