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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
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Healing - Chapter 19: Tropical Punch Kool-Aid 
22nd-Aug-2006 10:08 pm
Cruelly 2
Title: Healing
Verse: X-Men movieverse
Timeline: post X-Men: The Last Stand
Author: angelofsnow
Pairing: Eventual Rogue/Magneto
Rating: M – sexual situations (gratuitous), violence, swearing, the works…
Disclaimer: I don’t own the X-Men. But I own this story, Healing, and aren’t you jealous? It rocks!
Summary: The Cure is only temporary. While healing Rogue and Magneto find each other and realize they have more in common than they originally thought. 
Soundtrack: I recommend the song “Coming Undone” by Korn.  
Notes:  78 reviews! I feel so loved! From what I can tell about fanfiction dot net there are a lot of young people on this site who are probably too young to read any of this story. I filed it under M, but somehow I feel like that rating doesn’t do it justice. Oh well, I guess its good the kids learn sometime. Be safe. And remember these are fictional characters I’m playing around with; don’t try this stuff at home. 

Chapter Nineteen: Tropical Punch Kool-Aid
Magneto and Rogue:
           All good things must come to an end. Rogue didn’t understand this. She was young despite the memories in her head and she was foolhardy. She should have known the blissful post-connubial euphoria would wear off sometime and she would have to face the bleak dissatisfaction of reality. But she postponed this event as long as possible. Rogue was a greedy girl. She wanted to take whatever joy she could whenever she was able. Rogue should have seen her fall coming; especially the morning after she slept with Magneto for the first time.
           It was a good thing Magneto had a large king size bed because Rogue was not the type of girl to cuddle with. For one thing, Rogue had always been a loner, far too independent to want the mushy trappings of a relationship. Secondly, Rogue had a deadly skin mutation and Magneto could not keep up his protective shield while he slept. At one point in the night she had rolled over onto him and her mutation had woken her up. She was able to stop it quickly before it did Erik much harm, but the memory of the accident haunted her. She could never truly escape what she was.
           Rogue woke up the next morning wondering how different things would seem in the light of day. She did not regret sleeping with Erik, not for one second. She had grown to respect him as a leader of the Brotherhood, even if his methods were often questionable. Also, it was hard to regret such a magnificent experience as last night had been. But she was worried the effect their sexual relationship would have. What if Pyro found out? Or worse Mystique? Rogue knew from her memories Magneto and Mystique had been lovers. Rogue remembered when Logan had found out about her and Bobby sleeping together. God, what if Logan found out? He would not be handing her a beer and sympathizing over this. No, Logan would kill her if he knew. But luckily, Logan was back at the school and there was no way he would ever learn. The thought comforted Rogue, but still her heart yearned for her friend. She had not spoken to him in months.
           When Erik stirred awake he pointed to the bed stand next to her. There sitting on it was a morning-after pill and a pack of birth control. Next to those sat a glass of water. Rogue took the pill, wondering how she could have been so absent minded the previous night not to use protection. Rogue was not the type of girl to take such risks. She was the quiet, nervous type. The type that worried. What was happening to her?
           “Where did you get these so quick?”
           “I would rather not say.” Rogue was half asleep and let the issue drop.
           It was early when Rogue made the long walk of shame back to her room on the other side of the fortress. With each step she prayed that she wouldn’t meet anyone in the corridors. She was disheveled; her white Versace dress badly wrinkled, hanging off her sloppily, her hair a rat’s nest, and her make up from the previous evening was smeared where Erik had kissed her fervently. She looked like the Bride of Frankenstein.  
Rogue was half-way to her room when she bumped right into a taller naked blue woman. Mystique had been carrying her morning coffee (she always took it black, Rogue knew) and in the collision it spilled, destroying Rogue’s white satin dress in one fluid movement. In Mystique’s defense, her spilling the coffee had been unintentional. But she had heard about Magneto’s trip to New York City with Rogue and taking in her appearance, that early in the morning, it was not hard to draw the correct conclusions.
           Rogue swore as her dress was destroyed, the hot coffee dripping from her an almost pleasant sensation in the cold hall. But Mystique fixed her with her unyielding yellow gaze.
           “Watch your step.” She let her eyes wander over Rogue’s awful state and her mouth formed a queer little smile, half sneer, half wicked grin. “Never fool yourself into believing he cares for you. The cause is his life. You’re just a good time to him. Remember that.” And she moved past Rogue returning to the kitchen to make more coffee. Rogue stood there dripping and smelling the Colombian for several minutes.
           Erik was happy. Far too happy, about the events of the previous evening and he realized it the minute he woke up. He had risen before Rogue, dimly conscious of the near-disastrous event in the night when Rogue’s skin had accidentally come into contact with his. Although they both knew measures to prevent it, its deadly ability had not gone away and Erik realized what an act of hubris it was to sleep with the girl. There were many and myriad reasons why he had slept with her, not the least of which was his desperate attraction to her. But the reasons why he should have abandoned the idea were far larger and more imperative. She was much too young for him; she had deadly skin; and she did not share his vision of mutant supremacy. For God’s sake she had been his enemy only a few short months ago. He had nearly killed her himself once. For all he knew she could be plotting his demise in her dreams.
           What a dumb love-blind fool he had been. The cold harsh light of morning (and it was especially cold in a fortress in Maine) was just what Magneto needed to see the error of his ways and he took immediate action to correct them. First he had obtained the birth control from Catalyst, who had given him none-too-kind a talking to about what he was doing with Rogue. He had politely reminded her who did the funding for her research and she had responded by threatening him.
           “How would you like to suddenly look and feel like you’re 90?” He had shut up then, apologized, and grabbed the pills like a guilty teenager in a drugstore buying condoms. The feeling was humiliating; he was too old for that sort of thing, it made him feel ridiculous. And that was only the tip of the iceberg when he thought of the negative consequences of his association with Rogue.
           Looking back he could not understand the stupid compulsion that had drove him to take her to see that opera. He would admit he enjoyed making Rogue happy and introducing her to culture, but he had spouted the most asinine bull malarkey about wanting to know she cared for him before he took her to bed. It had been cleverly disguised by the plot summary of the opera, but it was there all the same. Had he lost his mind? Had he suddenly forgotten all the most vital aspects of his life? His devotion to the cause of Mutant supremacy and his want to achieve it by any means necessary were his true goals. One of those means was avoiding relationships that prompted weakness and distracted him from his work.
He had missed a meeting with Catalyst to review her ability to control and specifically direct the explosion of the atomic bomb to go with Marie to the opera. Marie! Dear god he was calling the girl Marie now! He must have lost his mind the last few weeks to lust. For God’s sake he had even let her play her country music! Had he gone insane finally? Perhaps someone had been manipulating his mind. Some telepath he was unaware of?
He had to get a grip on himself and nip this thing in the bud as quickly as he could. It was impossible to avoid seeing Rogue entirely. By necessity, they would meet at meals and to work on her mutation. But he could put an end to their bedroom activities. Love is a cancer that feeds on the brain and renders it incapable of logical thinking. The quicker it was destroyed the better. If his relationship with Rogue affected the Brotherhood’s ability to wage war against humanity, he would never forgive himself.
One look at Rogue’s face during dinner had destroyed his resolve instantly. She had been eating some Italian pasta dish Catalyst whipped up and she had licked her spoon enjoying the sweet basil mushroom flavor of the sauce. Magneto had lost his control immediately. His erection had grown swift and rigid and he had excused himself from the table, feigning fatigue. Rogue had caught his glance on the way out and she had gotten up to follow him.
They never made it to a bed. He took her on the sofa in his office. They never even took the time to close the door. The next day he steeled his resolve again, only to see her swivel her hips as she sat down at lunch. By 1PM they had christened the floor of his bedroom. On the fourth day Magneto had caught her staring longingly at him during their morning drills to control her mutation. He had introduced her to the joys of spooning then. Realizing there was no point trying to begin his abstinence that day he had had a quickie with her that night.
By the fifth day he gave up. His lust for her was growing into an infatuation. In four days they had done it five times. His desperate want to resist her only seemed to fuel his need more. He was at a loss what to do. So he made a compromise with himself and said he would allow himself to have Rogue in his bed but not in his heart. He would never say anything to her to indicate the change. Instead, he would gradually withdraw the emotional component of their relationship. And most of all he would not allow himself to grow attached to her. Bad things happened to the people he came to care for: his parents, his falling out with Charles, and then Mystique’s capture. No, it was for the best this way. It was much simpler. It was strictly sex, nothing more.
           Within a weeks’ time, all he had to do was enter a room and look at Rogue and she felt herself grow wet from desire. She loved his eyes most. The cerulean orbs were capable of so many expressions, each one unique and intricate. She could always tell when a glance was meant just for her. He could be giving a speech to the Brotherhood and he would make the slightest turn of his head and look in her direction. She would see the way his eyes took on a different gleam for a second and his right eyebrow arched in silent query. Her answer was always yes.
           Whenever his eyes got that look it was between ten and twenty minutes before she would feel him gently pull her aside and usher her down the corridors of his metal fortress to his bedroom. Marie loved the way his need for her was so sudden and urgent. He could be on the phone discussing important business and if she stood up and deliberately held in her stomach and flexed the muscles in her butt he would pause in the middle of a sentence then he would excuse himself, hang up the phone and rush to kiss her fiercely.
She began to revel in this strange power. It was so easy to manipulate him. And the results were so enjoyable. With every passing day Rogue began to feel more and more like an attractive woman; something her mutation had stolen from her before she ever had a chance to enjoy it. Now with her power under her control and a man in her bed, Rogue felt like she had regained some of what had been taken from her. She was more than her skin; she was a force to be reckoned with.
In between her newfound ability to control her mutation and her newfound ability to control Magneto, Rogue took to learning more about the Brotherhood. Too long had she roamed the metal fortress a spectator to the war they were waging. Feigning polite interest, she began to gather information about the Brotherhood’s current projects, hoping to find an area where she could be useful. She was determined, here at least, never to be a liability.
 Spending time with Catalyst proved to be the most enlightening branch of her quest. The blonde woman who appeared to be a teenager but was far older had one of the most important roles in the Brotherhood of Mutants. Her scientific inquiries spanned into several key projects that were at the heart of the Brotherhood’s current pursuits. Catalyst was naturally chatty after being cooped up in her lab all day and it was no hard task for a charming Southern belle like Rogue to coax her out of the data she desired.
“Now that looks like a Kool-aid packet? What are ya doing with a Kool-aid packet?” Rogue pointed at the blue and red tropical punch packets lining the lab bench in front of Catalyst. In excitement over explaining her research, Catalyst forgot any restriction she might have had about dispelling the nature of her work for the Brotherhood.
“It is a Kool-aid packet. First I was trying to get the vaccine to be water soluble for whole sale dissemination and I decided to study the ingredients in Kool-aid that allow it to dissolve in temperatures below 1.7 degrees centigrade. I was able to finally get the vaccine to dissolve a few weeks ago, but the kool-aid gave me this great idea. To ship and transport the vaccine without it being recognized, why not disguise it as Kool-aid? After all, Kool-aid comes in every color under the sun, so since the vaccine for the Cure is a really unattractive shade of red, I thought no one would notice it, if it looked like Kool-aid.”
“So this vaccine for the cure…why does Magneto want it to dissolve easy?” Rogue tried her best to look nonchalant, playing with her hair and letting her eyes wander the strange and odd shaped glassware set ups in Catalyst’s lab.
“It has to dissolve well to be put into the water supplies for major cities. Magneto’s had me working round the clock to get rid of the red color. It’s caused by an inorganic iron-based complex impurity. I’ve been removing it with several different filtration methods, but only column chromatography has shown any promising results. It’s a very slow process. But Magneto has assured me that by the time I have a large batch ready the pressure column he ordered will have arrived to speed up the clean up. We should be able to get the vaccine out to mutants around the world in a month.” Between the science, Rogue understood enough to be shocked.
“He’s just gonna put the vaccine for the Cure into the water? What about mutants who don’t want to take the vaccine? Mutants who might want to use the Cure for one reason or another.”
“Doesn’t matter much anyway. The government has restricted its production so I don’t see how any mutant who would want to take it could get it. If you ask me the government’s stocking up on what’s left of the Cure in case there is a war. They want to be able to control us. But Magneto’s smarter; he won’t let that happen.”
“Thank you Catalyst for telling me all about this. Chemistry is so fascinating. Why just look at all the stuff they can do today. I’ll see ya later at dinner.” Rogue practically ran from the lab to Magneto’s office.
           “You!” She screamed after he opened the door with his magnetism. He looked stunned and he arched his eyebrows.
           “Me what?”
           “You’re gonna force all the mutants to take that vaccine.” He had wondered how long it would be till she found out and how she would react when she did. “Don’t you see how wrong that is? You’re taking away their free choice.”
           “Am I? The government has taken away their choice to take the Cure willing so by giving them the vaccine am I really affecting them all that much? They have no ability to take the Cure. The vaccine prevents the government from using it as a weapon against us.”
           “But why not offer the mutants the vaccine, not force it upon them?”
           “How long until humans force the Cure upon us?” He was livid now, rising from behind his desk, with voice growing loud in the same tone he used to give speeches to the Brotherhood. “How long until it is too late for mutants to get the vaccine? There are more mutants than you know about, Rouge. Nearly one-eighth of the planet are mutants. The easiest way to get the vaccine out is to make it accessible through the water supply. Can’t you see how critical this is?”
           In that moment the Erik she knew disappeared and Rogue found herself staring at the ruthless leader Magneto in all his brutal glory. His charisma and his allure were formidable. They came partially from his logical truth and partially from the sheer power that he exuded. She felt a wave of fear fill her. To stand toe-to-toe with a man such as him in an argument could not end well.
Rogue hated him then. For being so dominant and for being so one-sided. Couldn’t he see the pain he was causing mutants such as herself, who needed the Cure just to live in society? Didn’t he care about her at all? Didn’t he realize how something like this might affect her? He should have known she would be upset over the vaccine. Why was he disrespecting her so? It made her feel unimportant. It made her feel like she didn’t matter. Like she was a liability. Like she was weak. And Rogue hated to feel weak.
“I hate you Magneto. You’re not the man I thought you were. Not the man your memories say you are.” She was fuming. She gestured wildly with her hands impassioned and incensed. Her long softly waved hair flowing down her back. Her eyes wide and deep brown bore into him as her curved body moved with each word. Magneto felt himself shudder with need at the sight.
“I hate you as well Rogue.” He walked slowly towards her, his black military boots making loud steps across the floor. When he reached her he loomed over her. He was both taller and larger than her fragile body and she shivered involuntarily. He grasped her hand in his long-fingered one and held it by the wrist tightly. “I hate what you do to me.” He moved her hand to his hips where she felt his throbbing erection through the cloth of his pants. “This is what you do to me.” His voice was haggard and throaty.
He pressed her violently against him and let out a fearsome low growl as he looked down into her frightened face. She squirmed against him, trying to back away; alarmed at the way their argument had turned into a completely different type of struggle. Her resistance, her very rejection of him, turned him on. He was sick, he told himself. But he was far beyond the time when he could stop.
           “You will be my undoing.” He said and with a firm push on her shoulders, he caused Rouge to slam forcefully into the bookshelves behind her. Books shaken from their places fell around them as Magneto’s mouth assaulted Rogue, shoving his tongue into her without warning. She yielded. She was so startled that she was incapable of doing anything to refuse him. His hands ran through her soft thick hair only to clutch it between his fingers and pull her head back painfully, giving him easier access to her flushed red lips.
Letting go of her hair, his hands felt her breasts through her t-shirt. He ground his penis against her crotch, seeing the way the pleasant stimulation made her move with him despite herself. Her small but surprisingly strong hands grasped his shoulders and tried to push him off her. He longed to feel the heated skin of her breasts but two layers prevented him. With his powerful hands, it took only a second to rip her shirt clear off.
“Erik, don’t!” She screamed in his ear but it was already too late. The fabric made a horrific tearing sound and snapped against her neck. The shirt gave way to reveal a dark red lace bra that drove him wild with longing. The shirt hung from her shoulders as he thrust the delicate bra up to clutch a breast in each hand. Grasping the swollen, malleable flesh of her bosom, he juggled them enjoying the way they shook and fell back into position from each of his movements. She cried out angry and outraged, shifting against him, trying to dislodge him and all control slipped away from him.
She wanted him, yes, but not like this. She hated feeling so powerless. She wanted to be the one in control. She hated the way he dominated her, doing to her whatever he wanted. Yet, she felt herself grow aroused in spite of her fury. No, not in spite of. Because of it. Her mind seemed to pull itself out of the scene around her and she felt herself fall to the dark violence of lust.
Her stomach was exposed to him and he loved its soft white flesh, his hands moved aggressively over it to hold her waist. He caught the dark desire in her eye and saw the raging fire that burned deep within her. In one move he had her skirt up past her belly to reveal the matching red g-string thong she had on underneath. No doubt meant for his enjoyment as the thing looked painfully uncomfortable. He took two of its cords awkwardly in his hands reaching below her and pulled with all his might. The thong snapped with a reverberating sound that echoed in the cavernous study. The pain of the strings biting into her when he had yanked on it caused tears to well in her eyes. Her grand purchase for him was destroyed and fell off her on to the floor.
He unzipped his pants and he entered her in one brutal thrust. She was already somewhat wet from desire, but she wasn’t ready for him. It hurt them both. Not being properly lubricated his organ was abrasive. Not being fully turned on she wasn’t entirely opened up and he felt huge inside her. The difference between this and his tender love-making of the previous week was something Rogue found herself bizarrely attracted to.
She felt so tight to him. So tight it hurt slightly to be in her. He began slow deep long strokes in and out of her. He loved how snug she was and how wrong this seemed. Every part of it seemed wrong but he kept going and the fantasy rewarded him. He plunged into her three or four times as she clenched with all her might against him willing herself to come. She did and the burning friction began to dissipate as she grew wetter and wetter for him. He leaned down to kiss her mouth only to take her bottom lip between his teeth and bite down. The bite bled and red drops pleasantly sprang up on her mouth.
She shrieked at the abrupt agonizing pain. His penis pulsed with craving as she pushed her inner muscles with all her might and forced him out of her. The pressure was intense and Erik marveled at how strong she was. Rogue didn’t like the angle against the wall and she looked at the soft leather of the study’s couch. But Magneto would have none of that. Peeved by her ability to resist him, he was quick in reasserting his dominance.
He grabbed her by her thighs and hefted her over his shoulder as though she hardly weighed an ounce. Marie wondered if he was using his magnetism but couldn’t be sure. He walked her over to his steel desk and with a sweep of his left hand and his magnetic field he cleared it with a thunderous bang as his books and lamp crashed into the far wall. He threw her onto the desk and then flipped her over onto her stomach. Rogue’s nipples grew hard as they lay on the freezing metal of his desk. The cold sensation against her bare skin was a heady and glorious feeling. With her legs hanging down off the desk, he took her from behind. It was much easier for him in this position and he pounded into her with vicious speed.
He was able to push deep inside her from this angle and Rogue enjoyed the feeling of his balls hitting her clitoris. His strokes were fast and brutal and he showed no sign of stopping. He reached so deep he struck her cervix and she cried out half from pain and half from pleasure as he conquered her. She came from the brutal thrusts as their speed made magnificent friction in all the right places.
 With a finger he plunged into her anus, delving quickly and sliding out slowly. The action was so unexpected that Rogue tensed herself in shock and came with a loud cry. He continued the pain fast in, slow out, and fingered her as his hips shook back and forth plunging into her. She found the feeling of his finger horribly uneasy going in, but oddly enough she enjoyed the sensation of it sliding leisurely out of her. She came again clenching his erection tightly and called out his name with a yelp. But she didn’t say Erik, she said Magneto, and he enjoyed the difference.
Rogue was in awe of all the different sensations from the throbbing of her bitten lip to his finger in her. It was both painful and pleasurable. So this is what he meant when he said pain could be good. Rogue smiled and rubbed herself as Magneto thrust into her.
           “What’s going on in here?” Magneto stopped moving and looked toward the open door to see Pyro standing in it. He had heard the commotion and came to check out what was going on, curious if the fortress was under attack from all the loud crashing and screaming. Rogue’s head shot up from the desk and she moved her hands to cover her bared breasts.
“Oh, God…um.” Pyro backed against away from the door and turned and ran from the room. It didn’t take a genius to understand the sight of Magneto giving it to Rogue until she screamed.
           Rogue’s face turned beat red and she pressed it against the cool metal of the desk. Erik finished quickly feeling both embarrassed and bizarrely turned on by the whole incident.
Notes: I love my fans! If you review and leave suggestions you might see them show up in the story and if you leave a real nice review, you might see a chapter dedicated to you. (Gosh I am such a review whore, oh well).
XChocolateChipX: Sorry this took so long babe. I hope it was at least kinda hot to make up for it.
RG Marie: Oh there’s bad news coming on the wind for our favorite heroine. One more big conflict before the end of the story.
Kristina: I just love when people sing my praises. What can I say, I’m a sucker for flattery. Thank you for your review. It made squee with joy.
I just realized there are a lot of spilled beverages in my story. First Rogue’s drink gets spilled on her in the club, then Logan spills the coffee when he catches Magneto and Rogue making out. Then Rogue spills wine well Magneto is speaking to her. Not we have Mystique spilling more coffee. What an odd little theme I have developed?
If you like this story at all… you should thank KumaDaPuma. She has been my springboard for much of this and a major help urging me to continue writing. Through her lovely reviews I have made a dear friend and inspired a fellow author. Go check her out, she’s written two lovely Magneto/Mystique pieces. I guarantee that if you like my writing, you’ll like hers. So go check ‘em out. KumaDaPuma
Also what do you guys think about starting a C2 community for Magneto fic?
Preview: Mystique gets jealous. She fights with Rogue. Rogue begins to work with the Brotherhood. Magneto makes an eventful phone call.  

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