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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
Fan Fiction, Fandom, Reviews, and a Healthy Dose of Squee
Healing - Chapter 21: Cruelly Handsome, Painfully Sweet 
22nd-Aug-2006 11:19 pm
cruelly handsome
Title: Healing
Verse: X-Men movieverse
Timeline: post X-Men: The Last Stand
Author: angelofsnow
Pairing: Eventual Rogue/Magneto
Rating: M – sexual situations (mad hot smut), violence (kinky), swearing
Disclaimer: I don’t own the X-Men. I am not making money. I am currently in between jobs. Please send money.
Summary: The Cure is only temporary. While healing Rogue and Magneto find each other and realize they have more in common than they originally thought. 
Soundtrack: I recommend the song “Airport Song” by Guster or maybe “Cry Little Sister” from The Lost Boys Soundtrack. I don’t know; something dark and sexy. I’m running out of song ideas.
Dedication: To Chica Fayme for being my loyal reader since the very beginning. Thank you enjoying my new, improved Rogue. It’s my goal that her character grows and changes for the better in this story. She’s not there yet, but she’s working on it. Also thanks to sionnain, who was my first experience with D/s stories.
Warning: More Graphic Sex. But not just any graphic sex…this has a decidedly Dominant/submissive theme to it with a touch of sadomasochism. It’s hopefully tasteful, but there’s a smattering of light, well-justified violence, submission, dominance, and several light kinks.
Notes: I’m a bit new to the BDSM community. It’s always been a big component in Rogneto stories so mine will include a little bit too. I have no idea if this will manage to come out hot or not. But as always, I do my best to write my smut as realistic and tactile as possible. Several days of research went into this chapter. Don’t ask exactly what occurred, but I am now convinced that everyone in the world has a secret kinky sex life I was completely unaware of before. I learned to tie eight different types of knots, investigated at least half of all fetishes out there, and confronted my own fear of drowning. I have new respect for high heels, fire, ropes, PVC, leather, and people who are flexible, unlike me. I am also convinced there are a lot of people I know who could use a good spanking. I got so much material from my research I see a lot of hot little one-shots coming out of this story. 

Chapter Twenty-One: Cruelly Handsome, Painfully Sweet
“Only the one that hurts you can make you feel better,
Only the one that inflicts pain can take it away.” – Madonna “Erotica”
           Rogue awoke to feel the air hot against her skin. The smoky, crisp smell of oak wood burning in the fireplace assaulted her nostrils. She opened her eyes slowly to see the room was dimly lit, the fire the sole source of light. If she strained her head she could see the flames roaring in the fireplace a few feet from the bed. She heard the flames dance, crackling and snapping as several large logs and assorted kindling burned. She wanted to go back to sleep and tried to bury her face in the covers of the bed spread to find she couldn’t fully turn in the other direction. She tried again, but to no avail. As she shifted she felt the metal restraints on her wrists. They were latched to one of the metal posters of Magneto’s bed. She looked at them holding her in place. She had not gone to sleep with them on. Sometime while she was asleep he had restrained her and now she was caught. He must know. She would get it now for sure.
It all started with her asking for him to go harder. To make her hurt. And then it spiraled out of control.
She had been in bed with Erik, unhappy and upset so she had asked him to be rough, fast, and in charge. She had wanted to feel something, anything, that wasn’t his tender caresses, sweet kisses, and mild, soft strokes. It felt so wrong for him to make love to her body gently while he was so rough with her feelings. She wanted him to be harsh, coarse, and even cruel. It was easier.
Rogue had been growing increasingly agitated by Erik’s withdrawal from her. He was still her lover, but he was so busy she rarely saw him for anything other than their physical interactions. They didn’t even sleep in the same bed most nights. Rogue still had her own bedroom with its narrow twin bed on the opposite end of the fortress. There were no more roses on her pillow, no more days spent listening to opera music, and no more dinners in his study.
She missed the beginning of their relationship. Before, their foreplay had been talking, joking, and working together; now their foreplay was kissing, licking, and sucking, all leading to fucking. But she found the former more of a turn on. She tried to talk to him about it, but she had no real argument. Officially they weren’t anything. The only thing official was that he was the leader of the most powerful mutant organization in the world.
Feeling powerless to change her relationship with Erik for the better, Rogue worked on controlling her powers, but her progress was nonexistent. With Magneto too busy to offer much help she was unable to learn how to project her mutation outward. She had accomplished her goal of being able to stop the deadly pull of her skin, at least for small quantities of time. However, that was almost a month ago. She worked on her precision using some of Catalyst’s lab rats. She could control whether she caused a victim to pass out for a few hours or for a few days or die.
It had been more than a few months since Marie had spoken to Logan. More like seven months to be exact. She was afraid to contact him, less the government somehow track back the location of Magneto’s island fortress from any outside communication. Instead, she hoped he understood, and hoped he didn’t miss her too much. She missed him a lot. The Wolverine was a good friend, perhaps not the most insightful, nor the most calming one, but he was loyal to say the least. She thought of him often.
She didn’t think of the X-Men too often. She couldn’t imagine them missing her. She had been a liability to them. No help in a battle and no help in the leading of the school. After her breakup with Bobby and fight with Kitty, she had withdrawn from them so much, that she couldn’t imagine they would miss her now that she was gone. Storm and Dr. McCoy had never been friendly to her. Bobby and Kitty and their posse of friends were her unspoken enemies. It had not been a good place for her. She was happy to leave it.
She was happy to be at the Brotherhood. With the war growing into a bigger conflict everyday the world was no longer safe for mutants. Maybe it had never been, but now mutants were not allowed to move freely. The Anti-Mutant Registration Act stated that every mutant needed to be fitted with an RFID tracking tag and to enter any public building their tag had to be scanned. If they didn’t have the tag they were subject to incarceration as a mutant terrorist. And if they were found aiding the mutant supremacy cause, like Rogue was, they were immediately shipped off to internment camps for the “duration” of the war. Rogue wondered how the X-Men were enduring the changing political air.
Meanwhile, Marie endured training with Mystique and Pyro for combat readiness. She was well-versed in defensive maneuvers from the X-Men, but finally she got a chance to practice offense, sneak attacks, and gorilla warfare strategy and tactics. Her training was exhausting but enjoyable. All except for the extremely cold looks she got from Mystique (and Rogue thought Iceboy Bobby could give frigid stares). Mystique was not above tripping Rogue during training and an ongoing competition grew between them. Currently Mystique was the uncontested victor, but Rogue was determined to change that and she pushed herself to the limits trying. Training was a thinly-veiled battle for Erik.
She was beginning to battle for Erik on other fronts; including the front known as Kojak. The leggy Professor Jeri Kojak was Magneto’s right hand mutant in charge of communication with the other branches of the Brotherhood and Rogue couldn’t help but be jealous of the long hours they put in together “working”. Rogue had no reason to suspect they were sleeping together again, but she never had any evidence Bobby was cheating on her until she caught him. Her over-active imagination conjured many plausible and jarring scenarios of them falling into each other’s arms after their long hours spent together. 
To compensate, Rogue put in long hours training, not only her body, but her sexuality. She wasn’t gonna lose this one to some other girl. She was going to keep Erik.
She was going to make it so no other woman could satisfy him. To that end, Rogue learned as much as she could about all that she could. She bought lingerie from Victoria’s Secret, she did Kegel exercises, and she read Cosmo magazine’s endless series of articles on how to satisfy a man.
In some ways, this helped to satisfy Rogue. She had been excluded from the world of touch during her formative teen years and she had compensated by being overly shy. Even the most casual of touches, a handshake or a rub on her arm, still brought with it an immediate knee-jerk reaction of fear. She was still so afraid of hurting others, even though she was able to stop the pull of her mutation quickly enough that she didn’t. Unlike the Cure, this was a permanent fix and Rogue was starting to relearn tactile sensations again. Pyro was a doll. He never shrunk back in fear of her. He even offered to give her back massages after particularly grueling training sessions. Rogue wondered if one day she would be able to keep her mutation under control indefinitely and she could have a normal life. She wasn’t sure that dream would come true.
However, she was sure there was at least one way to please Erik. (Besides the cans of fruit cocktail she sometimes left on his desk). And that was to fight for him in the war against humans. Her training had been leading up to her role in helping to put the vaccine for the Cure into the water supply systems of major U.S. cities. Rogue was devoted to being the best soldier and tactical field commander she could be. Beyond her physical training, she tried to learn military tactics and strategy.
The strategy for getting the vaccine into the water supplies was a deceptively simple one. Mystique would pose as a grounds keeper or security guard for the water supply stations in several cities and accomplish the task quickly in the most important locations including: New York, Washington, and Los Angeles. But Mystique’s time was precious and she was needed for other tasks. Rogue was to head the missions to Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Orlando, Las Vegas, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, and San Diego. Smaller cities and regions would be given to lower ranking Brothers.
Rogue’s position of authority was for several reasons, although it helped to be sleeping with the boss. She was one of the best mutants when it came to stealth, as she was inconspicuous and quiet, she blended in perfectly with humans. These missions needed to be accomplished without humans becoming aware, so no loud display of powers was allowed. She would be the leader of the missions, her team consisting of Callisto and several local Brothers.
Rogue was to distract whatever security forces were around, if there were any, or create some kind of a diversion. Then Callisto would speed into the facility and treat the water supply with a highly concentrated dose of the vaccine. Several local brothers were around for help in reconnaissance, logistics, and backup if necessary. Rogue was eager to get started on her campaign, she longed to feel useful. The date for her first mission came and she and Callisto traveled to Boston.
Rogue’s first mission went off smoothly and they managed to get the vaccine into the water supply until they caught the eye of a night watchman. He shouted for them to halt and Callisto took off in a blur. Rogue was left caught in the water treatment facility. She didn’t want to call for backup as that would create exactly the type of scene she was supposed to avoid.
So she waited for the guard to reach her as her heart beat thunderously in her chest. When he tried to cuff her, she dropped him like he was hot. She over-pulled and she wasn’t sure whether he would wake up or not. Her head hurt from the rush of his memories, and she felt dizzy from the pain of using her mutation and from her own frantic erratic breathing. She left him lying there, as she did her best to contain his memories in her brain and put them away in the mind map the Professor had made.
Rogue had been ready for this scenario. She knew she might have to drop someone on one of the missions. She knew it was inevitable. But she hadn’t been ready for the overwhelming fear she felt as the guard approached her. She hadn’t been calm enough, she hadn’t been in control enough to use her mutation as precisely as she should have been. Her disappointment in herself was strong. This is exactly what she was supposed to be over.
Meanwhile in her head she could see the night watchman’s memories replaying endlessly before the backs of her eyelids when she tried to sleep. He had a family and kids. She did her best to hide away the memories and ignore the guilt welling within her. However she couldn’t shake the fear that this would happen again in the next city and the next and she would have to hurt others. She wasn’t against knocking someone unconscious. But she was still too uncontrollable to be sure that she wasn’t permanently harming them. The fear was so bad Rogue didn’t know if she could keep doing her new job or if she would have to quit.  
Every time Marie left a can of fruit cocktail on his desk, Erik felt like a schmuck. He tried to tell himself his withdrawal from her was for the best; that it was for her safety. But he couldn’t ignore the hurt he saw in her eyes. He felt so guilty when he looked into her fragile brown eyes that he just wanted to give up and give in to her. He wanted to hear her laugh again, he wanted to share things with her again. And some times, though he would never admit it out loud, he wanted to hear her country music playing through the speakers of his Bose stereo as she sang along with her soft soprano voice.
He knew just how unhappy she was when she asked him to be rough with her. He didn’t believe she could possibly like it. Even the softest touch made Marie come, she was so sensitive to it. Erik feared the vicious, harsh moves that she wanted hurt her badly and caused her to fear him again. It had taken Erik months to slowly ease Rogue out of being afraid of him. They had such a troubled past and he wondered how often she thought of being strapped in the machine with him leaning over her. Not for the first time did he wished he had been kinder to her then. Not for the first time did he wish he had powered the machine himself just to spare her the pain.
Erik had difficulty seeing how Marie could enjoy the things they did in the bedroom. He thought for sure that when he dominated her, he must be fearsome to her. He was sure it must bring back unpleasant memories for Rogue. But she never complained, nay she seemed to enjoy it the harder he was to her. She surrendered herself with such grace to his every whim, whimpering and smiling all the way. The bolder he was with her, the happier she seemed cowering before him, following his orders to the letter. She came loudest when he hurt her, just a bit. And Erik surprised himself by enjoying the liberties he could take with her.
Erik had always been a gentle lover. Outside the bedroom he found necessity to be harsh, at times cruel, because the world was at times harsh and cruel. But in the bedroom that side of him had never appeared. It wasn’t really him. It was a persona he had to assume. If he admitted it to himself, it gave him a malicious pleasure to have power over others. That stemmed from the experience of being a holocaust victim. It stemmed from being so powerless, so helpless, and unable to save his people, his family, and himself. Although as Magneto he lusted for power, as Erik, as a man, as a lover, he had never lusted for it before. His need for power was a part of Magneto, not Erik. And his craving for power had never ranged into the bedroom. Erik was never the one seeking control or authority. Erik liked being equals in the bedroom. But Magneto understood this bold new world and found a strange heady thrill in it.
And now… now, he would have to extend this façade of Magneto’s authority over the person Erik loved most: Marie. He’d yelled at her before, he’d been harsh, he’d grown angry at her. But he had never had to punish her before this cruelly. He had never been this irate at her either. But that was because she had never done anything this bad before. He knew just what she had done and he couldn’t let it go. He would have to teach her a lesson she would never forget.
Magneto and Rogue:
           As Rogue lay bound by the metal restraints to the bed post she was beset by nervous tension. It was agonizing to lie there, unable to shift to make oneself comfortable and wait for an undefined, indeterminable amount of time. She had no idea what he meant by this or what he intended to do with her. Rogue wondered if he would come back at all or if he would just leave her there. When she tried to move the metal made a pleasant scraping sound against each other as iron rubbed on steel. She enjoyed tugging on her chains to feel the limit of her reach. She could not sit up.
She was completely naked as that was how they generally slept together. So as she lay there unable to move, she was also unable to hide her nakedness. It was very a very strange feeling for Rogue who was so used to wearing layer upon layer of clothing to be so naked and sprawled out with no way of covering herself. It was slightly humiliating, slightly liberating and slightly nerve-wracking. Rogue was scared some one other than Magneto would come through the door. Someone like Pyro or the others and she would be accidentally found out again. But she should have known that after their last interruption, Magneto had gotten much more diligent at closing and bolting doors.
Rogue knew someone had entered the room when she heard the door slam shut. She strained to raise her head as her heart beat wildly. There in front of the door was Magneto in all his wrathful glory, looking cruelly handsome in his crimson shirt and black chinos. He had his metallic gray cape resting over one shoulder and his face held a heartless glower. Rogue tried to pull her eyes away from his well-defined pectoral muscles and toned chest that were clearly delineated through the thin silky fabric. She could make out the shift of his strong biceps as he walked closer to her. Her gaze stopped when she saw he was wearing the black leather gloves on his hands. She heard the loud ‘clat-clat’ of his knee-high black leather metal-soled military boots on the stainless steal floor.
“Like what you see?” His white gray hair was perfectly coiffed and combed and it glistened in the light of the fire. She felt her body respond to the sight of him as it always did and her desire to feel him deep inside her roared in her ears. Her eyes were bright with desire when she looked at him.
“You won’t be seeing anything for a while, Marie.” And with that he produced a black handkerchief from his pocket and tied it around her head, blocking the vision from her eyes.
“If it’s too much just say my name and I will set you free.” And she knew the name he meant was the one only she used. No one else called him Erik, as he wasn’t Erik anymore. He was Magneto and he was waging his war against humanity. This wasn’t Erik, her dear sweet Erik. This was Magneto. This was a man tormented by demons from his past. This was the Magneto from Liberty Island. This was a man whose people were being slaughtered. He was ruthless and cruel, condemning and judgmental. And now he was passing judgment on her for what she had done.
“Did you think I wouldn’t find out? Did you think you could keep a secret from me?” His voice was cold but his black gloved hands were warm as he finished tying the handkerchief around her head. Rogue could smell his Drakkar Noir cologne on the black silk fabric. The very smell drove her into a near frenzy. She wanted him badly in that moment. The more he scared her the more she responded with need to him. Magneto’s fingers lingered in her hair, enjoying the silky tresses, running them through his gloved fingers several times. Then with the back of his index finger he caressed the line of her jaw. His touch was kind and gentle but possessing considering the circumstances. All Marie could do was lie there as his hands traveled down her white creamy shoulders to her bosom. The warm leather massaged her nipples, pinching and circling them until they stood at attention for him. Then he massaged her breasts with his large hands letting her feel his delicate touch before becoming more insistent. He slapped her breasts lightly and continued playing with her raised nipples.
Under the black cover of the handkerchief Rogue reveled in the strange feelings her submission produced in her. She felt oddly absent in the proceedings. Even as she was under his care she had no active role and enjoyed the feeling of not having to make any decisions. Here in this bedroom, Magneto decided what to do and when to do it. She did not have to think. She just had to be. This was relaxing and objectifying at the same time, a release and a challenge.
“I know all about how you fouled up your second mission, how you broke down and were unable to do your duty. Now the chance of getting the vaccine into the water supplies is exponentially tougher. I can’t let this go unpunished you understand.”
A chill ran up Rogue’s spine when he paid her attention like this. When he was affectionate but frightening and his black gloved hands stroked down her stomach, one of his fingers drawing teasing circles in and out of her belly button as his other hand found her womanhood. She was already quite wet for him and he had barely begun the evening. Magneto frowned in disappointment although the move was lost on Rogue.
“Tsk, tsk my dear. It’s a bit early to be this ready. You’re not going to be satisfied that easily.” He withdrew his hands from her and moved them lower. He began to do something to her feet and Rogue tried to kick his hands away because it hurt, but she found she was securely restrained there as well. The pain was strange, annoying, but light and it took Rogue a moment to figure out he was tickling her and she hated to be tickled.
“If you are unable to perform your missions for the Brotherhood, you will be nothing more than a liability to us Rogue. You will be useless and unwanted. I’ll be forced to make you leave and you’ll be out on your own again.”
He continued to tickle her and Rogue hated the sharp way her nerves responded to the delicate torture. Finally, when she could stand it no longer she screamed for him to stop and he did. Rogue felt the metal restraints drop from her ankles and she bent her knees a few times loosening the tension in them.
“You’ve let me down Rogue failing to complete that last mission. You’ve hurt the Brotherhood and now I will have to punish you for it.” As he spoke to her Rogue heard the sounds of metal clicking into place. He had released the metal cuffs from the bed post but they still hung around her wrists.
“On your hands and knees.” Wordlessly Rogue complied as his tone brooked no argument. She was crouching on her knees as he stared at her perfectly round butt. Her skin was fair and unblemished and he watched at she tried to rub her thighs together to alleviate the itch of desire between her legs. She couldn’t relieve herself in that way and Magneto grew angry at her efforts to control her orgasms herself.
“No Rogue! You belong to me now. You’re mine to do with as I see fit. From now on you come only when I say. You’ll do only what I want you to do. You’ll go on the missions I tell you to go on. And you’ll kill when I tell you to kill. ” With a wave of his hand a metal flat-backed hair brush that rogue used when staying the night in his room flew to his hand. He smacked her on the ass three times repeatedly and Rogue reveled in the feeling of her blood rising to the surface with a tingle, rising to meet each of his strokes.
It gave Erik a sick thrill to be able to hurt her, so powerful a mutant. It made Magneto feel powerful and dominant, something the cure had stolen from him. It healed him to control her; to see her powerless beneath him. This was Magneto’s chance to conquer not only her deadly skin which had nearly been his undoing but several other things she represented. She was one of his failures and this was his revenge. She had been an X-Man, the bane of some many of his well-laid plans. And she was his weakness, his love, and he would not let that love control him.
Rogue fought back the urge to struggle against him. She felt safe under his strokes even as he caused her pain. Instinctively she trusted him never to hit too hard, never to hurt her more than she wanted to be hurt. She lived for the release. For that feeling right after the pain stopped but her nerves were still on fire and her body felt that sudden relief. It was an intense, irreverent feeling. A secret forbidden pleasure she could not resist.
“You’re mine Rogue.” He spanked her with his gloved hand on her right buttock, then her left. She felt her heart racing and all her muscles aflame as though she had just run a race on the tread mill. She was relaxed and awakened, nervous and comfortable; it was a heady intoxicating feeling that excited her greatly. She loved the way her whole body came alive in fear. Like no other activity did she fine this level of intense concentration required that willed her to give her all and to focus so much of her whole consciousness on it.
“You will be better off this way Rogue. Away from those silly X-Men and their silly illusions of peace and tolerance.” He stopped hitting her and used his power to reshape the metal from her hair brush into and long, thin strip. Using his power he rubbed her between her legs with it. The metal stroked her, its movements flicking her inner lips open and rubbing her right at her center. She came quickly as the fear had turned her on with unprecedented speed.
 He stopped after her first climax and denied her anymore. Instead he used his power to levitate her off her hands and lock her metal cuffs above her head.
“Stand up.” She got off the bed and stood a few feet away from it, her hands still locked above her head.
Magneto stood behind her, his body only a few inches away from hers and Rogue could hear his heartbeat and feel the heat of his passion. He leaned down so that his mouth was against her ear and she could feel his breath against it. Rogue could feel his indecision, his own question about how best to proceed. Secretly, she wanted to feel a cool breeze around her ankles, telling her he’d walked away and ended this charade. She was afraid of this dark realm which yawned ahead. Marie had no idea where she was going. She was lost in a breathless moment of sitting on that fence, not knowing...not knowing. A moment still and silent in her memory, even days later.
Then she heard his whisper, close against her ear, close enough to hear his possession of her sexuality, her strength, her self.
“I am going to teach you this lesson once and for all.”
She felt her whole body come alive in fear, every nerve on end. She had no idea what he planned to do to punish her. She could tell he was using his mutation to levitate her by the metal wrist cuffs across the room. Patterns of shifting light danced in front of her eyes, still blinded by the handkerchief. Her naked skin grew hotter and hotter as he moved her forward. He was taking her closer to the blazing fire.
“You belong to me now Rogue. To the Brotherhood. You’re one of us. You can never go back to the X-Men.” The heat raged against her body as he brought her closer still. The fire’s heat felt lightning hot against her skin and she began to sweat furiously.
There was no initiation ritual to enter the Brotherhood, no rite of passage, no form to sign on the dotted line. The only criterion was to be a mutant, and then you were a Brother. But Marie wanted more than that.
“You’re mine Marie? Do you hear me, mine?” He pushed her even closer to the fire using both his power and pressure on her back from the metal toe of his boot. The fire blazed closer and closer to her flushed pink skin. She had no idea of knowing how close she was to it.
She belonged to him now and it was nice to belong somewhere. She hadn’t belonged in Mississippi with her fair-weather parents and her happy human home. She hadn’t belonged with the do-good X-Men for whom she was only a liability. Logan had been like home. But only like. There were parts of her soul Logan could never see and never understand. Maybe it was because Logan had his own problems to deal with. Or maybe it was because Logan’s emotional hang-ups were lost when he lost his memory. But to Marie, there were parts of herself, of her struggle with her mutation, of her struggle to find control over her life that Logan would never understand and she could never tell him.
What would he say if he saw her now, working for the Brotherhood? If he knew she had killed for the Brotherhood. No, not for the Brotherhood. For Magneto. For the man she loved. Even if loving him was suicide. Magneto and the brotherhood felt like home. Here they did not balk against touching her. Here they did not cower in fear. Here they helped to release her potential. Here they did not cover up the unpleasant aspects of the world with rose colored glasses and the Professor’s vaunted ethics. Here the ugliness of life was on bare display and with it came the strength and courage to survive and prosper in a world that had never wanted her to fail.
“Can you ever go back to the X-men?” He asked as she was moved closer still to the flames. It was so hot she could barely stand it now. Slowly, he used his mutation to push her down onto her knees in front of the fire. She grew afraid he would take this too far.
“Well can you Rogue?” He sounded so angry and she wondered if he wanted to hurt her, burn her in the flames. She was so close now. She felt if he moved her just one more inch she would be in the fire.
“Can you?” This he shouted at her. And the sound of his terrifying voice snapped her out of her fear induced silence.
“No! No!” She yelled begging him to stop this torture. It was so hot this close to the flames Rogue felt sure her skin must be burning.
“No, you can never go back.” He moved her back away then. And Rogue reveled in relative coolness of the rest of the room. She was levitated back to the bed where he restrained her again. This time her legs were parted wantonly, spread wide and she was open for him. She felt helpless as he ran a gloved finger up her leg slowly. She was without barriers and she could only submit to whatever whim he had.
“Thank you.” She whispered so quietly she wasn’t sure he heard her.
“Trust me dear you’ll be better off this way.” She heard rattling as Magneto removed an ice cube from a bucket he had prepared.
“Who do you follow now Rogue?” She first felt the cold wetness as he swiped the ice cube across her red supple lips. An involuntary ‘burr’ came from her mouth before she spoke, knowing the answer he wanted.
“I follow you.” Then, she felt the ice cube run across her nipples and down over her stomach to the nub of her being. It’s icy pain slowly rubbing over the folds of her nether regions to peek into her, the ice cube melting quickly as he inserted it inside her. Her legs kicked out against the sensation but he restrained them so she could not move.
“Who?” He asked again.
“Magneto. I follow Magneto.” She said as he watched her. Magneto gloried in watching her squirm helpless beneath his touch.
Calling on his powers, he found metal from his bedpost and formed it into a tiny ball. Levitating the tiny steel ball, he brushed it against the warm skin of Marie’s stomach and brought it to her wet folds. He flicked the ball across her back and forth and the metal warmed quickly against her skin. Magneto was able to control the ball with remarkable precision. It made delicate flicks across her folds one minute and hard penetrating circles the next. Rogue loved every second and gasped as the ball moved faster and faster across her wet desirous skin. Magneto caused the ball to move extremely fast making all sorts of patterns against her and Marie felt herself build to a nexus.
           Erik watched her closely, watched how she arched into the caresses, and how her breathing quickened. She came so easily, so he would deny her that. Just as he knew she could take no more he pulled the metal ball back to his hand. Rogue tried to shift on the bed to finish the job herself, but the restraints prevented it. She whimpered and whined and Magneto waited several minutes before repeating the process. Bringing her to near orgasm again and denying her at the last possible second. It was exquisite torture not only for Rogue, but for Magneto to watch. When she bit her lower lip in frustration he nearly lost his control and took her right then.
But he resisted and pulled back again. As her whining grew incessant and pained he unleashed her from her metal restraints and let her relax for a few seconds. He removed the handkerchief from her head and their eyes met for the second time that evening. Then with graceful movements he shed his cape and draped it over her naked form.
“Don’t resist.” He warns her and he can contain himself no longer. His lips find hers in a greedy, insistent movement. His tongue meets her and circles it as his lips pucker over hers and his hands reach out to clasp hers as he lies on top of her naked form covered by the cape. His fingers slide through hers as he lets his magnetic shield down allowing her mutation to kick in. She tries to stop it, but remembers his warning.
His life force meets her own and his memories flood into her. Her lips and hands feel like they are burning and her whole body hurts down to her toes. She realizes after a second that it is not her body in pain, but his feelings of pain she is feeling. She stops the pull then and he slowly pulls back from her gasping. He sits up to catch his breath as Rogue feels the high that using her mutation always causes. She almost enjoys it when she absorbs someone whose memories interest her.
She searches through his recent memories and feelings with eager interest. One of Erik’s thoughts stands out above all others: how I am I ever going to wear that cape into battle again after seeing her sprawled naked underneath it. She giggles unrepentantly as the metal hums around her. She can feel each piece in the room and its composition and approximate density as one would hear different instruments in a symphony playing different cords. Her mind focuses on piece of metal specifically. It is Erik’s belt buckle and she clumsily uses her temporary power to slide it open. The steel buttons on his crimson shirt are next. She hasn’t had much practice with manipulating metal and it is hard to move them, but she refuses to be dismayed.
He’s regained his strength by the time she is slipping his shirt off his shoulders to reveal his toned chest. He laughs as she fumbles trying to open the metal buckles on his boots. He does not offer to help as he knows she enjoys using his power almost as much as he does. Instead he patiently waits an amused grin on his face as she tries to slide his chinos off him using the coins in one pocket.
In a few short minutes they are both naked and Erik leans down to kiss her again his shield back in place allowing him to take his time and kiss her properly. She’s ready but impatient for him and her hips rub up against him as her legs wrap around his back. His erection is as hard as metal against her and she moves her hand to guide him but he reaches out and stops her.
“No Rogue. I have a better idea.” He uses his mutation to find the metal restraints still around her ankles and pulls her legs up in front of him. Using metal from the canopy of his bed he creates two metal chains that latch onto the ankles and raise her legs spread wide into the air.
From this angle he bends down to kiss her thighs and her wet hot core, until she is whimpering again and making loud moans into the bedspread. He raises himself onto his knees and she is at a perfect angle for him. He enters her exceedingly slowly and she moans his name into the comforters. As he moves in and out of her, his hands hold her hips and he rocks her back and forth. She comes with a choked back scream barely able to contain herself as his gentle strokes become quickening slams. He varies his rhythms for several minutes between slow presses and quick sheaths as he rocks her back and forth in time. She loses count of the number of times she comes and her mind ceases to think. She forgets the world around her until she feels his hands squeeze her hips tightly and she hears him moan ‘Marie’ with a deep vibrating growl as he spills himself within her.
“Can’t stand?” He asked her as he saw her knees buckle and her legs wobble as through they were made of Jell-o when she tried to get off the bed to clean up.
“Was it that good?” She shook her head yes and collapsed back into the covers of the bed. “Marie?”
“Yes, yes Erik. It was…Thank you,” was all she could get out with her breath still heaving in her chest. He hands her some tissues. They have made quite the mess on his cape; she got very wet near the end. Erik wonders how he will ever explain that stain to the dry cleaner.
“Was that what you had in mind?” He asks her as he moves about the room putting his clothes away and extinguishing the fire for the night.
“It was better. Wow, Erik. That’s all I can say is ‘Wow!’” He laughed heartily at her enthusiasm.
“It certainly was different. I think we could do that every so often if that’s what you want.” He looks at her face, her beaming smile the only answer he needs.
“Will you be ready to go on your second mission tomorrow?” He asked, climbing in beside her.
“Yeah.” Rogue had needed this to calm herself down after her near-mishap during her first mission. This play had helped to prepare her, it had helped to scare her out of her anxiety and it had been so hot. Her hips still quivered with the memory of him inside her. Rogue slept very well that night and awoke in a very good mood. There was a skip in her step as she set out to Philadelphia to continue her work for the Brotherhood.
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