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AngelofSnow's Journal - Everything is prettier from the outside
Fan Fiction, Fandom, Reviews, and a Healthy Dose of Squee
Healing - Chapter 22: Black Nike Sports Bra 
23rd-Aug-2006 12:37 am
Title: Healing
Verse: X-Men movieverse
Timeline: post X-Men: The Last Stand
Author: angelofsnow
Pairing: Eventual Rogue/Magneto
Rating: M – sexual situations (comic smut), violence (hot girl on girl), swearing – yeah we’ve got all that
Disclaimer: I don’t own the X-Men. I don’t own these characters. I do own a Magneto action figure though.  
Summary: The Cure is only temporary. While healing Rogue and Magneto find each other and realize they have more in common than they originally thought. 
Soundtrack: I recommend the song “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd.
 Dedication: To Evilerk for suggesting one of the best scenes in this chapter. He’s responsible for the oral sex scene between Erik and Marie. You had better thank him for it; he came up with the idea in the first place.
Warning: More Graphic Sex. New and different graphic sex, because y’all can’t get enough.
Notes: There’s so much shameless, plotless smut in this chapter I feel a little guilty. Enjoy. 

Chapter Twenty-Two: Black Nike Sports Bra
Rogue, Mystique, Juggarnaut, Pyro, and Magneto:
           The breaking point came when she insulted the South. It was one thing when Erik insulted her Southern Heritage, mocking her goodheartedly. But it was quite another when Mystique put the South down during one of their rigorous training sessions. No red-blooded Southerner would stand idly by as some uncouth Northerner degraded the South’s glorious history and culture.
           Rogue had been back from her series of missions to distribute the vaccine for the Cure for only a few days when she began to train for her next mission. It had taken over a month to get the vaccine out to the many cities on her tour. Rogue had never been to most of them before and she lamented the fact she was only able to stay for a night in each city. And then only while they were war zones and all the attractions were closed. When she had gotten back to the Brotherhood’s base in Maine she had been eager to see Erik. However, he had gone on a business trip with Professor Kojak and was expected back momentarily. Meanwhile, Rogue occupied her time training, hanging out with Pyro, and helping Catalyst to send large shipments of the vaccine disguised as Kool-Aid to the Brotherhood’s branches.
           Rogue had been sparring with Mystique in the gym as Pyro took on Juggarnaut. Rogue’s roundhouse kick had missed Mystique’s face by only a few inches when she started taunting the younger woman.
“Your kicks are slower than my grandmothers. Come on, is that the best you got?” Mystique said gesturing with her hands in a ‘come here’ motion. Rogue was growing tired, they had been at it for almost an hour, and she took the bait. She lunged at Mystique, meaning to take her off balance by faking low. Mystique didn’t fall for it and dodged Rogue with her usual uncanny grace.
“I know you Southerner’s take life slow, but if you get any slower I’m going to sit this one out.” Mystique turned her back on Rogue and started to walk away.
Rogue was sick of taking the blue woman’s abuse. She had never been friendly to Rogue, but since she began to sleep with Magneto, Mystique had been openly hostile. She had gone after Rogue in training several times before, and Rogue’s patience was growing thin. She launched herself at the blue woman’s retreating back, but Mystique heard her coming and moved to the side. Rogue fell face first against the padded mats of the gym’s dueling area. Mystique chuckled lightly to herself and Juggarnaut and Pyro stopped their match to see what was going on between the two women.
Rogue felt herself snap and it was much the same feeling as when she confronted Bobby at Xavier’s. She was sick of this, she was fed up, and at this point she didn’t care what happened. She was going to get this out in the open. From her position prone on the mat, she slammed her fist down and screamed in frustration, leaping to her feet.
“Fine you want a fight bitch? You got a fight.” Rogue made the motion of wiping her hands off as Mystique turned around. Unbeknownst to the two women, Magneto had returned from his trip and entered the gym at that moment. Juggarnaut and Pyro looked on in eager interest.
“You can’t be serious? I’m twice as good as you. You don’t stand a chance,” her blue hand on her hip as she looked Rogue up and down and found her lacking. Rogue was about four inches shorter than Mystique and had less than half the experience.
“We’ll see about that.” Rogue made a show of taking her sweatshirt off and throwing it off to the side. She stripped off her t-shirt, and was left standing only in her black Nike sports bra. She removed her sneakers and took off her sweat pants, so only her Fruit-of-the-Loom underwear was left to protect her modesty. She would fight in just her sports bra and her underwear, freeing as much of her deadly skin as possible. If Mystique landed a blow against Rogue, her mutation would drain her.
Mystique always fought in the nude. She did everything in the nude, so she scoffed out loud at Rogue’s display of skin. However, internally she was a little scared. She had seen what that skin could do and was not in the mood to be left unconscious.
Juggarnaut removed his helmet to get a clean, unimpaired view of the action. The very thought of two basically nude women fighting had struck him dumb and he starred with his mouth wide open waiting for them to go at it.
Erik walked farther into the gym when he noticed the growing situation between Marie and Raven. He had worried about something like this happening but he had mistakenly believed they were too mature for this sort of behavior. However, if they weren’t too mature to fight over him, who was he to ruin such a wondrous display. He stood next to Pyro to watch the fight, careful not to draw attention to himself and disturb them.
           Erik licked his lips as Rogue shook off her T-shirt to reveal her black Nike sports bra. She was ten years younger than Mystique, but her breasts were rounder and fuller. What the two women were standing nude in front of him? You can’t blame him for comparing the goods.
           Pyro dropped his beloved Zippo lighter as he saw Rogue standing in just her underwear. She had always been so self-conscious of her mutation at the institute that Pyro had never even seen her wear a sleeveless shirt there. Even now that she was able to control her skin, she never wore anything revealing as it was cold as hell in Maine year round. For the first time Pyro saw how much of a woman his dear friend Rogue really was. Her round little ass and hourglass figure had Pyro hot and bothered before he could stop himself. It was bad enough seeing all of Mystique’s curves right in front of his eyes on a day-to-day basis. Now he had to watch as Rogue’s full boobs bounced up and down while she taunted Mystique.
           Erik caught the way Pyro was eyeing his Marie and he called him on it.
“Watch yourself, John. She’s mine.” Pyro looked up at his fearless leader in shock. Magneto never called him John. Erik looked even more shocked at the words that had come out of his mouth. He had said that without thinking.
“He’s only with you because I won’t take him back.” Mystique told Rogue, her eyes fixed on her. Neither woman noticed the crowd they were drawing as they studied each other waiting for who would attack first.
Pyro gave a low whistle but Magneto’s angry glare shut him up quick.
“Oh, really? I don’t think so. I’m the younger, improved version.” Rogue hurled at Mystique. “And I’m better in bed too.” That caught the shape-shifting mutant in a soft spot.
“You couldn’t be! I’m the ultimate at role-playing.” Mystique answered.
Pyro imagined in a flash all the women he would have Mystique pretend to be: Halle Barry, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton, and Johnny Depp (how had that slipped in there?) and maybe even Brad Pitt. His erection stiffened under his basketball shorts. He eyed Magneto out of the corner of his eye. He was growing jealous of the older gentleman quickly.
“Ever let him tie you up?” Rogue said a smile creeping on her face, feeling confident as she tried to plan out her first move.
“What? No.” Mystique looked confused.
Juggarnaut started to drool imagining Rogue and then Mystique tied up during sex. Pyro looked up at Magneto.
“You like to tie her up? Damn, man. You got game.” Pyro said with a thick fake ghetto accent. Magneto refused to dignify that with a comment but he smiled to himself remembering all the fun he had trying Rogue to the bedpost. He smiled despite himself, a crooked smirk on his face, and Pyro laughed beside him.
“Face it. He’s mine now and there’s nothing you can do.” Rogue said standing up straight, her confidence building with each moment.
“Don’t be so sure. Just wait till I’m through with you and see how he likes you when you can’t walk. He dumped Charles because of that.” Mystique did, indeed, look scary as she cracked her knuckles in preparation for cracking Rogue’s neck.
Juggarnaut’s eyes moved between Mystique’s blue breasts and Rogue’s rounder C-cup breasts bouncing in her Nike sports bra. Pyro jumped back from Magneto’s side.
“You dated Professor Xavier?” He said, as though such a thing was unspeakable. Magneto turned to him, a blank look on his face, indicating such behavior was juvenile.
“It was a long time ago. Before our different ideologies drew us apart.”
“Wow.” Pyro’s jaw hung open. This was a day to remember.
“I got Erik’s memories in my head and that ain’t how it happened. Not that he would tell you about his past. He was just using you for sex.” Rogue threw back what Mystique had thrown at her moments ago.
“That’s all you are to him too. He’s using you Rogue.” Mystique said her steps light and quick as she circled Marie.
“I know his thoughts and I can assure you I mean more to him than you ever did.” Mystique glared at Rogue. “Yes, even after you met him at the Lincoln Memorial that one time.” She used her secret weapon against the shape-shifter.
Rogue had hit on Mystique’s fondest memory and the blue woman could not contain her rage as she leaped at Rogue and drew up short. Rogue moved quickly and evaded her blow.
“Not so slow, am I now?” Rogue laughed at her as she recovered and continued circling her.
Juggarnaut’s drool was forming a large puddle on the gym mats. Pyro’s eyes shot back and forth between Mystique, Rogue, and Magneto. His lust for the two women was undeniable as they began their naughty, naughty catfight. But it was tempered by a growing respect for Magneto for banging both ladies.
“You have got to teach me how you got them both.” Pyro said whispering to Magneto, who looked shocked to be addressed so. Pyro held his hand out, palm up, looking for a hand-shake. “You are way more than the Master of Magnetism. You are the Master Pimp.”
Erik looked at Pyro’s hand and was horrified at the lowly activities he was alluding to. Meanwhile, he fantasized about Mystique and Rogue fighting it out on top of his king sized bed as he watched them. They would be all over each other and then they would stop and motion towards him, inviting him to join them on the bed…
Erik stopped his train of thought and snapped out of it before his arousal could become visible.
“Really Pyro? Learn some manners.” He said stiffly as tried to think about engineering projects and ideas he had for improving the electricity generator on the island. He tried to think of anything to get his mind off of Mystique’s blue body against Rogue cream-colored one.
Rogue was circling Mystique, trying to guess where her next blow would come from when Mystique attacked her. Not only did Mystique have a height advantage she was unbelievably flexible and an expert in unarmed combat. Her lunge caught Rogue and the two women hurtled to the mats, falling hard against each other. Their bodies rubbing against each other as they rolled several times till Mystique was thrown clear. Mystique managed to knock the wind out of Marie, but not before her mutation drained Mystique of much of her energy. She was gasping for air as Rogue stood up.
Juggarnaut could do little more than say out loud, unaware of himself: “Oh, fuck, that’s hot.”
Pyro watch Magneto take several gulps of air as his upright posture faltered and his attraction became visible. Pyro laughed as his boss lost control of himself. He would dream about Mystique and Rogue together later, after he stopped laughing at Magneto’s reaction.
Erik wanted to stop them. He wanted to tell them this was foolish, childish, and stupid but he couldn’t pull his eyes away as their lithe bodies rubbed against each other and their breasts rubbed together. Rogue’s right leg was caught between Mystique’s long blue legs and Magneto came close to wetting himself at the very idea of the two women touching there. Mystique was thrown clear of Rogue and Erik tried to relax his breathing but couldn’t do it. He felt the metal pen in his pocket and he bent it sharply with his mind trying to relieve his frustration.
Rogue came around behind Mystique and tried to catch her in a sleeper hold, but Mystique shot around and swept her foot at Rogue’s knees. Rogue fell back to the mats landing on her butt, as Mystique tried to hit her quickly in the neck. Rogue caught Mystique’s blow, deflecting it with her lower left forearm and drained the shape shifter more before she was able to extricate her hand.
Mystique was winded and exhausted as she got up from the mats, determined to strike Rogue so swiftly the next time her mutation would not be able to kick in. Rogue rose to her feet afterward, assuming a defensive position, waiting for her to make her next mistake.
“Erik, you’re back.” Mystique noticed him standing to the side with Pyro wearing his sexy red dress shirt. Rogue turned to see him as Mystique punched her in the stomach. Rogue backed away clutching her abdomen. Mystique executed a hurricane kick and dropped Rogue to the floor.
“Marie!” Erik called out worried about her, before he could contain himself. He wanted to go to her and make sure she was okay.
Pyro could barely contain his excitement, watching the scene play out. “I woulda chosen the shape shifter if I was you. That’s so fucking hot.” Juggarnaut’s jaw had finally hit the floor and if anyone had made an attempt to communicate with him he would have been unable to respond intelligently.
Rogue just managed to roll out of the way of Mystique’s next attack. She got to her feet as her opponent landed an elbow blow to the breast area. The black Nike sports bra protected Mystique from Rogue’s mutation.
“Wow, your women fight dirty.” Pyro said to Magneto who was lost in the fight. Erik imagined Mystique gently caressing Rogue’s breasts rather than hitting it. He had trouble stopping his vivid imagination from continuing the thought. He saw Marie’s pained expression and his stomach turned weak. He prayed she was okay.
 It was several moments before Rogue could feel the throbbing in her chest. She hoped Mystique had not managed to break a rib. Rising to her feet again she felt that renewed sense of frustration with her tall, red headed opponent. Erik was watching them, Rogue was in pain, and Mystique was beginning to really piss her off. Rogue began to worry about who would win the contest. Mystique was the better fighter, if Rogue’s skin could not deter her, she had no hope. Without thinking, her hand shot out.
“Dodge this you crayon blue bitch.” And Rogue extended her skin’s life force-draining power out to target Mystique, who dropped to the floor instantly, rendered unconscious by Rogue’s formidable power.
Juggarnaut’s huge fist punched into the air: “Yeah skin girl!”
Pyro watched in amazement as Mystique fell to the mats helplessly. He looked at Magneto who seemed just as taken aback as him. “How did she do that?”
“I don’t know.” He said, his voice breaking on the three words. He was so stunned he sounded like a different person to John.
           In that way, Rogue learned she could extend her deadly skin’s suction outward and drop any enemy before they laid a hand on her. With Magneto’s patient help and a large supply of Catalyst’s lab rats, Rogue learned to perfect her ability to extend her powers farther and farther and to control the amount they drained. Soon, she felt confident she could drop several enemies from more than ten meters away. Each day she worked on limiting the range, extending the range, and focusing the intensity so that she could be a better combatant.
           Mystique recovered several hours after their fight ended. Other than wounded pride, she was uninjured and healed from a few sore muscles very quickly. Rogue’s pride swelled every time she passed the redheaded, blue-skinned woman in the corridors of the Brotherhood’s headquarters. For once in Rogue’s life she felt like she could defend herself. Rogue was thrilled that her mutation had some long range capacity and she would now stand a chance in the battles that inevitably came with being a mutant. She thought back to all the Danger Room scenarios when she had had to stick close to Bobby or someone else and hope they could protect her.
           As her abilities grew and she could drain more and more enemies with her mutation, Rogue knew she never be called a liability again. From now on, Rogue was one of the most powerful mutants on the battlefield. It was so vindicating to finally be able to hold her own. Magneto had not lied to her when he told her she could be even more powerful than Jean Grey or the Phoenix ever was. Marie was so excited by her newfound abilities she ignored the problems that followed in the wake of them.
           Begrudgingly, Rogue was forced to see that there had been some logic behind the Professor’s suppressing her mutation to the unconscious level. She was used to dealing with the memories of the half a dozen people she had absorbed already. Logan, Erik, and her late boyfriend David were the only ones that had a strong presence in her mind. And despite the accompanying problems that came with have the accumulated experiences of several other people in your head, Rogue was able to sort them out and keep them contained to an extent they only bothered her occasionally. However, with the advent of her ability to project her mutation and the powerful uses such a skill might have, Rogue was going to be absorbing a lot more people soon. Although, Rogue’s gift to incapacitate others was almost unbeatable in battle, the experience of using could cause Rogue as much harm as her enemies.
           The more targets she drained the more memories, thoughts, and even physical characteristics she would absorb all at once. The rush was so quick she would grow dizzy and often faint as the foreign thoughts invaded her mind. Afterward, it would take hours for her to recuperate mentally. For the next couple of days she would be plagued by the disjoint thoughts and memories that weren’t her own.
           When Erik caught her eating a slice of pizza with anchovies on it, he began to worry. Rogue hated anchovies; she liked pineapple and ham pizza. He remembered seeing a left over slice of her favorite kind in the freezer. Why was she eating the anchovies slice?
           “Marie,” He tapped her shoulder lightly. He spoke gently to her knowing she hadn’t been feeling well after her latest use of her powers. “Did you absorb Juggarnaut recently?” Magneto had seen the humongous mutant eat two entire pizzas with anchovies in one sitting on one of Domino’s 2 for Tuesday nights when Mystique had picked up a dozen pies for the Brotherhood.
           Rogue had looked up from slice, a bite in her mouth, the tiny fin of the anchovy sticking out of her mouth as though she had no idea what he was talking about. Her voice was unnaturally deep and had a faint cockney accent when she replied.
           “Buzz off. I’m just trying to eat here.” She continued to devour the pizza lost in the mind set of the man known as Juggarnaut. Erik watched her, is brow furrowed in concern. As Magneto he was happy to make use of Rogue’s astonishing abilities to help the Brotherhood’s cause. But as Erik, he could not stand to see her slowly tumble into madness by their use.
He had to do something to help her. Erik tried to reason out the situation in his mind. He believed there must be someway to block her absorption of her targets memories while she still draining their life force. Perhaps she could expel the life force she collected from them some how. He felt completely out his league trying to deduce the metaphysics of Rogue’s mutation. He was the Master of Magnetism; he was the Supreme Commander of the Brotherhood of Mutants; he had a degree in engineering from Columbia University. If Rogue’s problem had been one of physical needs, there was nothing he could not design to help her. He had the vast resources of the Brotherhood behind him and he would hesitate to use them fully if it could bring her some relief.
           With that in mind, he had asked Professor Kojak to meet with Rogue and see if there was anything she could do for the girl. Professor Kojak was a telepath, but only a class 2 mutant. She was adept at the pausing and manipulation of time, but her telepath and telekinesis skills were modest at best. She looked into Rogue’s mind with her permission, but reported only negative findings back to Erik.
           “She’s got too many memories as it is up there. If she absorbs anymore her mind may not be able to hold them all and she could start to lose some in the overflow. She might even lose her own memories as they make way for her target’s.” The Professor told him.
           “Is there anything you can to do help sort through them? Could you block away or remove some?” He asked; his hands clutched together on top of his desk. He rubbed them aimlessly back and forth as he looked up at Kojak, his eyes betraying his deep concern for Marie.
           “I’m not that strong a telepath. Charles Xavier would have been better at this sort of thing. I can read thoughts, but I don’t know the first thing about manipulating people’s minds and implanting thoughts or changing memory patterns. If only he was here. He was badass at that kind of thing.”
           “Yes, Charles was the expert in those fields.” Erik said, eyeing the pile of Marie’s CDs that sat by his Bose Stereo. He had trouble remembering his study before her presence lightened it.
           “Maybe he kept some record of what he did to help Rogue the first time. If I knew what he did to help her I might be able to duplicate it.” Professor Kojak recommended. Erik’s head snapped up at her suggestion. Charles had always been thorough to the point of being obsessive compulsive. He certainly would have kept records of his work with the mutant children at his institute. Erik knew what he had to do to help Marie and Magneto would do it no matter what opposition stood in his way.
Magneto and Rogue:
           Erik had been giving Rogue some space as she took the time to learn how to use her mutations new abilities and sort through the strange feelings they gave her. They hadn’t had sex in a week. Marie was hornier than a unicorn when she entered Magneto’s study on Friday morning.
           After absorbing some of Magneto’s essence during their ardent love-making she knew that her worries about Erik cheating on her with Professor Kojak were totally unfounded. She even managed to gain some understanding of why he had been so cold to her lately, but she hadn’t gotten enough of his thoughts to be completely clear. She knew he was doing it on purpose and that he had some reason for it other than tiring of her but she couldn’t put her finger on what it was. His memories told her that he had some sort of feelings for him through Rogue couldn’t say for sure what or how deep those feeling were.
           However, the renewed confidence in Magneto’s sincerity had given Rogue the impetus to take a look at some of his older memories, particularly his memories of his previous intimate encounters. It was hard to see Erik’s memories from his relationship with Charles. Marie had trouble seeing her old Professor that way, but she learned more and more about what Erik liked and disliked in bed from them. Rogue had also recently acquired Mystique’s memories. So she was able to see the blue shape-shifter’s relationship with Magneto from both sides. Marie learned that Erik occasionally liked it when a woman came on to him.
           Armed with this knowledge, Marie walked into Erik’s study wearing her favorite maroon crushed velvet spaghetti-string camisole and a hip-hugging black pencil skirt. She made sure to close the door behind her as she tossed her flowing white streaked, wavy brown hair to one side.
           “Hello suga.” She said in her best rendition of a seductress’s voice. Erik glanced up quickly, wrapped up in his phone conversation. He did a double take when he noticed how provocatively Marie was dressed.
           Erik had called Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and was listening to the phone ring when Marie had walked in. He had dialed Charles’ private line but no one was picking up. Every civil interaction Magneto had ever had with the X-Men had always been through his old friend Charles. With his death, Magneto had wanted to severe all ties to the peace-loving organization and leave them to their fate. However, he could not do that until he got access to Charles’ files so he could help Rogue. And if he was going to pay the mansion a visit he might as well try his hand at getting access to Cerebro as well.
           The ringing on the phone gave way to the gruff, cigar deepened voice of the Wolverine.
           “What da ya want?”
           “Are you always this amiable when you answer the phone?” Magneto said in his measured canter. Rogue had no idea who he was on the phone with and she just assumed it was some Brotherhood contact. She crossed the office trying to think of ways to distract him and get his attention focused on her and how hot she was.
           “Yup.” Logan answered gruffly into the receiver.
           “Do you know who this is?” Magneto asked as Marie dropped to the floor crept under his desk.
On the other end of the line, Logan sniffed the receiver only to remember that his impressive sense of smell only worked in person. He recognized the voice after a moment and his claws extended in response. The voice was that of his tormentor, his sworn enemy, and the man who had kissed his Marie. Logan’s own voice became even more hostile over the phone then before.
“Yeah, you sick son-of-a-bitch. What the hell are you doing calling this line?” Magneto chuckled out loud both from angering the Wolverine and because Marie had removed his shoes and was sitting under his desk tickling his feet. Erik put his hand over the receiver.
“Marie I’m on the phone.” He warned her, but that was just the response she hoped to get and it drove her on. She ran her hands up over his soft-weaved chinos, caressing and massaging his calf muscles with her strong, nimble fingers.
“Oh, testy today are we? I am calling on a matter of business.” Magneto told Logan.
“The only business we have with the likes of you is trying to stop you.” Logan’s anger made his words come out as a low threat. Magneto ignored the tone. He found it harder to ignore Marie whose delicate ministrations had reached his hips and were sending shivers throughout his body.
“I have a proposition for you.” Erik’s voice held steady until he felt Rogue’s hands brush against his erect member through the cloth of his chinos. He let out a barely audible moan, but he was sure the Wolverine with his heightened hearing detected it. He waited silently to hear the reason for Magneto’s out-of-the-blue phone call.
“It would be best if you put Ms. Munroe on the phone. She is the one currently in charge of the school?” Erik said with difficulty, trying to keep the want out of his voice. If Rouge had heard Magneto mention Storm’s name, she didn’t show it. She was too involved in the delicious naughtiness of having her way with Erik. She had figured out the best way to get what she wanted it was to take matters into her own hands. Literally. She unbuttoned his pants, unzipped his fly, and pulled his dick out from beneath the white cotton folds of his briefs. Erik always wore briefs.
           On the other end of the connection Logan wavered between the desire to hang up the phone and the curiosity to hear what Magneto was up to. He gave in and picked up his X-Men cell phone and paged Storm, who was in the middle of teaching a class.
           “Yeah. She’s coming. She’ll be here any second.” Logan told Magneto.
           Meanwhile Marie’s soft, uncalloused hands grasped Erik’s member. Using her left index finger and thumb she circled him and pumped him up and down, smiling in malicious glee and she watched his knee spasm in enjoyment. Rogue’s long hair fell all over Erik’s lap as she lowered her mouth to lick the circumference of him, wetting him so that her fingers slid over him furiously with ease.
           With him wet, she took his penis slowly into her small feminine mouth. Her lips stroked the ring of the head of his penis first moving up and down across it several times. Then she lowered her mouth further as her hand continued to pump him. Marie used her tongue to lick his balls. Her tongue flicked back and forth across them and then she sucked them very gently into her mouth, careful of how intense such a sensation could be.
           After she finished taking care of each ball, she moved her attention back to his iron hard erection. She enjoyed the feel of his hot thick girth between her fingers. She loved the hard yet spongy material of him in her mouth. She could not fit the entire length of him into her mouth all at once though. So she used her two hands to run her fingers around the base of his shaft to draw him up and down. As she did that her tongue massaged the vertical line at the end of his penis and flicked across the tip moving up and down for a few seconds and then left and right.
           Then, she used her tongue to circle just the head of him while her mouth held only the tip. She focused her attention on ring, rubbing across it several times till she felt ready to attempt to take the length of him. Hungrily she devoured him into her mouth, going as far down as she could, deep-throating him.
           Erik’s fingers gripped the edge of his desk, his mind falling blank at the overwhelming sensations running through him. Marie knew just what he liked from his memories and she put all the accumulated knowledge to good use. She was an expert; unabashedly skilled, unapologetically great. She moved up and down on him with wild abandon, sucking on him and licking simultaneously till those hilariously little popping sounds issued from her mouth.
           Logan had waited for several minutes for Storm, the phone silent against his ear but he couldn’t stand it any longer. He asked the question that had been on his mind for months.
           “How is Rogue doing? Is she good?” His voice was no longer the threatening stiff one of before, but a troubled, worried hesitant one.
           Erik felt incapable of speech. His mouth moved several times but nothing came out. His eyes rolled back in his head as Marie went down him again and held her position for five seconds before she slowly raised her mouth, her tongue massaging the lower side of him as she went.
           “You have no idea.” Magneto moaned out in answer to Wolverine’s query. Logan found the answer and the strange way it was spoken puzzling. Storm had yet to appear to take the call and Logan felt uncomfortable talking to his enemy as it was.
           “What the hell is that supposed to mean?” He growled into the receiver. Magneto willed himself to regain some control over the situation. It took a substantial amount of effort to keep his voice level.
           “Perhaps Ms. Munroe could give me a call back when she is free. Till then.” And he slapped the phone into its cradle as he moaned uncontrollably at Rogue’s continued pleasuring. Her lips circled the ring of him again and he lost it, only to find her fingers had cut off the actual ejaculation although he came just the same. The sensation was unbelievable, but because he had yet release himself he could keep going and he pulled her up from under the desk.
           With fevered speed he pushed Rogue’s skirt up to reveal a thong and matching garter belt holding on her stockings. His long fingers made clumsy work of the tiny latches holding the stockings on her.
           “Where did this come from?” He asked as he helped to divest of her of as much clothing as quickly as possible. She pushes his hands away and stands up from the chair. Magneto gives her a questioning look and moves to touch her, but she shoves him back into the chair. Erik wonders if the change in Rogue is due to Mystique’s influence in her head. He doesn’t much care, when she’s acting so wildly.
           “Victoria’s Secret. I got it during the semi-annual sale.” She answered him as she hurriedly took off his shoes, socks, and pulled his chinos off him. She rubbed her foot against his leg as she stood close to unbutton his Brooks Brothers Oxford style dress shirt. When he is naked and sitting before her she straddles his lap and takes him within her in one fluid downward motion. With her toes touching the ground she uses her hips to move herself up and down on him with blazing speed. They kiss as her rapid plunging onto him causes her to orgasm with a loud cry.
           She continues the frenzied pace, headless of his urge to slow her and she cries out as each strong orgasm wracks her body in quivering waves of pleasure. It is quite a while before she collapses against him, sweaty, gasping for breath and thoroughly satisfied.
Notes: I wrote a one-shot story bases on Healing on called “Bed Head”. Go read it, its cute funny fluff.
Professor Kojak’s character, although a great plot advancer in this and future chapters, is a blatant insertion of my dear friend KumaDaPuma into this story. She’s been so much help to me, so she got her own character written in. KumaDaPuma always uses the phrase “badass” so I had her character use it too.
I went to an aquarium the day I wrote this chapter and checked out the Australia Exhibit they had. All I could think of the entire time was how I was soon going to have Magneto conquer Australia and all the cute lizards and kangaroos they had. It was fun in a “I feel like a supervillian” sort of way.
Again all the sexual knowledge contained within the chapter is accurate, possible, and quite fun. Be safe kids.
Preview: Rogue, Magneto, and the Brotherhood are headed to the X-Mansion for a meeting with our dearly beloved X-Men. Can this possibly go well? No, but it’s gonna be awesome to read.  

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