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4 April 1985
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about AngelofSnow

I'm a 27 year old female living in West Hollywood, California, USA. I work in film and TV production as an actress currently. Unless you watch closely, you haven't seen me in any good roles yet. I'll never reveal any work secrets no matter how sweetly you ask, I don't want to loose my job, so don't ask. Working in the industry gives me a unique perspective on fandom.

My favorite hobby is skiing, hence my username.

I've been involved in fandom for over 14 years and have jumped between a number of fandom loves over that time. My main long term fandoms are Star Wars, X-Men, and Xena. I'm best known for being an X-Men fan, you'll learn that quickly. I like to read long novel-length stories and usually write the same thing. I occasionally do some icon making, but it's not my primary interest. I am very interested in meta fan discussions.

Interesting completely true facts about my life: I was stabbed before I was born (and still have the scar to prove it). Someone once tried to buy me for a million dollars. I nearly died scuba diving. I've been hit on by one of the actors from Star Trek: Voyager. I've gone to the movies with rockstar Alice Cooper. I used to live in an apartment that F. Scott Fitzgerald used to live in. I test model bras for Victoria's Secret. I have lived in both NYC and a rural small town. I started writing a novel when I was 6 years old. I was once a multi-million dollar heiress but now my family is quite poor. I've skied with Christopher Reeve, many years ago. ( Poor Christopher Reeve and his family. ) I worked on finding a cure for cancer. I have "secret" level clearance with the government. I've been around countless Hollywood stars. I spend a lot of time in LA nude, and I'm a bikini model. Get the story behind the facts.

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about my journal

My journal primarily deals with my fannish activities. Some of my entries are Friends Only because you just never know who your audience is on livejournal. All personal entries are always friends locked. There aren't all that many of those. Most fan discussion will be public posts. I post fan fiction, icons, recs, and polls as public and available for all. I'm currently switching fandoms. Sorry X-Men fans. I may still do some work in that fandom but probably not. This is a multifandom journal where I will talk about whatever my current passion is.

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If you're interested in reading my public entries by all means friend me. No need to ask. I'm flattered you find my posts interesting. If I don't know you and/or you're a friend-bot I won't add you back. (Warning to friend bots. You will get blocked!) But if I've gotten to know you somehow then I'll be happy to add you as a friend. Don't be shy. I'm not that mean.

If I've friended you it's because I enjoy reading your posts. We may be BFF or I may just love your fic; either way it's meant as a compliment. If you're doing a friends cut and I don't make the chop, I'll understand. I'm strong. I can take it.

Cruellyhandsome I am one of the maintainers over at cruellyhandsome . Feel free to join the Magneto/Mystique love.
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I like this one I'm one of the few, the proud, the members of like_this_one for the Magneto/Jean pairing. Check it out. It's so beautifully destructive.
demented_allure I'm a big fan of the Magneto/Rogue and the community for it will blow you away.
Traveler Traveler is a short-lived ABC tv show about 2 graduate students on run from the FBI after being framed by their friend Will Traveler. Join the community of fans.
Tyler Fog Tyler Fog is my favorite character from the ABC show Traveler. Meet other fans here.
Ian McKellen The official fanlisting for Ian McKellen. I had to join.


No money is being made from this journal. Any copyrighted media used within is used without permission for non-profit home use. I'm just having fun and no copyright infringement is intended. This journal contains adult material. Yay! Smut! Tricks are for kids, this journal isn't. I am NOT responsible for any minors that access adult material on this site. They have been warned three times: in this disclaimer, the warning on the individual entry, and by friends' lock.

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